The following  quotes are  taken from

"Fingerprints of the Gods"
Graham Hancock.

And the work of  

P.D .Oupensky.
" In search of the Miraculous"

All further arithmetical subterfuge,
Comment, emphasis, insertions and insinuations,
are the work of Zed AlizZed,  as  recorded by the far yonder scribe.

"Fingerprints of the Gods".

Page 527.
     5 + 2 = 7
    7 +  7 = 14
     5 x 2 x 7
    =10 x 7
      is 70
And   7 + 0    is 7
        Well well well  said Alizzed a lucky 7.  The scribe writ  seven.
"And what they seem to be saying to us is this: that cyclical  recurrent and  near- total destructions of mankind are part and parcel of life on this planet, that such destructions have occurred many times before and that they will certainly occur again."

Page 528
      5 + 2 = 7
     7  + 8 = 15
" It's my guess that their underlying objective could have been to transmit a warning to the future, and that this warning could be to do with a global cataclysm."

Page 528        

  Quote" The day will be 4 Ahau 3 Kankin. (Corresponding to 23 December AD 2012), and it will be ruled by the Sun God, the ninth lord of the night. The moon will be 8 days old, and it will be the third lunation in a series of 6,"
Note 27. This quote starts on line  
   18 up and 19 down  
1+ 8 = 9     1+ 9 =10
                              10 +  9  = 19
                      And   10x9 is 90   So said Alizzed
Note 27
            is 9      So said Zed Aliz

"The Sun God, the ninth lord of the night.  
                               .  x The moon will be 8 days old,
  x  and it will be the third lunation
                                  x  in a series of 6"
9 x 8 x 3 x 6
9 x 8 = 72
            72 x  3 = 216
                            216 x 6 = 1296
                                            1296 ÷ 360 is 3. 6
                                            1296 ÷ 72 = 18
                                            1296 ÷ 36 = 36
                                            1296 ÷ 18 = 72
                                            1296 ÷  9  = 144
                                            1296 ÷  3  = 432

                                                                  Thus writ the scribe

Page 528

"Fingerprints of the Gods".

The  Arithmetic of Alizzed..

Multiply the Sun God, the ninth lord of the night by the moon will be 8 days old x in a series of 6
  8 x 9 is 72
               72 x 6 = 432
4 Ahau + 3 Kankin                                         4 + Ahau  x  Kankin + 3  
x the ninth lord of the night                                    8      x      9
x the moon will be 8 days old                                        72
x it will be the third lunation
x in a series of 6
4 + 3 x 9 x 8 x 3 x 6
4 + 3 = 7
             7 x 9 = 63
                         63 x 8 = 504
                                        504 x 3 = 1512
                                                         1512 x 6  = 9072
                                                                            9072 ÷   9
                                                                                      = 1008
                                                             As in Ra and the 8 gods said Alizzed

Page  530

" This testimony appears to be trying to tell us that a hideous calamity has indeed descended upon mankind from time to time, that on each occasion it has afflicted us suddenly, without warning and without mercy like a thief in the night, and that it will certainly recur at some point in the future, obliging us - unless we are well prepared - to begin again like orphaned children in complete ignorance of our true heritage."

Page  533
  And… 4 + 5 is 9 said Zed Aliz.

"But my grandfather wants to tell you also, and for you to understand, that this earth is the work of an intelligent being, a spirit - a creative and intelligent spirit that has designed everything to be the way it is .My grandfather - says that nothing is here just by chance, that nothing happens by accident -whether good or bad- and that there is a reason for everything that takes place…"


Thus writ the far yonder scribe
In Search Of The Miraculous

Fragments Of An Unknown Teaching

P.D. Ouspensky 1878 - 194

All   Arithmetic by ZedAliz Zed Az recorded by the far yonder Scribe

Page 25
       2 + 5 = 7
and 2 x 5 is 10  Azin  one said  Aliz Zed
G.'s answer was very vague. "There is a definite period," he said, "for a certain thing to be done. If, by a certain time, what ought to be done has not be done, the earth may perish without having attained what it could have attained."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff 1866-1949

Page 96    
       9 x 6 = 54
" There exist not one, but three universal languages. The first of them can be spoken and written while remaining within the limits of ones' own language. The only difference is that when people speak in their ordinary language they do not understand one another but in this other language they do understand. In the second language, written language is the same for all peoples, like say figures or mathematical formulae; but people still speak their own language yet each of them understands the other even though the other speaks in an unknown language. The third language is the same for all both the written and the spoken. The difference of language disappears altogether on this level."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.

Page 122

" The number of fundamental laws that govern all processes both in the world and in man is very small. Different numerical combinations of a few elementary forces create all the seeming variety of phenomenon. In order to understand the mechanics of the universe it is necessary to resolve complex phenomenon into these elementary forces. The first fundamental law of the universe is the law of 3 forces, or 3 principles, or, as it is often called the law of 3.  According to this law every action, every phenomenon in all worlds without exception, is the result of a simultaneous action of 3 forces - the,positive the negative, and the neutralising. Of this we have already spoken and in future we will return to this law with every new line of study.  The next fundamental law of the universe is the law of 7 or the law of octaves. In order to understand the meaning of this law it is necessary to regard the universe as consisting of vibrations these vibrations proceed in all kinds aspects and densities of the matter which constitutes the universe, from the finest to the coarsest; they issue from various sources and proceed  in various directions, crossing one another, colliding, strengthening weakening, arresting one another and so on."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff


"As above, so below," is an expression which refers to cosmoses.
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.

Page 214

"Now you have some idea of the laws governing the life of the macrocosmos and have returned to the earth. Recall to yourself: "as above, so below" I think that already, without any further explanation, you will not dispute the statement that the life of individual man - the microcosmos - is governed by the same laws - "Glimpses of Truth."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.

Page  279
        2 + 7 = 9               2 x 7 x 9
        9 + 9  =18              is 14 x 9
       1 +  8    = 9                     is 126      
" Realising the imperfection and weakness of ordinary language the people who have possessed objective knowledge have tried to express the idea of unity in myths", "in symbols", and in particular "verbal formulas" which, having been transmitted without alteration, have carried on the idea from one school to another often from one epoch to another."   Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff

Page 279

"The aim of "myths" and "symbols" was to reach mans' higher centres, to transmit to him ideas inaccessible to the intellect and to transmit them in such forms as would exclude the possibility of false interpretation."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.

Az written writ the scribe
In search of the Miraculous

Page 281

"……..the meaning of a symbol and the disclosure of its essence can only be given to, and can only be understood by, one who, so to speak, already knows what is comprised in this symbol  and then a symbol becomes for him a synthesis of his knowledge and serves him for the expression and transmission of his knowledge….."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.


Figure 43
" The more simple symbols:"   In the absence of diagrams the scribe writ as follows an equal sign, a triangle, a square, a five pointed star and a six pointed star.

Page 281

" Or the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, which express them, possess a definite meaning in relation to the inner development of man; they show different stages on the path of mans' self perfection and of the growth of his being."
Thus spake the prophet  Gurdjieff
  Alizzed continues  the arithmetic        
              2, 3, 4, 5, 6
                2 x 3 = 6
               6 x  4 = 24
             24 x 5 = 120
            120 x 6 = 720
           and   7 + 2 is  9

Page 283

"In western systems of occultism there is a method known by the name of 'theosophical addition', that is, the definition of numbers consisting of two or more digits by the sum of those digits. To people who do not understand the symbolism of numbers this method of synthesizing numbers seems to be absolutely arbitrary and to lead nowhere. But for a man who understands the unity of everything existing and who has the key to this unity the method of theosophical addition has a profound meaning, for it resolves all diversity into the fundamental laws which  
govern it and which are expressed in the numbers 1 to 10. As was mentioned earlier in symbology,
as represented , numbers are connected with definate geometrical figures  and are mutually
complimentary one to another. In the Cabala a symbology of letters is also used and in combination with the symbology of letters a symbology of words.A combination of the four methods of symbolism by numbers, geometrical figures, letters and words, give a complicated but more perfect method."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff
" In expressing the laws of the unity of endless diversity a symbol itself possesses an endless number of aspects from which it can be examined and it demands from a man approaching it the ability to see it simultaneously from different points of view."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.

Page 284

"Pure knowledge cannot be transmitted, but by being expressed in symbols it is covered by them as  by a veil, although at the same time for those who desire and who know how to look this veil becomes transparent."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.

Page 285

" For uniting into one whole all knowledge connected with the law of the structure of the octave there is a certain symbol which takes the form of a circle divided into 9 parts with lines connecting the 9 points on the circumference in a certain order."

The scribe writ 9 x 9 is 81 Reight scribe said Zed aliz

."This symbol is called by Gurdjieff  an  enneagram".
                 The scribe writ Gurdjieff     x     enneagram
                                                         Is 81  Reight scribe saidAliz zed
Page 286

" The circle is divided into 9 equal parts.  6 points are connected by a figure which is symmetrical in relation to a diameter passing through the upper most point of the divisions of the circumference. Further, the upper most point of the divisions is the apex of an equilateral triangle linking together the points of the divisions which do not enter into the construction of the original complicated figure."

The scribe writ 9 x 6  =  54  Reight scribe said Zed Aliz Zed

Thus writ the very far yonder scribe
In Search of the Miraculous

Page 287

" The symbol which takes the form of a circle divided into 9 parts with lines connecting them together expresses the law of 7 in its union with the law of 3."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.
The scribe writ 9 x 7  x 3 and then writ 9 + 7 + 3 = 19
                         Is 63 x 3                                  and 1 x 9 = 9 and 1+ 9 = 10  azin one said Zed aliz
                              Is 189        Keep going scribe said ZedalizZed          
The scribe then writ 1 x 8 x 9 is  72  So it is scribe said Alizzed
"In connection with talks  about the meaning of  the enneagram as a universal symbol G. again spoke of  the existence of a universal philosophical language."
Thus spake the prophet  Gurdjieff.
Zed Aliz Zed said

Page 294  
        2 x 9 =18
                    18 x 4 = 72
"Speaking in general it must be understood that the enneagram is a universal symbol."

"The enneagram is the fundamental hieroglyph  of  a universal  language which has as many different meanings as there are levels of men."
"The enneagram is perpetual motion,the same perpetual motion that men have sought since the remotest antiquity and could never find .And it is clear why they could not find perpetual motion.They sought outside themselves that which was within them; "

"The enneagram is a schematic diagram of perpetual motion ,that is ,of a machine of perpetual movement.But of course it is necessary to know how to read this diagram.
The understanding of this symbol and the ability to make use of it give man very great power.It is perpetual motion and it is also the philosopher's stone of  the alchemists

"In order to understand the enneagram it must be thought of as in motion, as moving. A motionless
enneagram is a dead symbol ;the living symbol is in motion ."
All of this spake the prophet Gurdjieff
Page 295
        2 x 9 = 18
      18 x 5 = 90
"G. said at that time that exercises of moving according to the enneagram would occupy an important place in his ballet " Struggle of The Magicians".
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff
                                                     The Alizzed continues to count numbers
"Struggle of the Magicians"

  Struggle contains 8 letters
Of contains 2 letters
The contains 3 letters
Magicians contains 9 letters
    8 x 2 x 3 x 9
   8 x 2 =16
16 x 3 = 48
              48 x 9  = 432
                           4+3+ 2          There's a turn up for the book scribe said ZedAlizZed
The scribe writ 4 + 3  is 7
And then writ             7 + 2 is 9

Thus writ the scribe

In Search of the Miraculous
Arithmetic by Zed Aliz Zed 

Page  297
     2 + 9 +  7                       2 x 9 x 7
    2  +  9  =  11                        2  x  9  = 18
11  +     7 =  18                                       18  x  7  =  126  
1+ 8 is 9                                                         and  1+ 2 + 6  is 9 So said Aliz Zed
"I will site you one example only - music. Objective music is all based on 'inner octaves' and it can obtain not only definite psychological results but definite physical results. There can be such music as would freeze water. There can be such music as would kill a man instantaneously. The biblical legend of the destruction of the walls of Jericho by music is precisely a legend of objective music. Plain music, no matter of what kind, will not destroy walls, but objective music indeed can do so. And not only can it destroy but it can also build up."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.
                                             Thus writ the scribe at the behest of ZedAlizZed

Page 304
        3 + 4 = 7
       " You must understand ", he said, " that every real religion that is, one that has been created by learned people for a definite aim, consists of two parts. One part teaches what is to be done. This part becomes common knowledge and in the course of time is distorted and departs from the original. The other part teaches how to do what the first part teaches. This part is preserved in secret in special schools and with its help it is always possible to rectify what has been distorted in the first part or restore what has been forgotten."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.

          3 x 6 =18
                     1+ 8 = 9  
3 + 0 + 6
3 + 6 = 9
25th line down  19th line up
" The evolving part of organic life is humanity. Humanity also has its' evolving part but we will speak of this later; in the meantime we will take humanity as a whole. If humanity does not evolve it means that the evolution of organic life will stop and this in its' turn will cause the growth of the ray of creation to stop. At the same time if humanity ceases to evolve it becomes useless from the point of view of the aims for which it was created and as such it may be destroyed. In this way the cessation of evolution may mean the destruction of humanity."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.           

Page 307

" Speaking in general there is every reason to think and to assert that humanity is at a standstill and from a standstill there is a straight path to downfall and degeneration."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff


" Now if we recall the law of octaves we shall see that a balanced process proceeding in a certain way cannot be changed at any moment it is desired. It can be changed and set on a new path only at certain 'crossroads'. In between the 'crossroads' nothing can be done. At the same time if a      process passes by a 'crossroads' and nothing happens, nothing is done, then nothing can be done afterwards and the process will continue and develop according to mechanical laws; and even if people taking part in this process forsee the inevitable destruction of everything they will be unable to do anything. I repeat that something can be done only at certain moments  which I have just called 'crossroads' and which in octaves we have called the 'intervals' mi-fa-si-do.
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.

Thus writ the scribe
In Search of the Miraculous

Page 309

"Contemporary culture requires automatons. And people are undoubtedly losing their acquired habits of independence and turning into automatons, into parts of machines. It is impossible to say where is the end of all this and where the way out - or whether there is an end and a way out. One thing alone is certain, that mans slavery grows and increases. Man is becoming a willing slave. He no longer needs chains. He begins to grow fond of his slavery, to be proud of it. And this is the most terrible thing that can happen to a man."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff
Page 349
     3 x 4 x 9  = 108
"…in speaking of machines one cannot begin with their morality or their spirituality, but that one must begin with their mechanicalness and the laws governing that mechanicalness. The being of man number one ,number two, and number three is the being of machines which are able to cease being machines but which have not ceased being machines."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff
"No miracles are possible in a machine .It is miracle enough that a machine is able to change"
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff

Page 349 and 350

" Ordinary man, even if he comes to the conclusion that work on himself is indispensable - is the slave of his body. He is not only the slave of the recognised and visible activity of the body but the slave of the unrecognised and the invisible activities of the body, And it is precisely these which hold him in their power.  Therefore when a man decides to struggle for freedom he has first of all to struggle with his own body."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.

Page 378

"Examining the enneagram further I saw that the 7 points could represent the 7 planets of the ancient
world; in other words the enneagram could be a astronomical symbol.
                                                                                                                          7  x 7
Sun x Moon x Mars x Mercury x Jupiter x Venus x Saturn                       is 49 said Zed Aliz
Sun         = 3 letters                                                                             And 4 x 9
Moon      = 4 letters                                                                                  is 36
Mars       = 4 letters                                                                                  Azin 3 x 6  is Ra and eight
Mercury = 7 letters                                                                                     or 3 + 6  is 9
Jupiter    = 7 letters                                                                            or even 1 + 8  is 9
Venus      = 5 letters                                                                         Reight writ the scribe
Saturn     = 6 letters
3 + 4 + 4 + 7 + 7 + 5 + 6 = 36
                                          3 + 6         and 3 x 6 is 18 azin  the Thou and the them.
                                          is 9                      So said ZedAlizZed
3 x 4 x 4 x 7 x 7 x 5 x 6                                      
12 x 4                                                        Thus writ the scribe
   48 x 7
     336 x 7
      2352 x 5
         1760 x 6
70560 ÷  360 = 196
70560 ÷   72  = 980  
70560 ÷    18 = 3920
70560 ÷     9  = 7840
70560 ÷     3  = 23520

70560 ÷     7 = 10080
So scribe said ZedAlizZed, if  you multiply72 conspirators by14 Osirian members what do you get.
                                                                          The scribe writ
                                                                               Re and 8

Thus writ the far yonder scribe

In Search of the Miraculous

Page 339
     3 x 3 x 9 = 81
A day of light is a thousand years of the world, and 36 myriads of years and a half - myriad of years of the world 365,000 are a single year of light."
            3 x 6 x 5
               18 x 5 = 90
"But in Indian writings in some cases the correspondence was quite unquestionable. They speak of the 'breath of Brahma", days and nights of Brahma an age of Brahma' If we take the figures for the years given in the Indian writings then the Mahamanvantara, that is the age of Brahma, or 311,040,000,000,000 years (15 figure number) almost coincides with the period of the existence of the sun (16 figure number) and the day and night of Brahma, 8,640,000,000 (ten figure number), almost coincides with the day and night of the sun."

The scribe writ          
311,040,000,000    and   8,640,000,000
then writ
3+1+1+4     and     8+6+4
     is 9                        is 18
                     and         1 + 8  is  9   and scribe said ZedAliz
day x night x Brahma = 90
day x night x sun equals 45
breath x of x Brahma  = 72
days x and x nights x of x Brahma  is 432
and scribe said Zed AlizZed
if you times an  an  by an age by an of by Brahma. you get Seventy -Two
Well I ever, said the scribe, not non-plussed at all at all at all.

Now lookee here scribe said ZedAlizZed said, as if, that isn't Albert Einstein, patently, patiently, waiting for a number 9 bus is it. I do believe it is said the scribe.
Spell as in tram scribe said ZedAliz.

The scribe said,  ZedAlizZed is this the stairway to heaven?
DoNotAsk scribe said AlizZed mounting one step at a time and turning through 36 degrees
in order to do so.
  Just lookee here said the scribe writing 3 + 6 is 9 and 3 x 6 is 18  and 1 + 8 is 9.
Well would you believe it, scribe said ZedAliz,, said to the scribe who believed it, so it is.

The arithmetical subterfuge,
Comment, insertions and insinuations.
Are that of the Zed AlizZed  as  recorded by the far yonder scribe