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Consciousness, 1984. New Maps of Hyperspace


Terence McKenna.

DB: Do you have any thoughts on what happens to human consciousness after biological death?

TM: I've thought about it. When I think about it I feel like I'm on my own. The Logos doesn't want to help here. The Logos has nothing to say to me on the subject of biological death. What I imagine happens is that for the self time begins to flow backward, even before death; the act of dying is the act of reliving an entire life, and at the end of the dying process consciousness divides into the consciousness of one's parents and one's children, and then it moves through these modalities, and then divides again. It's moving forward into the future through the people who come after you, and backward into the past through your ancestors. The further away from the moment of death it is, the faster it moves, so that after a period of time, the Tibetans say 42 days, one is reconnected to everything that ever lived, and the previous ego-pointed existence is allowed to dissolve, returned to the ocean, the morphogenetic field, or the One of Plotinus-you choose your term. A person is a focused illusion of being, and death occurs when the illusion of being is no longer sustained. Then everything flows out, and away from the disequilibrium state that is life. It is a state of disequilibrium, yet it is maintained for decades, but finally, like all disequilibrium states, it must yield to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and at that point it runs down, its specific character disappears into the general character of the world around it. It has returned then to the void/plenum.

DB: What if you don't have children?

TM: Well, then you flow backward into the past, into your parents and their parents, and their parents, and eventually all life, and back into the primal protozoa. It's very interesting that in the celebration of the Eleusinian mysteries, when they took the sacrament, what the god said was, "Procreate, procreate." It is uncanny the way history is determined by who sleeps with whom, who gets born, what lines are drawn forward, what tendencies are accelerated. Most people experience what they call magic only in the dimension of mate seeking, and this is where even the dullest people have astonishing coincidences, and unbelievable things go on-it's almost as though hidden strings were being pulled. There's an esoteric tradition that the genes, the matings, are where it's all being run from. It is how I think a superextraterrestrial would intervene. It wouldn't intervene at all; it would make us who it wanted us to be by controlling synchronicity.

From an interview by David Jay Brown and Rebecca McClen in the summer 1989 issue of Critique (now Sacred Fire), and chapter 14 of The Archaic Revival by Terence McKenna.

As the esoteric traditions say, life is an opportunity to prepare for death

ND: You have said that an important part of the mystical quest is to face up to death and recognize it as a rhythm of life. Would you like to enlarge on your view on the implications of the dying process?

TM: I take seriously the notion that these psychedelic states are an anticipation of the dying process-or, as the Tibetans refer to it, the Bardo level beyond physical death. It seems likely that our physical lives are a type of launching pad for the soul. As the esoteric traditions say, life is an opportunity to prepare for death, and we should learn to recognize the signposts along the way, so that when death comes, we can make the transition smoothly. I think the psychedelics show you the transcendental nature of reality. It would be hard to die gracefully as an atheist or existentialist. Why should you? Why not rage against the dying of the light? But if in fact this is not the dying of the light but the Dawning of the Great Light, then one should certainly not rage against that. There's a tendency in the New Age to deny death. We have people pursuing physical immortality and freezing their heads until the fifth millennium, when they can be thawed out. All of this indicates a lack of balance or equilibrium. The Tao flows through the realms of life and nonlife with equal ease.

ND: Do you personally regard the death process as a journey into one's own belief system?

TM: Like the psychedelic experience, death must be poured into the vessel of language. But dying is essentially physiological. It may be that there are certain compounds in the brain that are only released when it is impossible to reverse the dying process. And yet the near-death experience has a curious affinity to the shamanic voyage and the psychedelic experience.

I believe that the best map we have of consciousness is the shamanic map. According to this viewpoint, the world has a "center," and when you go to the center-which is inside yourself-there is a vertical axis that allows you to travel up or down. There are celestial worlds, there are infernal worlds, there are paradisiacal worlds. These are the worlds that open up to us on our shamanic journeys, and I feel we have an obligation to explore these domains and pass on that inforrnation to others interested in mapping the psyche. At this time in our history, it's perhaps the most awe-inspiring journey anyone could hope to make.

From an interview with Nevill Drury from the autumn 1990, vol. 11, no. 1, issue of the Australian magazine Nature and Health, and chapter 17 of The Archaic Revival by Terence McKenna.

Seeing into after-death existence before death In discussing the ordinarily invisible spiritual world of the after-death state, called menog existence in the Avestan religion, Flattery says this:

The consumption of sauma [Soma] may have been the only means recognized in Iranian religion of seeing into menog existence before death; at all events, it is the only means acknowledged in Zoroastrian literature . . . . and, as we have seen, is the means used by Ohrmazd when he wishes to make the menog existence visible to living persons. In ancient Iranian religion there is little evidence of concern with meditative practice which might foster development of alternative, non-pharmacological means to such vision. In Iran, vision into the spirit world was not thought to come about simply by divine grace or as a reward for saintliness. From the apparent role of sauma in initiation rites, experience of the effects of sauma, which is to say vision of menog existence, mu"

Tryptamine Hallucinogens
and Consciousness Terence McKenna

A talk given at the Lilly/Goswami Conference on Consciousness and Quantum Physics at Esalen, December 1983. It was to be the first of many lectures at Esalen Institute on the Big Sur Coast of California. (Included as written word because this edited transcription appears in print as part of his book The Archaic Revival - dimitri)

There is a very circumscribed place in organic nature that has, I think, important implications for students of human nature. I refer to the tryptophan-derived hallucinogens dimethyltryptamine(DMT), psilocybin, and a hybrid drug that is in aboriginal use in the rain forests of South America, ayahuasca. This latter is a combination of dimethyltryptamine and a monoamine oxidase inhibitor that is taken orally. It seems appropriate to talk about these drugs when we discuss the nature of consciousness; it is also appropriate when we discuss quantum physics.
It is my interpretation that the major quantum mechanical phenomena that we all experience, aside from waking consciousness itself, are dreams and hallucinations. These states, at least in the restricted sense that I am concerned with, occur when the large amounts of various sorts of radiation conveyed into the body by the senses are restricted. Then we see interior images and interior processes that are psychophysical. These processes definitely arise at the quantum mechanical level. It's been shown by John Smythies, Alexander Shulgin, and others that there are quantum mechanical correlates to hallucinogenesis. In other words, if one atom on the molecular ring of an inactive compound is moved, the compound becomes highly active. To me this is a perfect proof of the dynamic linkage at the formative level between quantum mechanically described matter and mind.

Hallucinatory states can be induced by a variety of hallucinogens and diassociative anesthetics, and by experiences like fasting and other ordeals. But what makes the tryptamine family of compounds especially interesting is the intensity of the hallucinations and the concentration of activity in the visual cortex. There is an immense vividness to these interior landscapes, as if information were being presented three-dimensionally and deployed fourth-dimensionally, coded as light and as evolving surfaces. When one confronts these dimensions one becomes part of a dynamic relationship relating to the experience while trying to decode what it is saying. This phenomenon is not new - people have been talking to gods and demons for far more of human history than they have not.

It is only the conceit of the scientific and postindustrial societies that allows us to even propound some of the questions that we take to be so important. For instance, the question of contact with extraterrestrials is a kind of red herring premised upon a number of assumptions that a moment's reflection will show are completely false. To search expectantly for a radio signal from an extraterrestrial source is probably as culture bound a presumption as to search the galaxy for a good Italian restaurant. And yet, this has been chosen as the avenue by which it is assumed contact is likely to occur. Meanwhile, there are people all over the world - psychics, shamans, mystics, schizophrenics - whose heads are filled with information, but it has been ruled a priori irrelevant, incoherent, or mad. Only that which is validated through consensus via certain sanctioned instrumentalities will be accepted as a signal. The problem is that we are so inundated by these signals - these other dimensions - that there is a great deal of noise in the circuit.

It is no great accomplishment to hear a voice in the head. The accomplishment is to make sure it is telling the truth, because the demons are of many kinds: "Some are made of ions, some of mind; the ones of ketamine, you'll find, stutter often and are blind." The reaction to these voices is not to kneel in genuflection before a god, because then one will be like Dorothy in her first encounter with Oz. There is no dignity in the universe unless we meet these things on our feet, and that means having an I/Thou relationship. One say to the Other: "You say you are omniscient, omnipresent, or you say you are from Zeta Reticuli. You're long on talk, but what can you show me?" Magicians, people who invoke these things, have always understood that one must go into such encounters with one's wits about oneself.

What does extraterrestrial communication have to do with this family of hallucinogenic compounds I wish to discuss? Simply this: that the unique presentational phenomenology of this family of compounds has been overlooked. Psilocybin, though rare, is the best known of these neglected substances. Psilocybin, in the minds of the uninformed public and in the eyes of the law, is lumped together with LSD and mescaline, when in fact each of these compounds is a phenomenologically defined universe unto itself. Psilocybin and DMT invoke the Logos, although DMT is more intense and more brief in its action. This means that they work directly on the language centers, so that an important aspect of the experience is the interior dialogue. As soon as one discovers this about psilocybin and about tryptamines in general, one must decide whether or not to enter into this dialogue and to try and make sense of the incoming signal. This is what I have attempted.

I call myself an explorer rather than a scientist, because the area that I'm looking at contains insufficient data to support even the dream of being a science. We are in a position comparable to that of explorers who map one river and only indicate other rivers flowing into it; we must leave many rivers unascended and thus can say nothing about them. This Baconian collecting of data, with no assumptions about what it might eventually yield, has pushed me to a number of conclusions that I did not anticipate. Perhaps through reminiscence I can explain what I mean, for in this case describing past experiences raises all of the issues.

I first experimented with DMT in 1965; it was even then a compound rarely met with. It is surprising how few people are familiar with it, for we live in a society that is absolutely obsessed with every kind of sensation imaginable and that adores every therapy, every intoxication, every sexual configuration, and all forms of media overload. Yet, however much we may be hedonists or pursuers of the bizarre, we find DMT to be too much. It is, as they say in Spanish, bastante, it's enough - so much enough that it's too much. Once smoked, the onset of the experience begins in about fifteen seconds. One falls immediately into a trance. One's eyes are closed and one hears a sound like ripping cellophane, like someone crumpling up plastic film and throwing it away. A friend of mine suggests this is our radio entelechy ripping out of the organic matrix. An ascending tone is heard. Also present is the normal hallucinogenic modality, a shifting geometric surface of migrating and changing colored forms. At the synaptic site of activity, all available bond sites are being occupied, and one experiences the mode shift occurring over a period of about thirty seconds. At that point one arrives in a place that defies description, a space that has a feeling of being underground, or somehow insulated and domed. In Finnegans Wake such a place is called the "merry go raum," from the German word raum, for "space." The room is actually going around, and in that space one feels like a child, though one has come out somewhere in eternity.

The experience always reminds me of the twenty-fourth fragment of Heraclitus: "The Aeon is a child at play with colored balls." One not only becomes the Aeon at play with colored balls but meets entities as well. In the book by my brother and myself, The Invisible Landscape, I describe them as self-transforming machine elves, for that is how they appear. These entities are dynamically contorting topological modules that are somehow distinct from the surrounding background, which is itself undergoing a continuous transformation. These entities remind me of the scene in the film version of The Wizard of Oz after the Munchkins come with a death certificate for the Witch of the East. They all have very squeaky voices and they sing a little song about being "absolutely and completely dead." The tryptamine Munchkins come, these hyperdimensional machine-elf entities, and they bathe one in love. It's not erotic but it is open-hearted. It certainly feels good. These beings are like fractal reflections of some previously hidden and suddenly autonomous part of one's own psyche.

And they are speaking, saying, "Don't be alarmed. Remember, and do what we are doing." One of the interesting characteristics of DMT is that it sometimes inspires fear - this marks the experience as existentially authentic. One of the interesting approaches to evaluating such a compound is to see how eager people are to do it a second time. A touch of terror gives the stamp of validity to the experience because it means, "This is real." We are in the balance. We read the literature, we know the maximum doses, the LD-50, and so on. But nevertheless, so great is one's faith in the mind that when one is out in it one comes to feel that the rules of pharmacology do not really apply and that control of existence on that plane is really a matter of focus of will and good luck.

I'm not saying that there's something intrinsically good about terror. I'm saying that, granted the situation, if one is not terrified then one must be somewhat out of contact with the full dynamics of what is happening. To not be terrified means either that one is a fool or that one has taken a compound that paralyzes the ability to be terrified. I have nothing against hedonism, and I certainly bring something out of it. But the experience must move one's heart, and it will not move the heart unless it deals with the issues of life and death. If it deals with life and death it will move one to fear, it will move one to tears, it will move one to laughter. These places are profoundly strange and alien.

The fractal elves seem to be reassuring, saying, "Don't worry, don't worry; do this, look at this." Meanwhile, one is completely "over there." One's ego is intact. One's fear reflexes are intact. One is not "fuzzed out" at all. Consequently, the natural reaction is amazement; profound astonishment that persists and persists. One breathes and it persists. The elves are saying, "Don't get a loop of wonder going that quenches your ability to understand. Try not to be so amazed. Try to focus and look at what we're doing." What they're doing is emitting sounds like music, like language. These sounds pass without any quantized moment of distinction - as Philo Judaeus said that the Logos would when it became perfect - from things heard to things beheld. One hears and beholds a language of alien meaning that is conveying alien information that cannot be Englished.

Being monkeys, when we encounter a translinguistic object, a kind of cognitive dissonance is set up in our hindbrain. We try to pour language over it and it sheds it like water off a duck's back. We try again and fail again, and this cognitive dissonance, this "wow" or "flutter" that is building off this object causes wonder, astonishment and awe at the brink of terror. One must control that. And the way to control it is to do what the entities are telling ine to do, to do what they are doing.

I mention these "effects" to invite the attention of experimentalists, whether they be shamans or scientists. There is something going on with these compounds that is not part of the normal presentational spectrum of hallucinogenic drug experience. When one begins to experiment with one's voice, unanticipated phenomena become possible. One experiences glossolalia, although unlike classical glossolalia, which has been studied. Students of classical glossolalia have measured pools of saliva eighteen inches across on the floors of South American churches where people have been kneeling. After classical glossolalia has occurred, the glossolaliasts often turn to ask the people nearby, "Did I do it? Did I speak in tongues?" This hallucinogen induced phenomenon isn't like that; it's simply a brain state that allows the expression of the assembly language that lies behind language, or a primal language of the sort that Robert Graves discussed in The White Goddess, or a Kabbalistic language of the sort that is described in the Zohar, a primal "ur sprach" that comes out of oneself. One discovers one can make the extradimensional objects - the feeling-toned, meaning-toned, three-dimensional rotating complexes of transforming light and color. To know this is to feel like a child. One is playing with colored balls; one has become the Aeon.

This happened to me twenty seconds after I smoked DMT on a particular day in 1966. I was appalled. Until then I had thought that I had my ontological categories intact. I had taken LSD before, yet this thing came upon me like a bolt from the blue. I came down and said (and I said it many time), "I cannot believe this; this is impossible, this is completely impossible." There was a declension of gnosis that proved to me in a moment that right here and now, one quanta away, there is raging a universe of active intelligence that is transhuman, hyperdimensional, and extremely alien. I call it the Logos, and I make no judgements about it. I constantly engage it in dialogue, saying, "Well, what are you? Are you some kind of diffuse consciousness that is in the ecosystem of the Earth? Are you a god or an extraterrestrial? Show me what you know."

The psilocybin mushrooms also convey one into the world of the tryptamine hypercontinuum. Indeed, psilocybin is a psychoactive tryptamine. The mushroom is full of answers the questions raised by its own presence. The true history of the galaxy over the last four and a half billion years is trivial to it. One can access images of cosmological history. Such experiences naturally raise the question of independent validation - at least for a time this was my question. But as I became more familiar with the epistemological assumptions of modern science, I slowly realized that the structure of the Western intellectual enterprise is so flimsy at the center that apparently no one knows anything with certitude. It was then that I became less reluctant to talk about these experiences. They are experiences, and as such they are primary data for being. This dimension is not remote, and yet it is so unspeakably bizarre that it casts into doubt all of humanity's historical assumptions.

The psilocybin mushrooms do the same things that DMT does, although the experience builds up over an hour and is sustained for a couple of hours. There is the same confrontation with an alien intelligence and extremely bizarre translinguistic information complexes. These experiences strongly suggest that there is some latent ability of the human brain/body that has yet to be discovered; yet, once discovered, it will be so obvious that it will fall right into the mainstream of cultural evolution. It seems to me that either language is the shadow of this ability or that this ability will be a further extension of language. Perhaps a human language is possible in which the intent of meaning is actually beheld in three-dimensional space. If this can happen on DMT, it means it is at least, under some circumstances, accessible to human beings. Given ten thousand years and high cultural involvement in such a talent, does anyone doubt that it could become a cultural convenience in the same way that mathematics or language has become a cultural convenience?

Naturally, as a result of the confrontation of alien intelligence with organized intellect on the other side, many theories have been elaborated. The theory that I put forth in Psilocybin The Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide, held the Stropharia cubensis mushroom was a species that did not evolve on earth. Within the mushroom trance, I was informed that once a culture has complete understanding of its genetic information, it reengineers itself for survival. The Stropharia cubensis mushroom's version of reengineering is a mycelial network strategy when in contact with planetary surfaces and a spore-dispersion strategy as a means of radiating throughout the galaxy. And, though I am troubled by how freely Bell's nonlocality theorem is tossed around, nevertheless the alien intellecton the other side does seem to be in possession in a huge body of information drawn from the history of the galaxy. It/they say that there is nothing unusual about this, that humanity's conceptions of organized intelligence and the dispersion of life in the galaxy are hopelessly culture-bound, that the galaxy has been an organized society for billions of years. Life evolves under so many different regimens of chemistry, temperature, and pressure, that searching for an extraterrestrial who will sit down and have a conversation with you is doomed to failure. The main problem with searching for extraterrestrials is to recognize them. Time is so vast and evolutionary strategies and evironments so varied that the trick is to know that contact is being made at all. The Stropharia cubensis mushroom, if one can believe what it says in one of its moods, is a symbiote, and it desires ever deeper symbiosis with the human species. It achieved symbiosis with human society early by associating itself with domesticated cattle and through them human nomads. Like the plants men and women grew and the animals they husbanded, the mushroom was able to inculcate itself into the human family, so that where human genes went these other genes would be carried.

But the classic mushroom cults of Mexico were destroyed by the coming of the Spanish conquest. The Fransciscans assumed they had an absolute monopoly on theophagy, the eating of God; yet in the New World they came upon people calling a mushroom teonanacatl, the flesh of the gods. They set to work, and the Inquisition was able to push the old religion into the mountains of Oaxaca so that it only survived in a few villages when Valentina and Gordon Wasson found it there in the 1950s.

There is another metaphor. One must balance these explainations. Now I shall sound as if I didn't think the mushroom is an extraterrestrial. It may instead be what I've recently come to suspect - that the human soul is so alienated from us in our present culture that we treat it as an extraterrestrial. To us the most alien thing in the cosmos is the human soul. Aliens Hollywood-style could arrive on earth tomorrow and the DMT trance would remain more weird and continue to hold more promise for useful information for the human future. It is that intense. Ignorance forced the mushroom cult into hiding. Ignorance burned the libraries of the Hellenistic world at an earlier period and dispersed the ancient knowledge, shattering the stellar and astronomical machinery that had been the work of centuries. By ignorance I mean the Hellenistic-Christian-Judaic tradition. The inheritors of this tradition built a triumph of mechanism. It was they who later realized the alchemical dreams of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries - and the twentieth century - with the transformation of elements and the discovery of gene transplants. But then, having conquered the New World and driven its people into cultural fragmentation and diaspora, they came unexpectedly upon the body of Osiris - the condensed body of Eros - in the mountains of Mexico where Eros has retreated at the coming of the Christos. And by finding the mushroom, they unleashed it."



35 8
8 CH-RIS-T-OS 111 39 3
5 RISHI 63 36 9
4 RISH 54 27 9
2 RI 27 18 9
4 IRIS 55 28 1
1 I 9 9 9
3 RIS 46 19 1
6 H-ERO-E-S 70 34 7
4 EROS 57 21 3
4 SORE 57 21 3
3 NAG 22 13 4
7 HAMMADI 49 31 4
    71 44 8
8 THIRTEEN 99 45 9

"Phillip K. Dick, in one of his last novels, Valis, discusses the long hibernation of the Logos. A creature of pure information, it was buried in the ground at Nag Hammadi, along with the burying of the Chenoboskion Library circa 370 A.D. As static information, it existed there until 1947, when the texts were translated and read. As soon as people had the information in their minds, the symbiote came alive, for, like the mushroom consciousness, Dick imagined it to be a thing of pure information. The mushroom consciousness is the consciousness of the Other in hyperspace, which means in dream and in the psilocybin trance, at the quantum foundation of being, in the human future, and after death. All of these places that were thought the be discrete and separate are seen to be part of a single continuum. History is the dash over ten to fifteen thousand years from nomadism to flying saucer, hopefully without ripping the envelope of the planet so badly that the birth is aborted and fails, and we remain brutish prisoners of matter.

History is the shockwave of eschatology. Something is at the end of time and is casting an enormous shadow over human history, drawing all human becoming toward it. All the wars, the philosophies, the rapes, the pillaging, the migrations, the cities, the civilizations - all of this is occupying a microsecond of geological, planetary, and galactic time as the monkeys react to the symbiote, which is in the environment and which is feeding information to humanity about the larger picture. I do not belong to the school that wants to attribute all of our accomplishments to knowledge given to us as a gift from friendly aliens - I'm describing something I hope is more profound than that. As nervous systems evolve to higher and higher levels, they come more and more to understand the true situation in which they are embedded, and the true situation in which we are embedded is an organism, an organization of intelligence on a galactic scale. Science and mathematics may be culture-bound. We cannot know for sure, because we have never dealt with an alien mathematics or an alien culture except in the occult realm, and that evidence is inadmissible by the guardians of scientific truth. This means that the contents of shamanic experience and of plant-induced ecstasies are inadmissible even though they are the source of novelty and the cutting edge of the ingression of the novel into the plenum of being."


6 PLENUM 81 27 9

"Think about this for a moment: If the human mind does not loom large in the coming history of the human race, then what is to become of us? The future is bound to be psychedelic, because the future belongs to the mind. We are just beginning to push the buttons on the mind. Once we take a serious engineering approach to this, we are going to discover the plasticity, the mutability, the eternal nature of the mind and, I believe, release it from the monkey. My vision of the final human future is an effort to exteriorize the soul and internalize the body, so that the exterior soul will exist as a superconducting lens of translinguistic matter generated out of the body of each of us at a critical juncture at our psychedelic bar mitzvah. From that point on, we will be eternal somewhere in the solid-state matrix of the translinguistic lens we have become. One's body image will exist as a holographic wave transform while one is at play in the fields of the Lord and living in Elysium".


10 BAR-MITZVAH 120 48 3
  BAR 21 12 3
  MITZVAH 99 36 9
7 ELYSIUM 104 32 5
6 FIELDS 55 28 1
8 MAGNETIC 72 36 9
5 FIELD 36 27 9
    108 63 9

"Other intelligent monkeys have walked this planet. We exterminated them and so now we are unique, but what is loose on this planet is language, self-replicating information systems that reflect functions of DNA: learning, coding, templating, recording, testing, retesting, recodong against DNA functions. The again, language may be a quality of an entirely different order. Whatever language is, it is in us monkeys now and moving through us and moving out of our hands and into the noosphere with which we have surrounded ourselves. The tryptamine state seems to be in one sense transtemporal; it is an anticipation of the future, It is as though Plato's metaphor were true - that time IS the moving image of eternity. The tryptamine ecstasy is a stepping out of the moving image and into eternity, the eternity of the standing now, the nunc stans of Thomas Aquinas. In that state, all of human history is seen to lead toward this culminating moment. Acceleration is visible in all the processes around us: the fact that fire was discovered several million years ago; language came perhaps thirty-five thousand years ago; measurement, five thousand; Galileo, four hundred; then Watson-Crick and DNA. What is obviously happening is that everything is being drawn together. On the other hand, the description our physicists are giving us of the universe - that it has lasted billions of years and will last billions of years into the future - is a dualistic conception, an inductive projection that is very unsophisticated when applied to the nature of consciousness and language. Consciousness is somehow able to collapse the state vector and thereby cause the stuff of being to undergo what Alfred North Whitehead called "the formality of actually occurring." Here is the beginning of an understanding of the centrality of human beings. Western societies have been on a decentralizing bender for five hundred years, concluding that the Earth is not the center of the universe and man is not the beloved of God. We have moved ourselves out toward the edge of the galaxy, when the fact is that the most richly organized material in the universe is th human cerebral cortex, and the densest and richest experience in the univese is the experience you are having right now. Everything should be constellated outward from the perceiving self. That is the primary datum.

The perceiving self under the influence of these hallucinogenic plants gives information that is totally at variance with the models that we inherit from our past, yet these dimensions exist. One one level, this information is a matter of no great consequence, for many cultures have understood this for millennia. But we moderns are so grotesquely alienated and taken out of what life is about that to us it comes as a revelation. Without psychedelics the closest we can get to the Mystery is to try to feel in some abstract mode the power of myth or ritual. This grasping is a very overintellectualized and unsatisfying sort of process.

As I said, I am an explorer, not a scientist. If I were unique, then none of my conclusions would have any meaning outside the context of myself. My experiences, like yours, have to be more or less part of the human condition. Some may have more facility for such exploration than others, and these states may be difficult to achieve, but they are part of the human condition. There are few clues that these extradimensional places exist. If art carries images out of the Other from the Logos to the world - drawing ideas down into matter - why is human art history so devoid of what psychedelic voyagers have experienced so totally? Perhaps the flying saucer or UFO is the central motif to be understood in order to get a handle on reality here and now. We are alienated, so alienated that the self must disguise itself as an extraterrestrial in order not to alarm us with the truly bizarre dimensions that it encompasses. When we can love the alien, then we will have begun to heal the psychic discontinuity that has plagued us since at least the sixteenth century, possibly earlier.

My testimony is that magic is alive in hyperspace. It is not necessary to believe me, only to form a relationship with these hallucinogenic plants. The fact is that the gnosis comes from plants. There is some certainty that one is dealing with a creature of integrity if one deals with a plant, but the creatures born in the demonic artifice of laboratories have to be dealt with very, very carefully. DMT is an endogenous hallucinogen. It is present in small amounts in the human brain. Also it is improtant that psilocybin is 4-phosphoraloxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine and that serotonin, the major neurotransmitter in the human brain, found in all life and most concentrated in humans, is 5-hydroxytryptamine. The very fact that the onset of DMT is so rapid, coming on in forty-five seconds and lasting five minutes, means that the brain is absolutely at home with this compound. On the other hand, a hallucinogen like LSD is retained in the body for some time.

I will add a cautionary note. I always feel odd telling people to verify my observations since the sine qua non is the hallucinogenic plant. Experimenters should be very careful. One must build up to the experience. These are bizarre dimensions of extraordinary power and beauty. There is no set rule to avoid being overwhelmed, but move carefully, reflect a great deal, and always try to map experiences back onto the history of the race and the philosphical and religious accomplishments of the species. All the compounds are potentially dangerous, and all compounds, at sufficient doses or repeated over time, involve risks. The library is the first place to go when looking into taking a new compound.

We need all the information availaable to navigate dimensions that are profoundly strange and alien. I have been to Konarak and visited Bubaneshwar. I'm familiar with Hindu iconography and have collected thankas. I saw similarites between my LSD experiences and the iconography of Mahayana Buddhism. In fact, it was LSD experiences that drove me to collect Mahayana art. But what amazed me was the total absence of the motifs of DMT. It is not there; it is not there in any tradition familiar to me."




Terence Mc Kenna


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There is a very interesting story by Jorge Luis Borges called "The Sect of the Phoenix." Allow me to recapitulate. Borges starts out by writing: "There is no human group in which members of the sect do not appear. It is also true that there is no persecution or rigor they have not suffered and perpetrated." He continues,The rite is the only religious practice observed by the sectarians. The rite constitutes the Secret. This transmitted from generation to generation. The act in itself is trivial, momentary, and requires no description. The Secret is sacred, but is always somewhat ridiculous; its performance is furtive and the adept do not speak of it. There are no decent words to name it, but it is understood that all words name it or rather inevitably allude to it.

The rite is the only religious practice observed by the sectarians. The rite constitutes the Secret. This transmitted from generation to generation. The act in itself is trivial, momentary, and requires no description. The Secret is sacred, but is always somewhat ridiculous; its performance is furtive and the adept do not speak of it. There are no decent words to name it, but it is understood that all words name it or rather inevitably allude to it.

Borges never explicitly says what the Secret is, but if one knows his other story, "The Aleph," one can put these two together and realize that the Aleph is the experience of the Secret of the Cult of the Phoenix.

In the Amazon, when the mushroom was revealing its information and deputizing us to do various things, we asked, "Why us? Why should we be the ambassadors of an alien species into human culture?" And it answered, "Because you did not believe in anything. Because you have never given over your belief to anyone." The sect of the phoenix, the cult of this experience, is perhaps millennia old, but it has not yet been brought to light where the historical threads may run. The prehistoric use of ecstatic plants on this planet is not well understood. Until recently, psilocybin mushroom taking was confined to the central isthumus of Mexico. The psilocybin-containing species Stropharia cubensis is not known to be in archaic use in a shamanic rite anywhere in the world. DMT is used in the Amazon and has been for millennia, but by cultures quite primitive - usually nomadic hunter-gatherers"



Hawking admits to big hole in his black hole theory

STEPHEN HAWKING, the world's most famous physicist, is to return to the international stage next week to admit that one of his most famous scientific theories, the "black hole paradox is wrong

After nearly 30 years defending the notion that a black hole destroys everything in it, without leaving a trace of even the destructive process, Professor Hawking is to address an international conference on Wednesday to revise his claims."

"Professor Hawking, 62 made a last-minute request to organisers of the International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation in Dublin to present his new findings, which are causing much exitement in the physics community.

Professor Hawking's latest work is expected to solve the black hole information paradox", a theory first constructed by the physicist in 1976 when he calculated that once a black hole forms, it starts losing mass by radiating energy.

Professor Hawking asserted that this radiation contained no information about the matter inside the black hole, and once the black hole evaporates, all information is lost.

But this conflicts with the laws of quantum physics, which say that such evidence of existence can never be completely wiped out.

Professor Hawking's argument was that the intense gravitational fields of black holes someho unravel the laws of quantum physics.

The physicist, who is confined to a wheelchair, will speak in Dublin next week to give a new answer to the to the conundrum based on the idea that black holes never quite consume everything, and do eventually open up to reveal information within."



Terence Mc Kenna


"I am baffled by what I call "the black hole effect" that seems to surround DMT. A black hole causes a curvature of space such that no light can leave it, and, since no signal can leave it, no information can leave it. Let us leave aside the issue of whether this is true in practice of spinning black holes. Think of it as a metaphor. Metaphorically, DMT is like an intellectual black hole in that once one knows about it, it is very hard for others to understand what one is talking about. One cannot be heard. The more one is able to articulate what it is, the less others are able to understand. This is why I think people who attain enlightenment, if we may for a moment comap these two things, are silent. They are silent because we cannot understand them. Why the phenomenon of tryptamine ecstasy has not been looked at by scientists, thrill seekers, or anyone else, I am not sure, but I recommend it to your attention.

The tragedy of our cultural situation is that we have no shamanic tradition. Shamanism is primarily techniques, not ritual. It is a set of techniques that have been worked out over millennia that make it possible, though perhaps not for everyone, to explore these areas. People of predilection are noticed and encouraged.

In archaic societies where shamanism is a thriving institution, the signs are fairly easy to recognize: oddness or uniqueness in an individual. Epilepsy is often a signature in preliterate societies, or survival of an unusual ordeal in an unexpected way. For instance, people who are struck by lightning and live are thought to make excellent shamans. People who nearly die of a disease and fight their way back to health after weeks and weeks of an indeterminate zone are thought to have strength of soul. Among aspiring shamans there must be some sign of inner strength or a hypersensitivity to trance states. In traveling around the world and dealing with shamans, I find the distinguishing characteristic is an extraordinary centeredness. Usually the shaman is an intellectual and is alienated from society. A good shaman sees exactly who you are and says, "Ah, here's somebody to have a conversation with." The anthropological literature always presents shamans as embedded in a tradition, but once one gets to know them they are always very sophisticated about what they are doing. They are the true phenomenologists of this world; they know plant chemistry, yet they call these energy fields "spirits." We hear the word "spirits" through a series of narrowing declensions of meaning that are worse almost than not understanding. Shamans speak of "spirit" the way a quantum physicist might speak of "charm"; it is a technical gloss for a very complicated concept.

It is possible that there are shamanic family lines, at least in the case of hallucinogen-using shamans, because shamanic ability is to some degree determined by how many active receptor sites occur in the brain, thus facilitating these experiences. Some claim to have these experiences naturally, but I am underwhelmed by the evidence that this is so. What it comes down to for me is "What can you show me?"

I always ask that question; finally in the Amazon, informants said, "Let's take our machetes and hike out here half a mile and get some vine and boil it up and we will show you what we can show you."

Let us be clear. People die in these societies that I'm talking about all the time and for all kinds of reasons. Death is really much more among them than it is in our society. Those who have epilepsy who don't die are brought to the attention of the shaman and trained in breathing and plant usage and other things - the fact is that we don't really know all of what goes on. These secret information systems have not been well studied. Shamanism is not, in these traditional societies, a terribly pleasant office. Shamans are not normally allowed to have any political power, because they are sacred. The shaman is to be found sitting at the headman's side in the council meetings, but after the council meeting he returns to his hut at the edge of the village. Shamans are peripheral to society's goings on in ordinary social life in every sense of the word. They are called on in crisis, and the crisis can be someone dying or ill, a psychological difficulty, a marital quarral, a theft, or weather that must be predicted.

We do not live in that kind of society, so when I explore these plants' effects and try to call your attention to them, it is as a phenomenon. I don't know what we can do with this phenomenon, but I have a feeling that the potential is great. The mind-set that I always bring to it is simply exploratory and Baconian - the mapping and gathering of facts.

Herbert Guenther talks about human uniqueness and says one must come to terms with one's uniqueness. We are naive about the role of language and being as the primary facts of experience. What good is a theory of how the universe works if it's a series of tensor equations that, even when understood, come nowhere tangential to experience? The only intellectual or noetic or spiritual path worth following is one that builds on personal experience.

What the mushroom says about itself is this: that it is an extraterrestrial organism, that spores can survive the conditions of interstellar space. They are deep, deep purple - the color that they would have to be to absorb the deep ultraviolet end of the spectrum. The casing of a spore is one of the hardest organic substances known. The electron density approaches that of a metal.

Is it possible that these mushrooms never evolved on earth? That is what the Stropharia cubensis itself suggests. Global currents may form on the outside of the spore. The spores are very light and by Brownian motion are capable of percolation to the edge if the planet's atmosphere. Then, through interaction with energetic particles, some small number could actually escape into space. Understand that this is an evolutionary strategy where only one in many billions of spores actually makes the transition between the stars - a biological strategy for radiating throughout the galaxy without a technology. Of course this happens over very long periods of time. But if you think that the galaxy is roughly 100,000 light-years from edge to edge, if something were moving only one one-hundredth the speed of light - now that's not a tremendous speed that presents problems to any advanced technology - it could cross the galaxy in one hundred million years. There's life on this planet 1.8 billion years old; that's eighteen times longer than one hundred million years. So, looking at the galaxy on those time scales, one sees that the percolation of spores between the stars is a perfectly viable strategy for biology. It might take millions of years, but it's the same principle by which plants migrate into a desert or across an ocean.

There are no fungi in the fossil record older than forty million years. The orthodox explaination is that fungi are soft-bodied and do not fossilize well, but on the other hand we have fossilized soft-bodied worms and other benthic marine invertebrates from South African gunflint chert that is dated to over a billion years.

I don't necessarily believe what the mushroom tells me; rather we have a dialogue. It is a very strange person and has many bizarre opinions. I entertain it the way I would any eccentric friend. I say, "Well, so that's what you think." When the mushroom began saying it was an extraterrestrial, I felt that I was placed in the dilemma of a child who wishes to destroy a radio to see if there are little people inside. I couldn't figure out whether the mushroom is the alien or the mushroom is some kind of technological artifact allowing me to hear the alien when the alien is actually light-years aways, using some kind of Bell nonlocality principle to communicate.

The mushroom states its own position very clearly. It says, "I require the nervous system of a mammal. Do you have one handy?"


Dan Brown 2003

Page 50

"The congregation, founded in 1928 by the Spanish priest Josemaria Escriva, promoted a return toconservative Catholic values and encouraged its members to make sweeping sacrifices to their own lives in order to do the Work of God

Opus Dei's traditionalist philosophy initially had taken root in Spain before Franco's regime, but with the 1934 publication of Josemaria Escriva's spiritual book The Way - 999 points of meditation for doing God's work in one's own life-"


"In the reflection of the shiny elevator door, he saw the captains clip - a silver crucifix with thirteen embedded pieces of black onyx. Langdon found it vaguely surprising. The symbol was known as a crux gemmata - a cross bearing thirteen gems - a Christian ideogram for Christ and his twelve apostles."

8 THIRTEEN 99 45 9

99 45 9

Thomas Mann 1875-1955

Page 466
"Had not the normal, since time was, lived on the achievements of the abnormal? Men consciously and voluntarily descended into disease and madness, in search of knowledge which, acquired by fanaticism, would lead back to health; after the possession and use of it had ceased to be conditioned by that heroic and abnormal act of sacrifice. That was the true death on the cross, the true Atonement."

Scofield References

Page 1117 A.D. 30.

Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily,
I say unto thee, Except a man be born again,
He cannot see the kingdom of God.

St John Chapter 3 verse 3
3 + 3 3 x 3
6 x 9
5 + 4

Fragments of an Unknown Teaching
P.D.Oupensky 1878- 1947

Page 217

" 'A man may be born ,but in order to be born he must first die, and in order to die he must first awake.' "
" 'When a man awakes he can die; when he dies he can be born' "

Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.

Thomas Mann 1875-1955

Page 496
" There is both rhyme and reason in what I say, I have made a dream poem of humanity. I will cling to it .I will be good. I will let death have no mastery over my thoughts. For therein lies goodness and love of humankind, and in nothing else."
Page 496 / 497
"Love stands opposed to death. It is love, not reason, that is stronger than death. Only love, not reason, gives sweet thoughts. And from love and sweetness alone can form come: form and civilisation, friendly and enlightened, beautiful human intercourse-always in silent recognition of the blood-sacrifice. Ah, yes, it is it is well and truly dreamed. I have taken stock I will keep faith with death in my heart, yet well remember that faith with death and the dead is evil, is hostile to mankind, so soon as we give it power over thought and action.


New Dimensions Interview

Terence McKenna

Page 165 Chapter 11

"Somehow it's outside of the cultural institutional entities. Number one, why do you think that is the case? Of course there's a logical answer to that one, but what do you see as the future of this kind of information and knowledge?

TM: I think in a sense it signals the rebirth of the institution of shamanism in the context of modem society. Anthropologists have al­ways made the point about shamans that they were very important so­cial catalysts in their groups, but they were always peripheral to them-peripheral to the political power and, actually, usually physically peripheral, living some distance from the villages. I think the electronic shaman-the person who pursues tne exploration of these spaces­exists to return to tell the rest of us about it.

Hopefully we are now coming into a period of maturity as a species. We can no longer have forbidden areas of the human mind or mindless cultural machinery. We have taken upon ourselves the acquisi­tion of so much power that we must now understand what we are. We cannot travel much further with definitions of humanity inherited from the Judeo-Christian tradition. We need to truly explore the problem of consciousness, because as human beings gain power they are becoming the defining factor on the planet. The questions that loom are, "Is man good?" and then, if the answer is yes, "What is man good for?"

The shamans will point the way because they are visionaries, po­ets, cultural architects, forecasters-all these roles that we understand in more conventional terms rolled into one and raised to the nth power. They are cultural models for the rest of us. It has always been true that the shaman has access to a superhuman dimension and a superhuman condition and thereby affirms the potential for transcendence in all peo­ple. The shaman is an exemplar, if you will, and I see the new attention that's being given to these things signaling a sense on the part of society tha~ we need to return to these models. This is why, for instance, in the Star Wars phenomenon Skywalker, the name of a major character, is a direct translation of the word "shaman" out of the Tungusic, which is where Siberian shamanism comes from. So these heroes that are being instilled in the heart of the culture are shamanic heroes; they control a force that is bigger than everybody and holds the galaxy together; this is true, as a matter of fact. As we explore how true this is, the limitations of our previous worldview will be exposed for all to see. I think it was J. B. S. Haldane who said, "The world may not only be stranger than we suppose, it may be stranger than we can suppose."Page 161the contradictions flow together. The kind of prejudice leveled against psychedelics attended psychoanalysis during the twenties and thirties when it was thought to be superfluous or some kind of fad. Psychedelics touch a very sensitive nerve. They touch the issue of the nature of hu­mans, and some people are uncomfortable with this.

MT: What is the value of exploring extraordinary realities?

TM: I believe it's the same value that attends the exploration of ordinary realities. There's an alchemical saying that one should read the oldest books, climb the highest mountains, and visit the broadest deserts. I think that being imposes some kind of obligation to find out what's going on, and since all primary information about what is going on comes through the senses, any plant or any compound that alters that sensory input has to be looked at very carefully. I've often made the point that, chemically speaking, you can take a molecule that is com­pletely inactive as a psychedelic, reposition a single atom on one of its rings, and suddenly it's a powerful psychedelic. Now it seems to me that this is a perfect proof of the interpenetration of matter and mind. The movement of a single atom from one known position to another known position changes an experience from nothing to overwhelming. This means that mind and matter, at the quantum-mechanical level, are all spun together. This means in a sense that the term extraordinary reality is not correct if it implies a division of category from ordinary reality. It is simply that there is more and more and more of reality, and some of it is inside our heads and some of it is deployed out through three­dimensional Newtonian space.

MT: I think most of us just simply accept the everyday reality as the only one. You're talking about journeys into nether regions far be­yond most people's conception or desire.

TM: I think there's a shamanic temperament that is characterized by a craving for knowledge-knowledge in the Greek sense of gnosis. In other words, knowledge not of the sort where one subscribes to Scientific American and it validates what you believe, but cosmologies constructed out of immediate experiences that are always found to be applicable. You see, I don't believe that the world is made of quarks or electromag­netic waves, or stars or planets, or any of these things. I believe the world is made of language and that this is the primary fact that has been overlooked. The construction of the flying saucer is not so much a dilem­ma of hardware as it is a poetic challenge. People find it very hard to imagine exactly what I'm talking about. What I'm saying is that the lead­ing edge of reality is mind, and that mind is the primary substratum of / Page 162 / being. We in the West have had it the wrong way around for over a mil­lennium, but once this is clearly understood, using what we have learned in our little excursion through three-dimensional space and mat­ter, we will create a new vision of humanity that will be a fusion of the East and the West.

MT: You suggest that the world is made of language, yet I think of these extraordinary realities that are totally beyond any language that we use in any ordinary sense.

TM: Yes, they are beyond ordinary language. I always think of Philo Judaeus writing on the Logos. He posed to himself the question, "What would be a more perfect Logos?" and then he answered, saying it would be a Logos that is not heard but beheld. And he imagined a form of communication where the ears would not be the primary receptors, but the eyes would be. A language where meaning was not constructed through a dictionary of spoken words, but where three-dimensional ob­jects were actually generated with a kind of hyperlanguage so that there was perfect understanding between people. This may sound bizarre in ordinary reality, but these forms of synesthesia and synesthesic glosso­lalia are commonplace in psychedelic states.

MT: Terence, could you identify Philo for us and tell us who he was?

TM: He was an Alexandrian Jew of the second century who made it his business to travel around the Hellenistic world discussing all the major cults and religious and cosmogonic theories of his day. So he's a major source of Hellenistic data for us.

MT: How would you relate to Socrates' view of the world?

TM: I think that it's hard not to be a Platonist, but it's something that perhaps we should struggle against, or at least struggle to modify. I think of myself as sort of a Whiteheadian Platonist. Certainly the central Platonic notion, that of the Ideas-archetypal forms that stand outside of time-is one that is confirmed by the psychedelic experience. The Neoplatonists-the school of Plotinus and Porphyry-are psychedelic philosophers. Their idea of an ascending hierarchy of increasingly more rarified states is a sophisticated presentation of the shamanic cosmology that one experientially discovers when one is involved with psychedelics.

MT: What I think most of us don't realize is that Greek culture and the Eleusinian mysteries incorporated the use of something very akin to psychedelics Essentially Western civilization is based on a cul-ture that had at its core an experience and a ritual that used psychedelics".


Dan Brown



Teabing said, 'I was wondering if you would permit me a few words.' He sounded apprehensive, like a father about to give the birds-and-the-bees lecture to his children. 'My friends, I realize I am but a guest on this journey, and I am honoured as such. And yet, as someone who has spent his life in search of the Grail, I feel it is my duty to warn you that you are about to step onto a path from which there is no return, regardless of the dangers involved.' He turned to Sophie. 'Miss Neveu, your grandfather gave you this cryptex in hopes you would keep the secret of the Holy Grail alive.


Understandably, you feel obliged to follow the trail wherever it leads.'

Sophie nodded, although she felt a second moti­vation still burning within her. The truth about my family. Despite Langdon's assurances that the key­stone had nothing to do with her past, Sophie still sensed something deeply personal entwined within this mystery, as if this cryptex, forged by her grand­father's own hands, were trying to speak to her and offer some kind of resolution to the emptiness that had haunted her all these years.

Your grandfather and three others died tonight,' Teabing continued, 'and they did so to keep this keystone away from the Church. Opus Dei came within inches tonight of possessing it. You under­stand, I hope, that this puts you in a position of exceptional responsibility. You have been handed a torch. A two-thousand-year-old flame that cannot be allowed to go out. This torch cannot fall into the wrong hands.' He paused, glancing at the rosewood box. 'I realize you have been given no choice in this matter, Miss Neveu, but considering what is at stake here, you must either fully embrace this responsibility... or you must pass that responsibility to someone else.'

"You have been handed a torch. A two-thousand-year-old flame that cannot be allowed to go out"

"I feel it is my duty to warn you that you are about to step onto a path from which there is no return, regardless of the dangers involved"


John Michell 1972

Page 160

"All who study the cabalistic science and the geo-metry and numbers of creation are attacked by melancholy, some-times fatally, the suicide rate among cabalists being notoriously high. The Point is clearly made in Durer's Melancholia. The garden of paradise,symbol of the ultimate perfection of human consciousness, has many delightful inhabitants which are at the same time dange-rous beasts to whoever fails to recognise their nature and function; and of these the most treachorous is the mercurial old serpent of wisdom, that leads men on in the search of the treasure of which it is in itself the the venomous custodian."


Thomas Mann

1875 -1955

Page 266

"..."And if one is interested in life, one must be particularly interested in death, mustn't one? "

"Oh, well, after all, there is some sort of difference. Life is life which keeps the form through change of substance."
"Why should the form remain?" said Hans Castorp. / Page 267 / "why? Young man, what you are saying now sounds far from
"Form is folderol."

"Well, you are certainly in great form to-day - you're regularly kicking over the traces. But I must drop out now," said the Hofrat." I am beginning to feel melancholy," and he laid his huge hand over his eyes." I can feel it coming on. You see, I've drunk coffee with you, and it tasted good to me, and all of a sudden it comes over me that I am going to be melancholy. You gentlemen must excuse me. It was an extra occasion, I enjoyed it no end ... "

The Zed Aliz Zed again presents credentials

This acknowledgement to the contributions of others within this hymn of praise to creative consciousness is freely and humbly given. Perhaps it is indicative of where Eht Namuh stands upon the ladder of its progress at this quintessential moment of the now that each and every one of us seek recognition for that which all of us, as creative entities, have been entrusted with exteriorizing for and on behalf of all that that ISISIS. That oh so magikal living creative intelligent consciousness, which always and forever holds each and every one of us in thrall. Blessed is that wholly holy androgynous power of the Great Mother Father, male female, positive negative, dark light, energy initiator and motivating power of the mysterious process of life.






Within the this of the that of the he as in she of the thou that is thee of the thou as in ought of the ought as in thought heareth thee that voice of the silence and give only love praise and reverence to the true creator.









That out which the holy womb energy spins forth thine and mines collective existence within this reality that never was. The magnetic energy field of intelligent living creativity. Abundant and fecund, manifested everywhere and in everything, all is living energy, living creative energy known variously and collectively as the one God. Cast off the shackles of thy puny ego O Namuh and accord thanks for thine honoured participation in creativity of a kind and thank your stars for that. There is a mountain to climb or otherwise a mounting oblivion shall be your future. In the beginning was the word and the word was that notion, what notion is that then?. It is the notion of an individual unique self, that of the great I am, that O Namuh is no notion at all, free thine understanding O Namuh from the dark age tyranny of thy thinking those thoughts of the he as in she absurdity of that confusing misunderstanding notion that is the



give only thy praise in wonder to that living essence of the energy within and without which is thy true nature. Blessed be the name of







Extracted from the internet 5th of August 2004

"Tibet's oldest spiritual tradition is Bön. According to Bönpo accounts, eighteen enlightened teachers will appear in this aeon and Tönpa Shenrab, the founder of the Bön religion, is the enlightened teacher of this age. He is said to have been born in the mythical land of Olmo Lung Ring, whose location remains something of a mystery. The land is traditionally described as dominated by Mount Yung-drung Gu-tzeg (Edifice of Nine Swastikas), which many identify as Mount Kailash in western Tibet. Due to the sacredness of Olmo Lung Ring and the mountain, both the counter-clockwise swastika and the number nine are of great significance in the Bön religion."It is believed that Tönpa Shenrab first studied the Bön doctrine in heaven, at the end of which he pledged at the feet of the god of compassion, Shenla Okar, to guide the people of this world. Accordingly, at the age of thirty one he renounced the world and took up a life of austerity, spreading the doctrine in order to help the beings immersed in an ocean of misery and suffering. In his effort to spread the doctrine, he arrived in Tibet, in the region of Mount Kailash, which is known as the land of Zhang Zhung, historically the principal seat of Bön culture and doctrine. Accounts of Tönpa Shenrab's life are to be found in three major sources; mDo-'dus, gZer-mig and gZi-brjid. The first two are believed to be Treasure texts (gTer-ma) discovered according to Bön history in the tenth or eleventh century. The third belongs to the whispered lineage (sNyan-brgyud) transmitted amongst adepts.

The doctrines taught by Tonpa Shenrab are generally classified into two types, first, The Four Portals and One Treasury (sGo-bzhi mDzod-lizga): the White Water (Chabdkar) doctrine dealing with esoteric matters; the Black Water (Chab-nag)doctrine concerning narratives, magic, funeral rites and ransom rituals; the Land of Phan ('Phanyul) doctrine which contains monastic rules and philosophical expositions; the Divine Guide (dPon-gasa) doctrine containing exclusively the great perfection teachings; and finally, the Treasury (mTho-thog) which comprises the essential aspects of all the four portals.

The second classification, the Nine Ways of Bön (Bön theg-pa rim-dgu) is as follows: the Way of Prediction (Phyva-gshen Theg-pa), which describes sortilege, astrology, ritual and prognostication; the Way of the Visual World (sNang-shen theg-pa), which explains the psychophysical universe; the Way of Illusion ('Phrul-gshen theg-pa), which gives details of the rites for the dispersing adverse forces; the Way of Existence (Srid-gshen theg-pa), which explains funeral and death rituals; the Way of a Lay Follower (dGe-bsnyen theg-pa), which contains the ten principles for wholesome activity; the Way of a Monk, (Drnag-srnng theg-pa), in which the monastic rules and regulations are laid out; the Way of Primordial Sound (Adkar theg-pa), which explains the integration of an exalted practitioner into the mandala of highest enlightenment; the Way of Primordial Shen, (Ye-gshen theg-pa), which explains the guidelines for seeking a true tantric master and the spiritual commitments that binds a disciple to his tantric master; and, finally, the Way of Supreme Doctrine (Bla-med theg-pa), which discusses only the doctrine of great perfection.

The nine ways are further synthesised into three: the first four as the Causal Ways (rGyui-theg-pa), the second four as the Resultant Ways ('Brns-bu'i-theg-pa) and the ninth as the Unsurpassable Way or the Way of Great Completion (Khyad-par chen-po'i-theg-pa or rDzogs-chen). These are contained in the Bön canon comprising more than two hundred volumes classified under four sections: the sutras (mDa), the perfection of wisdom teachings ('Bum), the tantras (rGyud) and knowledge (mDzod). Besides these, the canon deals with other subjects such as rituals, arts and crafts, logic, medicine, poetry and narrative. It is interesting to note that the Knowledge (mDzod) section concerning cosmology and cosmogony is quite unique to Bön, though there is scholarly speculation that it has a strong affinity with certain Nyingma doctrines.

History has it that with the increasing royal patronage of Buddhism, Bön was discouraged, and faced persecution and banishment. Practically nothing is known about Bön during the period from the eighth to the early eleventh centuries. However, with the relentless devotion and endeavour of sincere followers such as Drenpa Namkha (9th century), Shenchen Kunga (10th century) and many others the Bön, Tibet's indigenous religion, was rescued from oblivion and re-established itself alongside Buddhism in Tibet.

Since the eleventh century, with the founding of monasteries such as Yeru Ensakha, Kyikhar Rishing, Zangri and later Menri and Yungdrung Ling in Central Tibet; and Nangleg Gon, Khyunglung Ngulkar and others, more than three hundred Bön monasteries had been established in Tibet prior to Chinese occupation. Of these, Menri and Yungdrung monasteries were the major monastic universities for the study and practice of Bön doctrines. A reassessment of Bön took place in the nine-teenth century at the hands of Sharza Tashi Gyeltsen, a Bön master whose collected writings comprising eighteen volumes gave the tradition new impetus. His follower Kagya Khyungtrul Jigmey Namkha trained many disciples learned in not only the Bön religion, but in all the Tibetan sciences. However, with the Chinese invasion of Tibet, like the other spiritual traditions, Bön also faced irreparable loss."

Nechung - The State Oracle of Tibet

"Like many ancient civilizations of the world, the phenomenon of oracles remains an important part of the Tibetan way of life. Tibetans rely on oracles for various reasons. The purpose of the oracles is not just to foretell the future. They are called upon as protectors and sometimes used as healers. However, their primary function is to protect the Buddha Dharma and its practitioners.

In the Tibetan tradition, the word oracle is used for a spirit which enters those men and women who act as mediums between the natural and the spiritual realms. The mediums are, therefore, known as kuten, which literally means, "the physical basis."

In early times it is believed that there were hundreds of oracles throughout Tibet. Today, only a few survive, including those consulted by the Tibetan government. Of these, the principal one is the Nechung oracle. Through him manifests Dorje Drak-den (Nechung), the principal protector divinity of the Tibetan government and the Dalai Lama"

5 DALAI 27 18 9
4 LAMA 27 9 9
9 DALAI LAMA 54 27 9
6 ORACLE 54 27 9
6 DELPHI 54 36 9
3 GEO 27 18 9
7 CENTRIC 72 36 9
8 OMPHALOS 99 36 9

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Thi Faither.

Dearest Dowter thank you for your e-mail it is always good to hear from you, I think about you a great deal and it does wonders for my peace of mind to know you are okay.
Matthew tells me he is going to Brussels on Sunday and so he is still travelling, albeit differently from the past.
I think Michael has fixed his e-mail. The photographs of Tabitha show a bonny little girl, I have only seen her I think 4 times. I should make more of an effort, instead of perpetually grinding the stones of Hamlets Mill.

You say we ought to visit Tibet, now there's a thought. I would like to see the region where the Tibetan buddhist saint Jetsun Milarepa is reputed to have lived and died. Thinking Tibet arouses a terrible nostalgia somehow, this happens also thinking of Egypt and the Great Pyramid. You are quite right we should go, perhaps we will when the ritualistic rising of that Lazy Lazarus is accomplished, and at long last the sleeping Mr and Mrs Namuh awaken into the dawning light of a new day.

There have been two further e-mails asking for an explanation of site material. This I have done. The numbers this month have dropped I thought that in August during which we have had nearly 1700 visits that the brush fire of interest would become a conflageration. This has not been the case and from an average of 52 a day we are floating steadily at 18. With a world population of around 6.2 billion there is much to do and so little time.

Are you reading much Nicola? you should ask yourself the so important obvious question, "whats it all about Alpha" Perhaps you could start reading about, and around that subject. Asking questions about realities more esoteric side endeavouring to see that which is going on under the surface of transient mind, as an alternative to being a surface skater. Reading requires discipline but as you know is immensely rewarding.

On that profundity I will away to the woods. I am sending you and Matthew the response made to the two e-mail enquiries as to the nature of "The Great Work "I hope you will both read it carefully and cogitate.
Brother Michael, John Christine, Charlotte and Jamie are well and usually ask after you and send their love.

Ra-in-bow good wishes and lots of love
thi favourite Faither. xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx

Nick, the day after recieving your e-mail this arrived, at the risk of labouring your patience. I thought the more developed reply which was sent to Jessica may be of interest.


I stumbled across your website in a forum I like to lurk in, and I find the
whole thing very intriguing, if a little strange. I was wondering if you
could shed some light on what it all means, or where it all comes from.

Dear Jessica, thank you for your interest in the site it is much appreciated.
I am going to send you a rather long e-mail which with any luck will engage your interest further. Then if you think it right to do so perhaps you will help sow the seeds within the ken of the all and sundry. I do it all the time and look on it as the process that will awaken the sleeping lazy Lazarus The he azin she that is Lazarus.

That work about which I toil Jessica is called "The Great Work" which is an alchemical term referring to an objective wherein humankind, via, amongst others the Alchemist strives for positive changes within the underlying structure of living reality. On one level it seeks to turn base metal into gold. That is its exoteric commonly understood purpose. The ancient alchemists were, in a sense chemists, scientists of their time.
The esoteric more purposeful striving of the true alchemist is in self transformation, thereby to consciously serve that creative living energy we often call God. The transmutation thereby effected achieves an understanding of the unified nature of all things it incites the I consciousness into making an imaginative leap into an understanding empathy with that creative living miracle that is everything. Mentally, consciously, awakened, as it were reborn, a reconstituted aware being alive to the grand unity of living intelligent creative energy. Understanding that the REALITY of self is but an expression of this. Forsaking within existences obvious parameters, the I, ME, EGO of unique individuality. Becoming, the committed wholesome representative in service and loving duty to that immortal self perpetuating creative flux that is the living eternal entirety. From wherein the seeker enters a state of grace, having embraced through loving realisation the unified mental set of the ONE whereby a return to the old ways of looking at things is rendered impossible. It is a realisation of the unity of womb ZERO.

Think "unless a man be born again he cannot enter the kingdom of god" Its not just 'a man' Jessica, it is male and female, it is every sentient beings inexorable destiny to know this truth. and be able to say "I and my androgynous abstraction of living supremely creative energy are one" that has always been, forever will it be so.
You are a rainbow child of the light, it is your destiny to know the truth of that that is MINS MIND. You are being drawn towards your destiny, you toil to know your destiny. I will tell you what that is my dear you are GOD just like everything else. And that is your struggle to truly understand that. Everything is one, the assumption of a lasting individuality will, as a by product of that alchemical striving within the inner minds I, ultimately die the death, and the idea of the unique self be relinquished.

The idea that supposes that some DIVINE entity could absorb the karmic misdeeds for others en-block is not possible what you sow you reap, The beauty of Karmic law is that the negative and positive energy strivings with respect to that so-called individual you is always perfectly just. YOU are THAT DIVINE BEING. It is the developing consciousness that decides guilt or otherwise, that is OSIRIS LORD OF THE DEAD that which we are pleased to call our conscience, the so called individual you being Judge and Jury of that exquisite process which just like the plant is drawn to the light, THE RAINBOW LIGHT OF DIVINE AWARENESS.
This Jessica presuppose acceptance of the concept of reincarnation, which me, myself and I the three of us, embrace wholeheartedly.

This assumption of being a me, an I, a singleton, begins the more you think about it, to assume something of an immature minds I fantasy. I hesitate to draw the following analogy but will. Imagine a long street at dusk, the street lights come on houses, buildings and streets light up. You think of all the different bulbs being used in the birthing of light, colour, and so on you smile knowing the new vision developing within the minds I. Starting to laugh a companion in kind asks why are you laughing? " I just had a thought you say. what if all these light bulbs seen here, and all the electric light bulbs in every lighting device you ever did see, could think of themselves as individuals, and not as the valves by which the power of electricity manifests light within our reality. "Your quite mad" they say. But that thinking you back at your lonely outpost in the middle of the universe at the very place where you often go for a quiet think, and a longing look back towards planet EARTH, sigh, give an eye catching catcher in the rye wry smile, and know what you know.


Michael White



Page 98 / " The alchemists, Jung believed had been inadvertently tap-ping into the collective unconscious. This led them to assume / Page 99 / they were following a spiritual path to enlightenment-when they were actually liberating their subconscious minds through the use of ritual. This is not far removed from other ritualistic events- those exploited by faith healers, the ecstasy experienced by ritualistic voodoo dancers, or charismatic Christian services. Jung said of alchemy: 'The alchemical stone symbolises some­thing that can never be lost or dissolved, something eternal that some alchemists 'Compared to the mystical experience of God within one's own soul.It usually takes prolonged suffering to burn away all the superfluous psychic elements.concealing the stone. But some profound inner experience of the Self does occur to most people at least once in a lifetime. From the psychological standpoint, a genuinely religious attitude consists of an effort to discover this unique. experience and;gradually to keep in tune with it is, relevant that the stone is itself something permanent), so that the Self becomes an inner partner towards whom one's attention is continually turned.'5 To the alchemist, the most important factor in the practice was participation of the individual experimenter in .the process of transmutation. The genuine alchemist was convinced that the emotional and spiritual characteristics of the individual experimenter was involved intimately with the success or failure of the experiment. And, it is this concept, more than any other aspect of, alchemy, that distinguishes it from orthodox chemistry,- the scientific discipline that began to supersede it at the end of the seventeenth Century. The alchemist placed inordinate importance upon the spiritual element.of his work and for many sceptics it was this which.pushed the subject into the realms of magic and left it forever beyond the boundaries of 'science'."

Well Jessica thank you for giving me the chance to present you with all of this, I hope you don't mind.
Please persevere with your Magic Mountain Experience. The paradox of your singular endeavour, is that everything and everyone is making the climb with you. That everyone is present in the misconception of the Descartes notion


as surely as night follows day it should be


A sloughing off of the individual serpents skin.

Here me speak, I am the creator, you are the creator, we are the creators. In this reality of opposites make no mistake everything is perfectly poised representing within realities living tableaux, the positive and negative energies that generate our living experience. Those living energies which, to a lesser or greater degree seek always to redress any imbalance in their presentation, as the greater purpose of cosmic illumination unfolds. The invisible nexus wherein matter is commingled with mind.

At this time in the quintessential moment of our forever humankind needs to generate a great many more positive beneficent love energies. Then the manifestation of energies that always reflect themselves within reality become reflective of divine perfection. Thereby can the navigation of our immediate living purpose be resolved with the minimum of suffering to all sentient beings. That so often terrible prolonged suffering that is occasioned by the purging of karmic debts usually accumulated in ignorance. Reality is so much richer Jessica, reality is immortal, Think of the words of Robbie Burns love song, of the lines "look abroad through Natures range natures mighty law is change" at this particular juxtoposition of instants the establishing of an equality of opposites presents great difficulties for blessed humankind, that magnificent living energy presently an aspect of creative endeavour that is glue bound and hog tied, hobbled and fettered confined and gravitationally bound within certain mental sets, and oh so weary. Rainbow children lacking fluidity of imagination not knowing which way to turn having lost sight of its magnetic north. Uunrecognizable is the spiritual way. The way of truth that invisible but always present route whereby the different strands of the Path of Ptah can be synthesized as one. To be enabled to resolve this requires each and every one of us accomplishing the labours of Hercules. Survival at this juncture of our forever's demands it be done. That is the monumental task and no ifs or buts, the imaginative leap to all comprehending unity has to be made if humankind is to survive its latest and most dangerous and difficult test yet.

Before closing Jessica it has been good to talk to you. Please take your time with the e-mail that follows. If you have written it is because in the karmic sense you are already, karmically gifted. However, further effort must come from your good self, acting for, and on behalf of all. It is the same for everyone. You have to undo the knots of your own karmic tare, that way you undo some of ours. I am carrying enough karmic residue to weigh down Walpole's "donkey of serendipity". A touch on the forehead and an eternity of orgiastic bliss is not possible, it is all for one and one for all as the intrepid three, or wharrit four musketeers, were want to sing, singly, and in unison.

Finally Jessica please take cognizance of the English Alphabet, this is the main vehicle of transfer, whereby the proof of human gods and goddess changing rainbow nature will be revealed. That which will emerge out the chrysalis of hidebound gravitational mental restrictions that are the average come day go day, day to day of thought processes we are pleased to call








The Magikalalphabet contains within its language the the seeds of the fruits of all others. And is the primary means whereby such divine metamorphosis is being effected. It is the fulcrum of the balance of that whereby cometh about the proving of the supreme androgynous loving nature that is the all of everything. The angel of this communication presently occupies the web site, pulsating out its message of love upon the neters net.

Mentioned in this this e-mail are the words I, I've me, conscience, these when changed into number and transposed via the relative position of each capital letter in the English alphabet has a root number of 9 for each word.

For example


is the 9th letter of the English Alphabet.


M the 13th letter, E the 5th these added together make 18 the numerical root, is arrived at by further resolution until the essence of root number presents itself, in this case another 9. if you do this with the word EGO. E+G+O we get 5+7+15 = 27 and 2+7 is 9. Or to put this another way 5+7+6 which equal 18 and 1+8 is 9. The words IVE and CONSCIENCE also make 9.

And so

The planet JUPITER is the 9th Planet counting from small to large, the question? Is it coincidence that the word JUPITER using this method adds up to 99 and we know that 9+9 makes 18 and 1+8 is 9.

We have no problem as lay people thinking vaguely about the binary system with respect to computer operations. Oh yes we say, its all to do with the numbers 0and 1 and the miracle of the internet we take takeon board without a seconds thought.

Reality itself uses numbers, but and here's the rub not in a chance haphazard sort of way, well no of course not. Reality uses number in a supremely creative and magnificently intelligent way. Eventually we will say, its so obvious, reality is as alive as any living so-called singularity such as ourselves. We didn't see it before because our perspective was set mentally at an angle, things appeared refracted as through water, instead of seeing through a glass sparkly, we saw through a glass darkly. But yes, oh yes we get the message now.
The method of transposing the capital letters into their numerical placing within the tools of language is a very ancient art called Fadic addition, but we call it The Magikalalphabet, it is supremely important for our purpose, for all of us, it is the means whereby the creative leap in human consciousness will be ensured.

If you think Jessica it is right to sow the seed, please do so.
Last thoughts, there are nine planets, nine openings in the human body and guess what is the root number for the words DIVINE LOVE. You r, quite quietly right, divine is 9 and love is 9. Well who'd a thought it.
Toodle pip.
Ra-in-bow good wishes

JESSICA (first change)
10+5+19+19+9+3+1= 66 6+6 =12 AND 1+2 = 3

JESSICA (second change)
1+5+1+1+3+1=12 and 1+2 = 3

Mankind is also initially 66

38161 the God of chaos is called CHAO 3816.

The e-mail that follows bears the title The Great Work 2 of 2
Thats it Jessica, thanks for writing I hope I haven't overstayed my welcome, good luck on your journey.



9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9


That is that Nick.
I now return to the grinding stone.
Follow the


Every good wish


NICK (first change)
14+9+3+11= 37 3+7 = 10 1+0 =1

NICK (second change)
5+9+3+2 = 19 1+9=10 1+0 = 1
Same advice Nick, if you think it right to do so, please, sow the seeds.


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