Seven NINE Three
The THOU  of  the  THAT
9  +  7  +  3
1 + 9
9 7 3
9 x 7 x 3
1 8 9
1 + 8 + 9
1 + 8
1 x  8 x 9
7 + 2
AZ * AZ * AZ * AZ * AZ * AZ * AZ
ZA* ZA * ZA * ZA * ZA * ZA * ZA * ZA *ZA

Before continuing their journey, to the centre of the wherewithall, the Zed Aliz Zed yonder scribe and resonating echo of accompanying shadows, paid homage to the most blessed and beloved,

Arthur Koestler

Page 79                   "... To produce live rabbits out of a hat needs a skilled magician..."

The Perversity Of Physics

Page 79 continues

"Quantum physics may be mad but it has method and it works  I talked earlier on of a negative rapproachment between quantum physics and ESP, in so far as the surrealistic concepts of the former make it easier to suspend disbelief in the latter; if the former is permitted to violate the "laws of nature" as they were understood by classical physics a century ago, the latter may claim the same right but to stress the point once more, this is merely a negative agreement, a shared disregard for ancient taboos, for a mechanistic world-view which has become an anachronism
    That is all to the good. There are however, phenomena in parapsychology which no physicist, however open-  

/ Page 80  /  

minded, can willingly accept on face value: I mean PK - psychokinesis.
     The "extra" bit in extra-sensory perception may quite possibly become in the not too distant future amenable to theoretical treatment in terms of quantum physics enriched by new "fields" added to the existing ones, and new types of "interactions" added to the existing repertory of four.* But such optimism seems less justified when it comes to psychokinesis. Dobbs is silent about it so is Margenau, and - within my limited knowledge of para-psychological literature I am unaware of any serious attempt at a physicalistic explanation of how a mental effort could influence the motions of a rolling dice. The reason is simple: ESP and PK are operating in different dimensions; and just as the rigid mechanical laws of the macroscopic world do not apply to micro-physics, so the freedom enjoyed in the realm of micro-physics does not apply to the macroscopic level. An atom is "free" to do this or that within Heisenberg's indeterminacy relation, and all our statements about it refer to probabilities, not to certainties. But according to the law of large numbers, in a macoscropic body of trillions of atoms, the deviations cancel out, the sum of probabilities results in practical certainty, and the old taboos retain there validity."
"Thus when an ESP message in the form of mindons psitrons or what-have-you impinges on a "critically poised" neuron, it operates on the quantum indeterminacy level and can do wonders , so to speak. But this process is  /
                    * Contemporary physics knows four types of interaction: the "strong" and "weak" nuclear intereactions" the electro-magnetic and the gravitational. Each obeys its own set of laws.
Page 81  /

not reversible. You cannot influence the progress of a macroscopic body like a rolling die , by micro- physical particles or wavicles of imaginary mass.  Thus the law of large numbers, which lends such authority to the evidence for ESP, is at the same time the main obstacle to any physicalistic explanation of PK."
"But this does not mean that the evidential value of the macroscopic PK experiments, by Rhine and others, is to be disregarded. It only means that, though we have to accept the evidence, we have to renounce any reasonable hope of a physical explanation, even in terms of the most advanced and permissive quantum mechanics.
     The same dilemma confronts us as we turn to a type of phenomenon which has puzzled man since the dawn of mythology: the disruption of the humdrum chains of causal events by coincidences of an improbable nature, which are not causally related yet appear highly significant. Any theory which attempts to take such phenomena seriously must necessarily involve an even more radical break with our traditional categories of thought than the pronunciamentos of Heisenberg, Dirac or Feynman. It is certainly no coincidence that it was Wolfgang Pauli - father of the neutrino and of the "Pauli Principle", a cornerstone of modern physics - who outlined such a theory, in collaboration with C.G. Jung.
       The Jung-Pauli theory of "Synchronicity", conceived by a physicist and a psychologist, both eminent in their fields, represents perhaps the most radical departure from the world-view of mechanistic science in our time. Yet they had a precursor, whose ideas had a considerable influence on Jung: the Austrian biologist Paul Kammerer,..."



Page 82

Seriality and Synchronicity

1   "Kammerer was a Lamarckian: he believed in the inheritance of acquired characteristics" - that the skills and improvement in physique acquired by the parents are to some extent inherited by their offspring."

Page 83

"... In the present context, however , we are concerned not with Kammerer's Lamarckian views..."
" but with a second heresy to which he was committed: his belief in the significance of apparent coincidence. He published his theory on the subject in 1919, in a remarkable work, Das Gesetz der Serie - the law of seriality; no English translation exists to date. I have given a summary of the book in Appendix I of The case of the Midwife Toad, and must apologise for repeating some passages from it.
     Kammerer kept a log-book of coincidences from the age of twenty to forty. He was not the only one to indulge in this secret vice; Jung, for instance, did the same. "I have often come up against the phenomena in question", Jung wrote, "and could convince myself how much these inner experiences meant to my patients. In most cases they were things which people do not talk about for fear of exposing them to thoughtless ridicule. I was amazed to see how many people have had experiences of this kind, and how carefully the secret was guarded."      "Kammerer's book contains a hundred samples of coincidences. For instance:.."

Page 84  

"he records that on November 4, 1910 his brother-in-law went to a concert where he had seat no 9; And cloakroom ticket no .9;"
The same number az Einsteins tram whispered the scribe barely daring to breathe
the next day at another concert, he had seat No 21 and cloakroom ticket No 21. Kammerer calls this a "series of the second order" because the same type of coincidence occurred on two successive days, and comments: "we shall soon see that such clusterings of series of the first order into series of the second  or nth order are common, almost regular occur-rences."4
The Zed Aliz Zed drew yonder scribes attention to the reference note numbers mentioned on page 84  
These were 2, 3, and 4 That makes 9 said the scribe, and, said Zed Aliz from the first relevant 9 of that particular paragraph to its end iz nine lines. There are 36 lines of written text not including the page number but inclusive of * note
Just lucky coincidence said The Alizzed The scribe writ -  -  -  .  .  . -  -  -
Reight wah scribe, a diversion of interests that ensures following a straight path




Stephen Hawking
Quest For A Theory Of  Everything
Kitty Ferguson

Page 103

31 line down  /  7 line up

                                                                   "The square of 4 is 16; the
                                                                    square of 5 is 25. The difference between 25 and 16 is 9.
This occurs on line 33 d /  5                         The square root of 9 is 3. So we know that the third side
                                                                    Of the triangle, side C, The world-line of our traveling    
                                                                    object, is three yards in length in space time.
                                                                     Let's, just for the fun of it,that the object is
                                                                     someone wearing a watch that"  /

And we all knew who thought of finishing the page on 'that'  /, said the Zed Aliz Zed.
Page 103

line 16 up reads as follows                             "is 16. The square of 5 (side B) IS 25. The sum of 16 and"
The 14 th line up contains only                       "the square root of 41."
Shouldn't the whole 37 lines, of page 103 be quoted said the scribe.
Should birds fly fly,  said the Alizzed softly.
Page 107

     L / D 30  L/ U 8

                                                                    "Figure 7-7a shows two separate events (X and Y) on
                                                                     A spacetime diagram. They are connected by a world-                                                                     line at more than a 45-degree angle from the time-line    
                                                                     No information can pass between these events without
                                                                     exceeding the speed of light. In a case like this, where
                                                                     the distance between two events is greater in space than
                                                                     it is in time, the square of the hypotenuse (side
C) ofour
                                                                     triangle is a positive number. In the language of physics"  /

There are no page numbers  
betwixt and bi'twin pages 107 and 110
Figure 7-5. and Figure 7-6.
Yon scribe writ 1 x 8 = 8   1 + 8 = 9
                    1 x 9 = 9   1 + 9 = 10 then for the sheer unadulterated gloy of it all, writ  8 x 9 = 72 and 7 + 2 = 9
Figure 7-5                                                      "in our school geometry, the square of side C
                                                                      (the hypotenuse) is equal to the sum of the squares
                                                                      Sides Aand B.  

                                                                      In the geometry of space time, the square of  Side C
                                                                      (the hypotenuse)) is equal to the DIFFERENCE between 
                                                                      the squares of sides A and B."

Figure 7-6                                                       Tim travels 3 hours (by his watch) outward 
                                                                      Bound and
3 hours homeward bound..."
Page 110  

"the square of the "four-dimensional separation" be-tween events X and Y is positive.
     Figure 7-7b also shows two events. The distance be-tween them is greater in time than it is in space. A world line between these two events runs at less than a 45-degree angle from the time line. Information traveling at less than the speed of light can reach Y from X. When this is true, the square of the hypotenuse (side C) of our triangle is a negative number. Physicists sa the square of the four-dimensional separation between Xand Y is negative.
     Perhaps you got lost in those last two paragraphs. If you didn't, a red light may have flashed on in your brain. The square of a number can't be negative. That doesn't happen in our math. If the square of a number were a negative number, what number could possibly be its square root ? What is the square root, for instance, of "
L/D 18                                                               "-  9? In our mathematics the square of any number(neg-
L/D 19                                                               ative or positive) is always positive: 3 squared (3 2) is 9;
                                                                          so is - 3 squared (- 3 2). We can't possibly arrive at - 9.
                                                                          It's impossible for the square of anything to be a nega-
                                                                          tive number.      
Stephen Hawking and other mathematicians and physicists have a way around this problem: Imagine that there are numbers that do produce negative num-bers when multipled by themselves, and see what happens. Say that imaginary one, when multiplied by itself gives minus one. Imaginary two multiplied by itself, gives minus four. Calculate the sums-over-histories of the particles and sums-over-histories of the universe us-ing imaginary numbers. Figure them in "imaginary"  
Rather than "real"time. The time it takes to get from  /
Alizzed and the scribe looking in the mirror, for imaginary laughs, laughed at the other side of their phases.
Page 112 continues  /

point X to point Y in Figure 7-7b is imaginary time - the square root of minus nine - imaginary three.
      Imaginary numbers are a mathematical device (a trick, if you prefer) to help calculate answers that would otherwise be nonesense. Imaginary time" allows physicists to study gravity on the quantum level in a better way, and it gives them a new way of looking at the early universe."
Page 173  

"Imaginary numbers - Numbers that when squared give a negative result. Thus, the square root of imaginary two is minus four. The square root of minus nine is imaginary three."
"N=8 supergravity - A theory that attempts to unify all the particles, both bosons and fermions, in a super-symetric family, and to unify the forces. This was the theory Hawking spoke of in his Lucasian lecture and which he thought might turn out to be a theory of everything.
The scribe counted 8 lines from the bottom of page 173 to "N= 8 Supergravity"
Has that imaginary number 9 tram, been and gone yet, Zed Aliz asked wah brother Albair, who, contrary to past opinion, answered yes and no. We caught it anyway.
Dear brother Arthur, continued, where the he, azin she, had left off.
The Roots Of Coincidence

Page 84  

"It is indeed commonly believed that coincidences tend to come in series  - gamblers have lucky days", and  

/ Page 85  /

vice versa, "it never rains but it pours". Hence the title of the book, Das Gesetz der Serie. He defines a Serie as
"a lawful recurrence of the same or similar things and events - a recurrence, or clustering, in time or space whereby the individual members in the sequence - as far as can be ascertained by careful analysis - are not connected by the same active cause". 5
     The expression "lawful recurrence" may give the impression that the series is governed by causal laws. But Kammerer's purpose is to prove just the opposite - that coincidences, whether they come singly or in series, are manifestations of a universal principle in nature which operates independently from physical causation. The "laws of Seriality"are, in Kammerer's view, as fundamental as those of physics, but as yet unexplored. Moreover, single coincidences are merely tips of the iceburg which happened to catch our eye, because in our traditional ways we tend to ignore the ubiquitous manifes-tations of Seriality."
And then Alizzed showed Brothers Arthur,and wah Paul gifts of time gone by, presents from the other Man.


Joseph And His Brothers
Thomas Mann 1933

The Second Pit

Page 890
    8 x 9 x 0 = 72  /  

"...The ancient records dazed her small and scheming brain, so that she made up her mind to have Pharaoh stung by a serpent, to instigate a palace revolt and set on the throne of the two lands not Horus- Amenhotep, the rightful heir, who was sickly anyhow, but the fruit of her own womb, Noferka-Ptah.       The first steps toward the goal of overturning the dynasty, bring-ing in a new time and elevating the nameless near-favourite to the rank of goddess-mother had been successfully taken. The plot was hatched in Pharaoh's house of women; but through certain officials of the harem and certain officers of the guard who had been eager for new things, connections had been established, on the one hand with the palace itself, where a number of friends, some of them highly placed - a head charioteer of the god, the chief of gens-d'-armes, the steward of the fruit stores, the overseer of the King's herds of oxen, the head keeper of the Kings ointments, and certain other's - were won over for the enterprise; and on the other hand they got in touch with the outer world of the residential city, where through the offi-cer's wives the male kindred of Pharaoh's graces were drawn in and engaged to stir up Wese's population with evil talk against the old Re, who by now was nothing at all but gold and silver and lapis lazuli.
In all there were two and seventy conspirators privy to the plot.  It was a proper and a pregnant number, for there had been just seventy-two when red Set lured Usir into the chest.  And these seventy-two in their turn had had good cosmic ground to be no more and no less than that number.  For it is just that number of groups of five weeks which make up the three hundred and sixty days of the year, not counting the odd days; and there are just seventy-two days in the dry fifth of the year, when the gauge shows that the Nourisher has reached his lowest ebb, and the god sinks into his grave.  So where there is conspiracy anywhere in the world it is requisite and customary for the number of conspirators to be seventy-two.  And if the plot fail, the failure shows that if this number had not been adhered to it would have failed even worse.
     Now the present plot did fail, although it had the benefit of the best models and all the preliminary steps had been taken with the greatest care. The head keeper of ungents had even succeeded in purloining a magic script out of Pharaoh's book-house and, follow-ing its instructions, had shaped certain little wax images; these were smuggled about here and there and were calculated to produce by magic a mental confusion and bewitchment such as must assure the success of the undertaking. It was decided to put poison in Pharaoh' bread or his wine or in both; and to use the ensuing confusion for a palace coup..."

     8 x 9 x 1 = 72
            7 + 2 = 9  /  

"... And then all at once the lid blew off. Possibly at the last minute one of the seventy-two"

The Fingerprints Of The Gods
Graham Hancock

Page 273  

"As we saw in Chapter Nine, the evil deity known as Set
led a group of conspirators in a plot to kill Osiris.  The number of these conspirators was 72."

Page 274.

"Seventy-two = the number of years required for the equinoctial sun to complete a precessional shift of one degree along the ecliptic."

Joseph And His Brothers

page 890,

" two and seventy" occurs once, "seventy-two" occurs four times.
Five times seventy-two makes three hundred and sixty as in the quote
"three hundred and sixty days of the year not counting the odd days,"

The Fingerprints Of The Gods

Page 273  

"These he joined to the 360 days of which the year then consisted (emphasis added)."
"Elsewhere the myth informs us that the 360 -  day year  consists of  "12 months of 30 days each" Note 6
And in general,as Sellers observes , "phrases are used which prompt simple mental calculations and an attention to numbers ". note 7
"Elsewhere the myth informs us that the 360-day year consists of  '12 months of 30 days each'.  
Thus far we have been provided with three of Seller's precessional: 360, 12 and 30.  The fourth number, which
occurs later in the text, is by far the most important.  As we saw in Chapter Nine, the evil deity known as Set
led a group of conspirators in a plot to kill Osiris.  The number of these conspirators was 72."

Page 355  

"Some 8 inches wide by 9 inches high, It was, Iknew, more than 200 feet in length and emerged into open air at the pyramid's 103 rd course of masonary..."
This the scribe then inserted insisting  8 x 9 = 72

The Roots Of  Coincidence
Arthur Koestler 1972

Page 85 continues  

"The first half of Kammerer's book is devoted to the classification of coincidental series, which he undertook with the meticulousness of a zoologist devoted to taxo-nomy. There is a typology of non-causal concurrances related to numbers, names, situations, etc. After this comes a chapter on the morphology of Series, which are classified according to their "order" (the number of successive coincidences), their power (number of parallel coincidences) and their parameters (number of shared attributes).

Reight wah
scribe said ZedAliz lend an eye here, and make note of the word clusters as in clusters of words,  
and exercise a measure of the sense common.
I will keep a close eye said the scribe, winking the unclothed I.