At camp that night the Zed Aliz took an eight, and a one and fusing them together created fire
The universe is as large as the mind writ the scribe, without a second thought.

TheFingerprints Of The Gods
Graham Hancock

Page 274

"The pre-eminent number in the code is 72.   To this is frequently added 36,
108, and it is permissible to multiply 108 by 100 to get 10,800 or to  
divide it by 2  to get  
54, which may then be multiplied by 10 and expressed
540  (or as 54,000, or as 540,000, or as 5,400,000, and so on).
Also  highly significant  is
2160 ( the number of years required for the equinoctial
point to transit one zodiacal  

/ Page 275  /

constellation), which is sometimes multiplied
by 10 and by factors of ten (to give
216,000, 2,160,000, and so on)
" and
sometimes by 2 to give 4320, or 43,200, or 432,000, or 4,320,000,ad infinitum."

TheFingerprints Of The Gods
Graham Hancock

Page 273

"These he joined to the
360 days of which the year then consisted (emphasis added)."

"Elsewhere the myth informs us that the
360 -  day year  consists of  "12 months of 30 days each".
Note 6
And in general,as Sellers observes , "
phrases are used which prompt simple mental calculations and an attention to numbers ". note 7
"Elsewhere the myth informs us that the
360-day year consists of  '12 months of 30 days each'.  
Thus far we have been provided with three of Seller's precessional:
360, 12 and 30.  The fourth number,which occurs later in the text, is by far the most important.  As we saw in Chapter Nine, the evil deity known as Set led a group of conspirators in a plot to kill Osiris.  The number of these conspirators was 72."                  
                                 Set                           x                           Osiris
Set                     +                  Osiris        

Thomas was 80 when he died said Zed Aliz. I wonder if hiz A to Z was nearer 81 writ the scribe.

The Magic Mountain
Thomas Mann  1875-1955

Page 888

"Now Isis, the Great One of the island, Eset, a millionfold fertile in guile, felt that her moment was come. Her wisdom embraced heaven and earth, like that of the old superannuated old Re himself. But there was one thing she did not know or command, and the lack of it  /
889  / hampered her: she did not know the last, most secret name of Re, his very final one, knowledge of which would give power over him. Re had very many names, each one more secret than the one before, yet not utterly hopeless to find out, save one, the very last and might-iest. That he still witheld; whoso could make him name it, he could compel him and outdistance him and put him under his feet.
     Therefore Eset conceived and devised a serpent, which should sting Re in his golden flesh."

Simple enough mistake to write servant writ the scribe

"Then the intolerable pain of the sting, which only great Eset could cure who made the worm, would force Re to tell her his name. Now as she contrived it so was it fulfilled. The old Re was stung, and in torments was forced to come out with one of his secret names after another, always hoping that the goddess would be satisfied before they got to the last one. But she kept on to the uttermost, until he had named her the most secret of all, and the power of her knowledge over him was absolute. After that it cost her nothing to heal his wound; but he only got a little better, within the wretched limits in which so old a creature can; and soon thereafter he gave up and joined the great majority."

The Death Of Forever
Darryl Reanney
1991 Edition

Page 104

The Death of Forever
Darryl Reanney

Page 211

"This goes to the heart of the matter for the defining quality of the inner eye in its most highly evolved form is that it can 'see' the deepest hidden  structures of reality without impediment. If timeless-ness is an authentic feature of consciousness - and the evidence I have summarised in this book very bly suggests that it is - then consciousness may just as well 'exist' in what the mathematicians call 'imaginary time as in 'real time. Indeed it may be precisely because the ego-self lives in real time that it 'knows', death. While it may be precisely because consciousness lives in imaginary time that it 'knows' eternity."
Page 212

" The key feature of the Hawking metaphor is that time closes back upon itself to form a loop. This is why in this metaphor we cannot talk of a beginning or an end to time,for a circle has neither except for the arbitrary points we choose to mark on it. It may be no accident that the inner eye has for long sensed that reality is eternal, for in this higher-order understanding, foreverness is restored to its ancient position as the foundation stone of consciousness.  
The most fascinating consequence of the 'loop of time ' meta-phor is summed up in Figure 7.3. Here, we see evolution starting with the 'north pole'(the Big Bang) and progressing around the circle to 'now', represented by the
18 th line of latitude (say )"
At this point Alizzed said the '
18th line of latitude' occurs on the 18th line down of page 212.  not including  title heading The Death of Forever

Fingerprints Of The Gods
Galilei Galileo 1564-1642

Page 286

Starts  18th line up  and covers 7 lines.

  Quote " What sublimity of mind must have been his who conceived how to communicate his most secret thoughts to any other person, though very distant either in time or place, speaking with those who are in the Indies, speaking to those who are not yet born, nor shall be this thousand or ten thousand years?  And with no greater difficulty than the various arrangements of two dozen little signs on paper?  Let this be the seal of all the admirable inventions of men."
1564-1642 = 78  as near az damn it, seventy seven thought the scribe. Noting the number of letters in the two galileoan names. Galilei Galileo

Peter Kolosimo

Page 224

Beyond the Styx
" Some years ago a young engineer and amateur archeologist named Kama el Malakh discovered not far from the Great Pyramid, the funeral barques of the first Pharaohs. These were some
180 feet long and 10 feet wide,

The Book Of The Dead
E.A.Wallis Budge 1899

Page viii                               "The Book of the Dead covers a period from 1580 - 1090 B.C"
1580 -                                                                                                        1 x 5 x 8 x 1 x 9
These are just dates said the scribe, where's the relevence. The relevance iz in the moving numbers said Alizzed consuming a date. Is nothing sacred Zed Aliz said the scribe. Then turning to the right both looked in the same mirror, and in unison cried, nothing. The echo came echoing back, everything it said, with the bitter sweetness of true love.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead
Edited By W.Y. Evans-Wentz 1960

The number seven has long been a sacred number among Aryan and other races. Its use in the Revelation of John illustrates this, as does the conception of the seven day being regarded as holy. In Nature, the number seven governs the periodicity and phenomena of life,as, for example, in the series of chemical elements, in the physics of sound and colour, and it is upon the number forty-nine, or seven times seven, that the Bardo Thodol is thus scientifically based."  
III. The Esoteric Significance Of the Forty-Nine Days Of The Bardo"

Page 6

" Turning now to our text itself, we find that structurally it is founded upon the symbolic number Forty-nine, the square of the sacred number Seven; for, according to occult teachings common to Northern Buddhism and to that Higher Hinduism which the Hindu-born Bodhisattva Who became the Buddha
Gautama, the Reformer of the Lower Hinduism and the codifier of the secret Lore, never repudiated,there
seven worlds or seven degrees of Maya 2 within the sangsara, 3  con-stituted as seven globes of a
planetery chain. On each globe there are
seven rounds of evolution, making the forty-nine (seven times seven)
stations of active existence. As in the

/  Page 7 /

embryonic state in the human species the foetus passes through every form of organic structure
from the amoeba to man, the highest mammal, so in the after-death state, the embryonic
state of the psychic world, the Knower or principle of con-sciousness, anterior to its re-emergence in gross matter, ana-logously experiences purely psychic conditions. In other words, in both these interdependent embryonic processes - the one physical , the other psychical - the evolutionary and the involutionary attainments, corresponding to the
forty-nine stations of existence, are passed through.
      Similarly, the
forty-nine days of the Bardo may also be Symbolical of the Forty and Nine Powers of the Mystery of the Seven Vowels. In Hindu mythology, whence much of the Bardo symbolism originated, these Vowels were the Mystery of the Seven Fires and their forty-nine subdivisional
fires or aspects. They are also represented by the Svastika signs upon the crowns of the
seven heads of the Serpent of Eternity of the Northern Buddhist Mysteries, originating in ancient India. In Hermetic writings they are the seven zones of after-death, or Bardo , experiences, each symbolizing the eruption in the Intermediate State of a particular seven-fold element of the complex principle of consciousness, thus giving the consciousness-principle forty-nine aspects, or fires, or fields of manifestation 1.
      The number
seven has long been a sacred number among Aryan and other races. Its use in the Revelation of John illustrates this, as does the conception of the seven day being regarded as holy. In Nature, the number seven governs the periodicity and phenomena of life,as, for example, in the series of chemical elements, in the physics of sound and colour, and it is upon the number forty-nine, or seven times seven, that the Bardo Thodol is thus scientifically based."  

On page 6, said Alizzed   seven  occurs   seven  times  7 x 7 which iz  49
on page
7,  speaks to us  ten  times       10 x 7           10 + 7
                                                                   70                 17
7 + 0             1 x 7                                                                       7                   7
Don't look like that scribe, said ZedAliz, our path is littered with sevens. Seven iz our guide and at this particular moment in the now of our time seven iz our nine.
The scribe writ, as required, and then writ    
and then out of interest further writ          
40 x 9 iz  360




The Magic Mountain Thomas Mann 1924
Penguin Modern Classics

Page 10

Chapter 1                                              "...Number  34... "

The Zed AlizZed out of curiosity just, began to count the first seven un-numbered pages of the Magic Mountain,
counting the front cover as page one, two sides to each page. The Foreword starts on the front of page
seven, with the words  
                "The story of Hans Castorp, which we would here set forth,"

and  continues on the rear of page
seven as follows
                "We shall tell it at length, thoroughly, in detail
- for when did
              a narrative seem too long
or too short by reason of the actual time
              or space it took up? We do not fear being called meticulous,in-
              clining as we do to  the view that only the exhaustive can be truly
                  Not all in a minute, then, will the narrator be finished with the
              story of our Hans. The
seven days of a week will not suffice, no,
seven months either. Best not too soon make too plain how
              much mortal time must pass over his head while he sits spun round
              in his spell. Heaven forbid it should be
seven years!
                 And now we begin.!"  


The Death Of Forever
Darryl Reanney
1991 Edition

Page 104

The Magic Mountain
Thomas Mann  1875-1955

Page 510

"The higher degrees of Freemasonary were initiates of the 'physica  et mystica ,'the representatives of a magic natural science, they were in the main great alchemists"
"...Alchemy :transmuting into gold, the philosophers stone, aurum potabile ."
"In the popular mind, yes. More informedly put, it was purifi-cation, refinement,metamorphosis,
transubstantiation ,into a higher state , of course; the lapis philosophorum, the male female product   /
Page 511  / of sulphur and mercury,the res bina,the double-sexed prima ma-teria was no more ,and no less, than the principle of levitation, of the upward impulse due to the working of influences from with-out. Instruction in magic if you like."