In the Beginning Was The Word And The Word Was

                                                          Thomas Wolfe  1900-1938
"The life of a book can be as mysterious and wonderful as the life of a man.  Its destiny, like that of man, is often 'touched by that dark miracle of chance which makes new magic in a dusty world."

TheConcise Oxford Dictionary of Current English 1974 Edition.
'Exoteric Of doctrines modes of speech, of disciples not admitted to esoteric teaching; commonplace, ordinary, popular;...'
'Esoteric (Of philosophical doctrines etc.) meant only for the initiated; of disciples (initiated; private confidential within,

The Making Of "
The Magic Mountain


"These were the moments when the "Seven Sleeper" not knowing what had happened was slowly stirring himself..."
"He saw himself released, freed from enchantment - not of his own motion he was fain to confess, but by the operation of exterior powers, of whose activities his own liberation was a minor incident indeed!"


"And we are shrinking shadows by the way side shamed by the security of our shadowdom,"
                                      TheBeginning of the Journey into the Heretofore
The White Rabbitz said unto the Zed Aliz Zed, Zed AlizZed, the time of thy calling is at hand. Within the creative wherewithall of the this and that of where thou art now at, thou hast been summoned for trial. Thou art a being  aware as any to the this a' that  nature of the coming  ordeal, and know, that if you succeed in this for which thou hast been born ,and which it is your bounden duty, and sacred task to fulfill, that you will only be able to return to the Land of the Living minus that with which you first set out.
The preparation of the years is over, you must leave at once and attempt the crossing of The Great Divide.You will be allowed to take nothing with you, other than the compass of thine own minds eye and such  karmic unfortunates as may choose in ignorance to accompany thee. Go now and may thy God be with thee.
And so it was with fearful trepidation that the Zed Aliz Zed was made to realise at long last that the quitessential moment of the quintessential moment of a long awaited fate was upon them.
Alizzed understood full well the import of the White Rabbitz words, and felt the spirit within tremble in mortal anguish, at the thoughts of the trials to come.
Then and only then did The Zed Aliz Zed, within that total aloneness demanded of the voyager, descend into the perfect fit of the Osiris box and disappear into the void.

                                                       The Voyage of the Journeyman
The Zed Aliz Zed had a companion in kind, for the journey of attempt across The Great Divide,and as you, the being, being the reader are the assumed interested observer of all this, it is at this, the pivotal point of departure upon our journey that we would introduce you to the esteemed, if somewhat ordinary,very FarYonder Scribe whos sacred task of fulfillment it is, acting  out of duty and service, to faithfully record the every why and wherefores of this altogether strange adventure.
And it is the he as in she of this one, that one, the very one, even now locked into the quintessential moment of their forever, to whom we constantly refer,who shall be known variously, as, the very far yonder scribe, yonder scribe, the scribe, or scribe.
As far as you, yourself, and  I are concerned, having arrived at this your very own moment of destiny. It should be well understood that by reason of the eyes of recognition alighting upon this work That you and I have as it were, entered into a series of commitments intimations of an understanding arrived at. A nod and a wink, a knowing of the score, a meeting of minds. And that there has been initiated between us, a series of transactions, even now at this moment within the silence of our conversation a number of bargains are being struck. This places upon you the certainty of responsible choice, that either you, who hold the other end of this christmas cracker ,stop now, cease and desist those deliberations presenting themselves to that crystal ball of your, let it be said, own minds eye, and go no further .Thus will our contract  be terminated be consigned to the dustbin of unresolved dreams And if so go with our blessing and rest you easy,for your time has not yet come.If on the other hand the one apposite and opposite to the one you have left, you make the decision to honour our embryo. Then welcome to our expedition of sorts,our confinement has been a long one the birth difficult and that which seemed as if it never would be, now is, it is a time for rejoicing .Even so, in a time without time, there is no time to lose, we must strike camp and begin our journey
we travel light upon our quest and carry with us only one question and a sacred secret ,the location and description,of a tree a particular peculiar and indeed unique tree, that tree, the Gnosis tree for it is only the fruit of this one tree that can ever truly satisfy the emptyness of our hunger and assuage the raging of the thirst that consumes, and water never quenches. It is important that you are under no illusions as to the location of the Gnosis tree, it is able to grow and bring forth the fruit we seek in one place only. Upon the fertile land of missed opportunity that is found at the other side of The Great Divide whatsoever those words of double and triple meaning, mean to you.
I, The Zed Aliz Zed have been charged , to hold fast and keep safe the secret whereabouts of the Gnosis tree, and    you, having chosen to accompany us must keep safely the only question The God question, for you are now the  seeker of that will-o-the wisp Holy Grail answer to your own supposed existence, that indefinable something which is forever dancing at the end of your knows. And when at last we find that one and only tree of knowledge we will trade our question for the fruit that passeth understanding.
At that time will your once blind eyes be opened and ye shall see as ye never saw before .
Until such time you will accompany us as does the silence of a shadow.
And  so after asking for, and receiving, the services of the beloved once blind ass of serendip. The Zed Aliz Zed,The far yonder scribe and the thee, of me and my shadow,  as prepared as they ever would be for the do or die nature of the coming ordeal, said their goodbyes to the all and sundry of their existence.and under know illusions as to the future that never was, began their long days journey into light.
And time passed so quickly it seemed to all intents and purposes as if time was, as it were, one elongated moment of forever.

Fingerprints Of The Gods
Galilei Galileo 1564-1642

Page 286

Starts  18th line up  and covers 7 lines.                                                                                                        Quote " What sublimity of mind must have been his who conceived how to communicate his most secret thoughts to any other person, though very distant either in time or place, speaking with those who are in the Indies, speaking to those who are not yet born, nor shall be this thousand or ten thousand years?  And with no greater difficulty than the various arrangements of two dozen little signs on paper?  Let this be the seal of all the admirable inventions of men."

The Magic Mountain Thomas Mann.  
Quote  "
I tell them  that if they will occupy themselves with
the study of mathematics they will find in it the best remedy against the lusts of the flesh."

All arithmetical subterfuge,
Comment, emphasis, insertions and insinuations,
are the work of Zed AlizZed,  as  recorded by the far yonder scribe.

The Scribe said to Alizzed., Zed Aliz Zed, did you know that the next word after arithmetic in the dictionary is ofttimes  Ark, as in Ark of the Covenant.

Reight said Alizzed ,thanks for that wah scribe, now, having roused thyself, dost thou remember,nor must thou ever forget, the sacred numbers with which we were entrusted by the blessed White Rabbitz, after our forth coming visit to the sovereign realm of the Lord High Yama.
I do not have to remember that which will never leave the nature of this mind ZedAlizZed said the scribe. As if a dream had tended.
On hearing this the ZedAlizZed before continuing turned to look on the countenance of the faithful far yonder scribe, doing so with a great love for that friend  and companion of their joint transmutation.
Then after offering  obeisance in honour of The blessed White Rabbitz, the ZedAlizZed again began the transmission.

Nine ,Seven and Three are the sacred numbers ,said Alizzed.
And the symbol of  the most sacred of those sacred numbers is the symbol of the number
Nine iz The Gods symbol, it is the symbol of the creative moment of change, it is the symbol that indicates The Death, and rebirth of a fecund living consciousness It is the moment of equilibrium, the act of balance, the moment of transfer, it is that that, that effects the transition betwixt and between Heaven and Earth. It is the symbol of the upside down of the downside up, and the downside up of the upside down. Its fusion with a brother and sister number marks the stirring and return of the God Osiris. It is the manifestation of that  metamorphosizing state of being of which all are. It is the very symbol of the living energy that is indestructable. It proclaims the one that Thou, that, that issues forth from the very font of the fulcrum of energies that constitute the fusion of mind and matter.It is the thus, that that, that is indicative of creative fluidity that proclaims the quintessential moment of time stood still. It is the shewn signal.of an indescribable magic It is the creative evocation of the  birth that arises az in  both directions at one and the same time.It is the seeing of the saw that sees, the tipping of the scales betwixt and between a life and a death. It is the symbol of the Alpha, and  Omega The A and the Z, In heralding the death knell of a life so does it triumphantly proclaim its immortality, it is the very essence of that from within which the fabric of reality is spun.
It is the mystery of the
Nine. The Nine in addition, the Nine in contraction, and the Nine in division.
It is the mystery of all such variations of numerical alchemical distillations, which ,within the magic of Hermetic transubstantiation, conjure up that blessed moment of magic, occasioned as the majestic
Nine and another spark, It denotes eternal change,and marks the twisting and turning of the numerical kaleidoscope,    the searching for, and mystical casting of the combinations of numbers that transmute from out of patterned potential, into the imperishable Gold of the sacred symbol that is the Nine.The  magical symbol  that denotes the act of creation .  The  God  Symbol.

Revealing the true nature of the meaning of the
Nine Seven And Three is our mission scribe said AlizZed,it is the golden goal that lies at the end of our rainbow ,It is that jewel of transmutation for which the awakened must forever seek, it is  the creative elixir of the ELOHIM.
That is our sacred and most holy task oh very far yonder scribe said the Zed Aliz Zed, the thou that is thee and the thou that is me constitute the he as in she that is the Journeyman .We have said no more than enough scribe Now it is time to move on.

Once again with emphasis extraodinaire, the far yonder scribe writ as follows
The arithmetical subterfuge, emphasis,
comment, insertions and insinuations.
Are those of the Zed AlizZed  as  recorded by the far yonder scribe.

                                                           Joseph And His Brothers
                                                                     Thomas Mann

Page 968
         9 6 8                                                                      
         9 x 6 is 54 x 8 is 432
                            4+ 3 is 7
And so said Alizzed
               7 + 2 is 9  

Page 968

"No, there is no arrogance in the world greater than that of dividing the children of our father into                          initiate and uninitiate and teaching double words; all-knowingly for the masses, knowingly in the inner circle .  No, we must speak what we know and witness what we have seen."  



In Search of the Miraculous

                                                   Fragments of an Unknown Teaching
Page 304
        3 + 4 is 7
Page 304
  "You must understand ", he said, " that every real religion, that is, one that has been created by learned people for a definite aim, consists of two parts. One part teaches what is to be done. This part becomes common knowledge and in the course of time is distorted and departs from the original. The other part teaches how to do what the first part teaches. This part is preserved in secret in special schools and with its help it is always possible to rectify what has been distorted in the first part or restore what has been forgotten."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.

Page 279

"Realizing the weakness and imperfection of ordinary language the people who have possessed objective knowledge have tried to express the idea of unity in "myths" "symbols" and in particular verbal formulas" which, having been transmitted without alteration, have carried on the idea from one school to another, often from one epoch to another."  Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff

Page 279
     2 + 7 + 9                   2 x 7 x 9
       2 + 7 = 9                    2 x 7
          9 + 9 = 18                 14 x 9 = 126
                     1 +  8 = 9                    1 + 2 + 6 = 9      
Page 279
"The aim of "myths" and "symbols" was to reach mans' higher centres, to transmit to him ideas inaccessible to the intellect and to transmit them in such forms as would exclude the possibility of false interpretation."
Thus spake the prophet Gurdjieff.




Fingerprints of the Gods

Page 490/1

"The novelist Arthur Koestler, who had a great interest in synchronicity, coined the term 'library angel' to describe the unknown agency responsible for the lucky breaks researchers sometimes get which lead to exactly the right information being placed in their hands at exactly the right moment."

At this the so Reight moment the ZedAlizZed spake thus
Nine ,seven, and three, are the sacred numbers..These most sacred of symbols are the means by which the communication  of the oneness of the microcosm within the macrocosm will be accomplished.
The ZedAlizZed  then asked the far yonder scribe for the sacred symbols,and after having received them and offering prayers to the White Rabbitz, the Zed Aliz Zed scattered the symbols onto the ground of mother earth.
Then the ZedAlizZed  read out the meaning of the fall of the sacred numbers to the far yonder scribe ,who duly recorded that knowledge.
The scribe then writ.
Herein  the scattering and fall of the sacred symbols.
Nine Seven and Three ,
And then continued thus

Alizzed said,
Having been told  by
The White Rabbitz.
'Nine, Seven, and Three'
are the sacred numbers.'
'I know that Alizzed' said the scribe,
Az iz one, two ,four, five, six and eight
'Know, scribe,'
said Zed Aliz,
not meaning, no scribe.
'Nine - seven and three are  
Thee sacred numbers'
So sayeth
The White Rabbitz
'Write' said Zed Aliz
right said the scribe
And then the  scribe writ as follows

9 + 7 + 3 iz 19 az in One x  nine said Zed aliz Zed
9 x 7 x 3         .
63 x 3
1 x 8 x 9        
  1+ 8 iz 9 and 9 + 9 is 18  Reight wah scribe saidAlizzed Add to deduce'
Re-deduce' said the scribe and writ
1+ 8 is 9 and lo and behold as if by magic
                                            appeared a
                                           'Az iz scribe' said Zed Aliz.zed

And then as the scribe watched  in some amaze Alizzed started to juggle the numbers, slowly at first
and then with increasing audacious audacity.
9 7 3 ( 9 iz 108.11111          1 + 8 iz  9                                                                      
9 7 3 ( 7 iz 139                     1 + 3 iz 4 x 9 iz 36  and 3 + 6 iz 9
9 7 3 ( 3 iz 324.33333  'and 364 Minos,az in a certain  King  324, is 36'.  So said Zed Alizzed
3 + 6  is nine said the scribe.

Is this proper mathematics, said the scribe to Zed Aliz seems to me the pickin and a choosin is amakin of the facts to fit the fates. Hold thy tongue wah far yonder scribe, said  Alizzed ,for what we are about to receive is, know more or less than the pinning of the tail on the invisible donkey.Therefore we who seek to reveal the music of the ancients, may have to look for the meaning of the letters NUMBERS,
by looking deep within a mass sparkly.
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight and Ra said ZedAlizZed

Lyall Watson (1
974 Edition)

Page 108

An American  mathematician  noticed that the earlier pages in books of logariths kept in his university library were dirtier than later ones, indicating that science students, for some rea-son, had more occasion to calculate with numbers beginning with 1 than with any other number. (261) He made a collection of tables and calculated the relative frequency of each digit from 1 to 9. Theoretically they should occur equally of-ten, but he found 30per cent of the numbers were 1, whereas 9 only occupied 5 per cent of the space. These are almost exactly the proportions given to these numbers on the scale of a slide rule, so the designers of that instrument clearly recognized that such a bias existed. This preponderance of the number 1 may have been caused  by the fact that the tables were not really random, but bigger tables provide a similar bias.

            large .