Come, said ZedAlizZed to the scribe and accompanying shadows, we   willusion  into enter.
Don't worry said Zed Aliz, there are any number of mirrors to pass through before you know the truth of it.
Part of this journey dear shadow will be spent in dream entwined, fear not.


Inscribe,describe, and ascribe where appropriate scribe, said Zed Aliz Zed
890   8 x 9 x 0 = 72  /

"...The ancient records dazed her small and scheming brain, so that she made up her mind to have Pharaoh stung by a serpent, to instigate a palace revolt and set on the throne of the two lands not Horus- Amenhotep, the rightful heir, who was sickly anyhow, but the fruit of her own womb, Noferka-Ptah.
      The first steps toward the goal of overturning the dynasty, bring-ing in a new time and elevating the nameless near-favourite to the rank of goddess-mother had been successfully taken. The plot was hatched in Pharaoh's house of women; but through certain officials of the harem and certain officers of the guard who had been eager for new things, connections had been established, on the one hand with the palace itself, where a number of friends, some of them highly placed - a head charioteer of the god, the chief of gens-d'-armes, the steward of the fruit stores, the overseer of the King's herds of oxen, the head keeper of the Kings ointments, and certain other's - were won over for the enterprise; and on the other hand they got in touch with the outer world of the residential city, where through the offi-cer's wives the male kindred of Pharaoh's graces were drawn in and engaged to stir up Wese's population with evil talk against the old Re, who by now was nothing at all but gold and silver and lapis lazuli.
In all there were
two and seventy conspirators privy to the plot.  It was a proper and a pregnant number, for there had been just seventy-two when red Set lured Usir into the chest.  And these seventy-two in their turn had had good cosmic ground to be no more and no less than that number.  For it is just that number of groups of five weeks which make up the three hundred and sixty days of the year, not counting the odd days; and there are just seventy-two days in the dry fifth of the year, when the gauge shows that the Nourisher has reached his lowest ebb, and the god sinks into his grave.  So where there is conspiracy anywhere in the world it is requisite and customary for the number of conspirators to be seventy-two.  And if the plot fail, the failure shows that if this number had not been adhered to it would have failed even worse.
     Now the present plot did fail, although it had the benefit of the best models and all the preliminary steps had been taken with the greatest care. The head keeper of ungents had even succeeded in purloining a magic script out of Pharaoh's book-house and, follow-ing its instructions, had shaped certain little wax images; these were smuggled about here and there and were calculated to produce by magic a mental confusion and bewitchment such as must assure the success of the undertaking. It was decided to put poison in Pharaoh' bread or his wine or in both; and to use the ensuing confusion for a palace coup..."

Page  891. 8 x 9x 1 = 72   7 + 2 = 9  /  

"... And then all at once the lid blew off. Possibly at the last minute one of the seventy-two


They had been sitting there now for
thirty-and-seven days when Joseph one morning made

Cassell's English Dictionary 1974

Abracadabra (ab ra ka dab ra) [ etym. Doubtful], n A cabbalistic word used as a charm: when written in triangular form - the first line containing the whole word, the others successively omitting first and last letters, till the last consisted only of the final A - it was worn as an amulet, and was con-sidered to ward off or cure certain diseases; hence a word charm, a jingle or nonsensical phrase.

Lyall Watson 1973

Page 109 /

The unexpected groupings of similar numbers  is something like the unusual grouping  of circumstances we call co-incidence.
"Often these coincidences come in clusters: some days are particularly lucky while on others it is just one damn thing after another. Several people have made it part of their life's work to collect information on coincidence of this kind ."  The biologist Kammerer was one, and it was he who gave the name of the phenomenon seriality. He defines a series    
"as a lawful occurrence of the same or similar things or events...which are not connected by the same active course"
and claims that coincidence is in  reality the work of a natural principle
. (171)

The Bull Of Minos 1955 Edition
Leonard Cottrell

Page 207

"In  The Story of Sinue the writer describes the death of Amenemhat as follows:
"In the year
30, on the ninth day of the third month of the Inundation, the god entered his horizon"
30 x  9 x  3
     270 x  3
       8 + 1    

Gods And Spacemen In The Ancient East
W. Raymond Drake

Page 136  

"But the skies above the Nile were not always serene. Flaming verses from The Book of the Dead recall the
'War in the Heavens' as described in the Chinese Classics with Sun Disks flashing  

/Page 137  /  

beams of light at fiery dragons, battles in the air, on land and under the sea.
          'Stretched forth on the flank of the mountain sleeps the great            Serpent,
one hundred and eighty feet long and fifty feet broad;
           its belly adorned with scintillating flints and stones. Now I know
           the Name of the Serpent of the mountain. Behold it is "He who
           dwells in the flames". After navigating in silence Ra darts a            glance at the Serpent, suddenly his navigation stops, as though
           He who is hidden in his bark waits in ambush.  .  . Behold he
           dives in the water and is seen submerged
forty feet deep. He
           assails Set, launching at him his javelin of steel' (Chapter
The Zed Aliz Zed who could turn a sum of parts on a sevenpence, said, there are
nine lines in that verse wah scribe, who reight on queue said. Chapter 108
"one hundred and eighty feet long and fifty feet broad"      "forty feet deep"
180 x 50 =
180 x  50 x 40 =
one hundred and eighty feet  x  12 inches =2160
fifty feet x 12 inches  = 600
forty feet x 12 inches = 480
180 + 50 + 40 =
270  2 + 7 = 9  
1 + 8 + 5 =
14  1 + 4 = 5
1 + 8 + 5 + 4 =
18  1 + 8 = 9
Alizzed and the scribe looking across at each other in the mirror, smiled a similar smile. It is time to release that man from thrall, said Zed Aliz. So, after brief incantation of one kind or another, the facts similar of the Great Pyramid familiars, were
re-presented. and that moment of arrest, rescinded.    

Fingerprints of the Gods

( Page  354  

"...Acting on impulse, I climbed into the granite coffer and lay down, face upwards, my feet pointed towards the south and my head to the north."
"...I folded my hands across my chest and gave voice to a sustained low-pitched tone
something I had tried out several times before at other points in the King's Chamber. On these occasions, in the centre of the floor, I had noticed that the walls and ceiling seemed to collect the sound, to gather and to amplify it and project it back at me so that I could sense the returning vibrations through my feet and scalp and skin.
     Now in the sarcophagus I was aware of very much the same effect, although seemingly amplified and concentrated many times over. It was like being in the sound-box of some giant, resonant musical instrument designed to emit for ever just one reverberating note. The sound was intense and quite disturbing. I imagined it rising out of the coffer..."
With this ambitious vision in my mind, and with the sound of my low-pitched note echoing in my ears and causing the sarcophagus to vibrate around me, Iclosed my eyes. When Iopened them a few minutes later it was to behold a distressing sight: six Japanese tourists of mixed ages and sexes had congregated around the sarcophagus
- two of them standing to the East, two to the west and one each to the north and south.  

/ Page 355  /

They all looked .  .  . amazed. And I was amazed to see them." "... I had expected to have the Kings chamber to myself.
     What does one do in a situation like this?
     Gathering as much dignity as I could muster, I stood upright, smiling and dusting myself off. The Japanese stepped back and I climbed out of the sarcophagus."
Whereupon The Alizzed, quick as an anything, was away and back, with this and that, which in all honesty, having won and dared, now was needed. Neither quickly nor two slowly but just right The Zed A liz Zed ascended down into the welcoming charms of the Osiris Box.
      The position of the scribe and the entombed Zed AlizZed could have been a cause for surprising obscurity, however, from a very moving, indeed deeply moving vantage point, the far yonder scribe, said "I believe, help thou my unbelief," and then looked deeply within the magic purpose of the Osiris box,whereupon surprise surprise,yon scribe saw that, that Alizzed, was aziz, dead and gone. The scribe, in concentration bold, watching from the stillnes of an ope'd eye. saw a light - truly az of gold itself, az if yon light, did wish, a rainbow make there. Saw, with the blind eye that doth see, it leave the miracle of the Osiris Box, watching, in kaleidoscopic amaze, it circle the Great Chamber heard with all hears, that so-called music of the spheres, knowing then this everything was as right as right, could mirror a left, knowing that there was no other way, for a living reality to be, saw with awe of feelings tender, saw az if twa'yesterday, a series of fragmenting rainbows, falling, like the refracted smelt of molten snow within the crystal cathedral of  the living spirit of THAT one and only adventure. Welcoming within the five that are one, benevolent neutrinos, suffusing therein. Knew the holy wholeness, within the without of the that, of a mine, minds eye. That I of watching shadows. Then the Zed Aliz Zed returned to them. For a brief moment I thought you had gone said the scribe. That fleeting moment of stillness iz not yet passed scribe, said Alizzed, nicely expressed, from the magic box. yet will that time arrive soon enough in the not too distant future of the now.
At the other side of the door of doors the Alizzed opened the consciousness to the Great Vault of the Crystal Cathedral. Arising from within the without of the Osiris Box the Zed Aliz Zed was greeted by the other brothers and sisters. All naked as new born babes.
In the background of that time that never was, upon the waves of memoried recollections, the stirring of that far yonder scribe, thought not to hear a gentle, if mocking laugh, but like the rest of it, couldn't be sure.
Don't mock the turtle thought the scribe, realising that arrangements would now have to be made to return home.


Lyall Watson 1

The most celebrated are those at Giza built during the fourth.dynasty of which the largest is the one that housed the pharaoh Khufu, better known as Cheops. This is now called the Great Pyramid Some years ago it was visited by a

French-man  named Bovis, who took refuge from the midday sun in the pharaoh's chamber, which is situated at the center of the pyramid, exactly one third of the way up from the base He found it unusually humid there,but what really surprised  

/ Page 98  /  

him were the garbage cans that contained, among the usual  tourist litter,the bodies of a dead cat and some small desert animals that had wandered into the pyramid and died there. Despite the humidity none of them had decayed but just dried out like mummies. He began to wonder whether the pharaohs had really been so carefully embalmed by their subjects after all, or whether there was something about the pyramids themselves that preserved bodies in a mummified condition. Bovis made an accurate scale model of the Cheops pyramid and placed it like the original with the base lines,facing precisely north-south east-west. Inside the model one third of the way up, he put a dead cat. It became mummified and he concluded that the pyramid promoted rapid dehy-dration.

The cat said Zed Aliz, that crept into crypt but didn't creep out again



Cassell's English Dictionary 1974

Page 69

"Augean (aw je an ) [L. Augeas, Gr. Augeias], a.Pertaining to Augeas (mythic king of Elis, whose stable, containing 3000 oxen, had not been cleaned

Page 70  /  

out for thirty years, till Hercules, by turning the river Alpheus through it, did so in a day) ; filthy "

Einstein's Theory Of Relativity
Max Born 1924.
revised edition 1962.

Bjorn again said Zed Aliz. The scribe didn't get the joke there being no joke to get.
Zed Aliz, gave to the scribe saying, hear, you carry that, the scribe, here within it, carried it. Carried what?  That, said the scribe carried that.

The Magic Mountain

Page 150   "Good land! She said. "It is always the same, you know your-self: two steps forward and three back. When you have been sat here five months, along comes the old man and tucks on another six. It is like the torment of Tantalus: you shove and shove, and think you are getting to the top - "        "Ah, how delightful of you, to give poor Tantalus: a new job, and let him roll the stone uphill for a change! I call that true benevolence. - "  


Using only a part of a previous hologram The AliZed released a man from his dilemma
The very far yonder scribe asked the Zed Aliz Zed, about  The Theory of Everything
The Alizzed having been shown, Everything Said it is GOD, and GOD IZ, THE NUMBER NINE.
NINE iz the SPIRIT of everything said Zed Aliz.
The scribe writ, and simply,
NINE iz the point of GOD,  its GODS point.

Have you seen my stick scribe said ZedAliz  I certainly have, said the he azin she of the thee


Fact similars
Alizzed said, take each a kaleidoscope, and reach within that reality that is thine and thine alone, with each turn of the circle thou shalt see what thou shalt see This was a moment of the now for which the accompanying shadows had waited, not for a longtime . And as the magikalcinematograph began to weave its tapestry of light, upon the walls of that chamber we for our part can only tell that of what the very far yonder scribe saw and heard.  




The Fingerprints Of The Gods

Page 273  

"These he joined to the 360 days of which the year then consisted (emphasis added)."

"Elsewhere the myth informs us that the
360 -  day year  consists of  "12 months of 30 days each" Note 6

And in general,as Sellers observes , "
phrases are used which prompt simple mental calculations and an attention to numbers ". note 7
"Elsewhere the myth informs us that the
360-day year consists of  '12 months of 30 days each'.  
Thus far we have been provided with three of Seller's precessional:
360, 12 and 30.  The fourth number, which
occurs later in the text, is by far the most important.  As we saw in Chapter
Nine, the evil deity known as Set
led a group of conspirators in a plot to kill
Osiris.  The number of these conspirators was 72."

Scofield references
LEVITICUS Chapter 25  B.C.1490

Page 159

8      "And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of
seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years"
9      "Then shalt thou cause the trum-pet of the jubile to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month, in the day of atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout all your land"
8 x 9 = 72    7 + 2 = 9
Page 160  

B.C. 1491.
20   And if ye shall say, What shall we eat the seventh year? Behold we shall not sow, nor gather in our
21   Then I will command my blessing upon you in the sixth year, and it shall bring forth fruit for three
        years .
22   And ye shall sow the eighth year, and eat yet of old fruit until the ninth year; until her fruits come in ye shall eat of the old store.