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Checking through some five-figure mathematical tables, I found to my surprise that 2.6363 is the square root of 6.95
( from the 1-10 square root tables ).In harmonic calculation decimal points aswell as zeroes to the right or left of the figure can be ignored; so it could be said that the square root of  695 was 2636.
I could perceive from this the first steps necessary to solve the illusive equation. Ihad established that 695 was the harmonic reciprocal of the speed of light , or 1/1439 subject to the accuracy of my calculations at the time. It was now possible to substitute algebraic values-although obviously a computer would be necessary to solve the true values to extreme accuracy.
17025   ( earth mass )
-2636     square root of speed of light reciprocal
14389    ( speed of light )
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C = The speed of light, and  
M = Mass
Then M = C + /  1
I had the first part of a unified field equation in harmonic values. To take the next step I first had to go back to Einsteinian theory, particularly the famous equation E = MC2, where E is energy M is mass and C the speed of light.
Einstein declared that physical matter was nothing more than a concentrated field of force. What we term a physical substance is in reality an intangible concentration of wave-forms.Different combinations of structural patterns of waves unite to form the myriad chemicals and elements which, in turn, react with one another to form physical substances. Different wave forms of matter appear to us to be solid because we are constituted of similar wave-forms
Which resonate within a clearly defined range of frequencies-and which control the physical processes of our limited world.
Einstein believed that M, the value for mass in the equation could eventually be removed and a value substituted that would express the physical in the form of pure energy. In other words by substituting for  M  a unified field equation
should result which would express in mathematical terms the whole of existence-including everything within it
Einstein maintained that the Min his equation could be replaced by a term denoting wave-form. I had found a substitute for M in terms of wave-form of light. So the obvious step, to me, was to replace Einstein's  M  with the values of  C found from the grid system. The results are as follows:
Einstein       E  =     MC2
Cathie grid  M =     C +  / 1
Therefore     E  =  ( C + / 1 ) C2  ( Harmonic equation 1 )
I now had a harmonic unified field equation expressed in terms of light-or pure electromagnetic wave-form-
the key to

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the universe, the whole of existence: to the seen and the unseen, to form, solids liquids and gases the stars and the blackness of space itself, all consisting of visible and invisible waves of light. All of creation is light.
It was now necessary to refine my calculations and attempt to discover a way to practically apply this initial equation.
The equation, using harmonics of single C values, is that from which an atomic bomb is developed. By setting up  derivatives of the equation in geometric form, the relative motions of the wave-forms inherant in matter are zeroed, and convert from material substance back into pure energy.
This explained the workings of a nuclear explosive device, but it still did not yield the secret of space-time propulsion. The grid system  which I discovered by the study of the movement of unidentified flying objects was harmonically tuned to this basic equation, yet a UFO does not disintegrate when it moves within the resonating fields of the network .  
There had to be an extension of the equation which so far I had missed that would produce the necessary harmonics for movement in space time.
In the polar areas of the grid the geometric Values of some of the coordinates appeared to be doubled up. The coordinate of 2545584412 was doubled in the diagonals of the polar squares, with all of its associated harmonics,
and in the resultant grid polar square the speed of light reciprocal harmonic  of 6944 was incorporated in a harmonic of 26944. These particular coordinates are from the corner "aerial" positions to the geo-graphic poles. It appeared that the factor 2 preceding the 6944 served to harmonically double the reciprocal of the speed of light
I reasoned that a way to check this idea was to increase the values of C in the equation, and observe the changing harmonic of E to see what relative values might emerge. I thought at the time that a direct antigravitational harmonic might become evident, but my recent research has proved this line of thought to be incorrect. In terms of mathematical values I found what I was hunting for in the form of two more equations. In the case of one of the equations I erroneously believed that the different harmonic value related to the reciprocal of gravity. I know now

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that what I had hold of was an equation related to the magnetic field of  the earth.
The second equation remains valid as I originally discovered it, although I have since found further evidence which
relates the gravitational field to the harmonics of light and the earth's magnetic field.
The earth's magnetic field, as will be shown in the next chapter, consists of lines of force which move in opposing directions.
Field A I found to consist of 12,261.7043 lines of force per square geodetic inch and field B to consist of 8,333.3333 lines of force per square geodetic inch. Therefore the resultant field-intensity one way was equivalent to field A minus field B, or 3928.371 lines of force. This I found to be the harmonic re-ciprocal of the grid coordinates 2545.584412  
Harmonic Equation  2
Field  (  A - B ) = ( 2C  +  / 1    )  ( 2 C ) 2
Where           C = 144000 -3 G harmonic
                        = 144000 -  ( 28.24 x 3 )
                        = 144000 -  84 .72
                        = 143915. 28
                     G = Grid gravity acceleration
The speed of light in free space is 144000 minutes of arc a grid second and 3G ( 84.72 ) is equivalent to 169.44/ 2,
a half harmonic of proton mass, in the atomic nucleus.
Harmonic Equation 3            
                                26944 = / (2C +  / 1     (2C)2
                                             /            /  2C
Where C = 144000 - 6G
               = 144000 - 169.44
               = 143830. 56
In this equation it can be seen that the decrease in the speed of light harmonic is equal to six times the harmonic of gravity acceleration, which is equivalent to the harmonic of proton mass. More work will have to be done to refine this concept

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further, but the results appear to back up my belief that as the harmonic of light is fractionally decreased, the energy which is released is converted to form physical matter. (in this case,the formations of protons in atomic mass.)
In Equation 1 I found that if  C was made to equal  144000 - 28.24  ( 144000 - G, or 143971.76, then the resultant harmonic was 353 which is 2824/8, G8.
From this we can get a glimmering of how an unidentified flying object is able to create a series of resonating frequencies which alter the physical properties within and around it, thus causing a change in space-time frames of reference, in relation to the earth or other planetery bodies. The resonating frequen-cies of light are modified by adding or subtracting harmonic multiples of gravity acceleration, according to the planetary body being approached.  
My small calculator gave results accurate to four figures for Equation (1) 3530  (2 ) 3928 ( 3 ) 2694, which are quite acceptable considering that an average value for gravity acceleration is being used. Slight variations of gravity acceleration around a planetary body would have to be compensated for.  
The harmonic value of 26944 derived from Equation 3 is found in many measurements in relation to the great Pyramid, particularly the volume of the King's Chamber, and the length of the sloping sides from each corner to the apex ( 726geodetic feet, the harmonic square root of which is 269444 ).  
The harmonic of gravity acceleration and the harmonic of the resultant magnetic field strength of the earth appear to have a mathematical relationship as follows, although I am not aware of its full significance at the time of writing. Further work with calculators will no doubt expand all the relationships and open up many areas of research. What I offer in this book is basic information which can be built upon by minds more profound than mine.

Gravity acceleration 28239 (  resultant field strength 3928.371 = 718848
                                                                                   718848 x 2 = 143769.6
                                                                       144000 - 143769.6 = 230.4
                                                                                      230. 4 ( 2 =  115.2
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1152 = harmonic circumference of all atoms.
It is possible that other harmonic multiples of gravity acceleration can be applied to the speed of light factor to create further space-time reactions. This line of research will be investigated in the future.
I do not profess to have anywhere near all the answers to the mathematical relationships. As my research has advanced over the years I have made a few mistakes which so far I have been able to correct when more information has become available.No doubt this process will continue as the years go by. The exiting part of it is that some of the mysteries of the universe are becoming understandable to laymen like myself.  
Note: I have had great difficulty in calculating the exact theoretical position of the resultant grid pole C. All indications at this time show the poition to be 864 minutes of arc from the geographic pole, but further work on a computer may prove my calculations to be in error. I would welcome a check on this by other researchers."



Chapter Two

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" The First Book that I ever read on the subject of unidentified flying objects was called Behind The Flying Saucers by Frank Scully, an American reporter. This was in the early 1950's and the factual information  contained in it impressed me very much ."
"…It was his comments on the magnetic fields of the earth that interested me  most…"
"…Evidently a device called a magnetron was invented by a physicist by the name of Albert Wallace Hull,who was born in April1880 This invention was brought to the fore in 1928 when it was discovered that magnetrons with split anodes can generate very high frequencies.Quoting Scully:
Since then the magnetron has had many important appli-cations. It depends on the fact that electrons can be ordered in their path by a magnet. In ordinary electron tubes the flow of electrons from the filaments to the plate is regulated by the charge on the grid. In the magnetron there is no grid, but the tube is in a magnetic field. As the intensity of the field increases  

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there comes a stage at which the electrons are curled back into the filament, and never reach the plate.
At this critical point a slight change in the field produces  a large change in the current carried by the tube.      
The magnetron is especially valuable for producing high frequency oscillations used for generating ultra-short waves. The magnetron is a diode or thermionic tube having a strange axial cathode surrounded by a cylindrical anode. Its use as a magnetic prospecting instrument derives from the fact that in the presence of a magnetic field the electrons do not travel regularly from the cathode to the anode; instead they spiral around the cathode in circular paths, and after a critical magnetic field intensity is reached, the electrons will return to the cathode without reaching the anode. At this field strength the plate current will drop abruptly. The procedure in operat-ing the instrument consists in decreasing the plate voltage on the diode until the voltage is reached at which the current falls off rapidly.  
The plate voltage at which this occurs is related to the critical field strength H by the relation H- 6/ 7200 V/R, where R is the radius of the anode.
(This equation is interesting when related to my own research because the value of 6/ 7200 is equal to .00833333.
The square of this number is .00000069444, or the harmonic of the reciprocal of the speed of light.)
In practice a compensation procedure is used wherein the field to be measured is nullified by a known field produced by a coil arrangement The magnetron is affected by the com-ponent of the earths field which is parallel to its axis.
The instrument theoretically may be used to measure any com-ponents of the earth's field by suitable orientation.
The sensitivity of the tube may be increased through regeneration by passing the plate current through an addi-tional solenoid. Interesting experimental results have been obtained by using magnetic alloy pieces to increase the affected magnetic field.  
"The earth being simply a huge magnet, a dynamo, wound with magnetic lines of force as it coils, tenescopically counted to be 1257 TO THE SQUARE CENTIMETRE IN ONE DIRECTION AND 1850 TO THE SQUARE CENTIMETRE IN THE OTHER DIRECTION (EDDY CURRENTS), indicates that natural law has placed these

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lines as close together as the hairs on one's head. And yet they never touch or cross each other if let alone. If done so, by accident the catastrophe would spread like a searchlight and destroy everything in its path"
The spectroscope shows that there is an enormous magnetic field around the sun and it is the present conclusion of the best minds that magnetic lines of force from the sun envelop this earth and extend to the moon, and THAT EVERYTHING, NO MATTER WHAT ITS FORM ON THIS PLANET, EXISTS BY REASON OF MAGNETIC LINES OF FORCE."  
"…As pointed out by Scully, the lines of force move in both directions. The flow is not in one pole and out the other,but in both poles,and out both poles, although the field intensity both ways is unbalanced.If we can visualize one line of force so that we can trace out its path we can form an anology by imagining it to be similar to a piece of string. First of all we make a loop in the piece of string. Now imagine it being fed through a fixed position with the loop remain stationary relative to a fixed point. With the length of string as the axis we can now make the loop revolve in a path which is at 90* to the movement of the string .The loop in fact would trace out a spherical-shaped form in space.
The lines of force of the magnetic field would form a lattice or grid pattern, due to the spin of the planetery body.
A good analogy would be an ordinary machine-wound ball of string .

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The length of string has taken on the form of a ball, and at the same time has formed a crisscross pattern.
If we again visualise this as a physical body being formed in space then we can now imagine a small vortex being created at all the trillions of points where the lines of force cross each other in the lattice pattern. Each vortex would manifest as an atomic structure and create within itself what we term a gravitational field . The gravitational field in other words is nothing more than the effect of relative motion in space. Matter is drawn towards a gravitational field, just as a piece of wood floating on water is drawn towards a whirlpool. The gravitational fields created by the vortexual action of every atom would combine to form the field of the completed planetary body.
The world grid that I speak of is the natural grid that is formed by the lattice pattern of the interlocking lines of force.  
The density of the earth's magnetic field is the most important piece of information in Scully's book. The unbalanced field of 1257 lines of force per square centi metre in one direction and 1850 in the other does not tell us very much in itself. But we use the information to calculate the field strength over an area which has a harmonic relationship with the unified fields of space, and if the basic information is correct, we should find some mathematical values of great importance.  
The basic unit of harmonic calculation is the geodetic inch , or one seventy-two thousand of a minute arc, one minute of arc being 6000 geodetic feet. If we calculate the field strength for one square geodetic inch, the field density is 8,333.3333 lines of force one way, and 12261.7043 the other way. The combined field density is equal to 20,595.0376. Allowing for very slight variations in the conversation factors, we can say that the com-bined field strength is very close to 20,600 lines of force per square geodetic inch. The difference in the field strengths, or
12261.7043 minus 8333.3333 is equal to 3928.371.  
These calculations show us several things:
1. The field strength one way of 8333.3333 equals 694444, the speed of  light harmonic reciprocal.
2. The difference in the field strengths of  3928.371. This value is harmonically equal to the reciprocal of 2545.584412 (.03928371)., the distance in minutes of arc from each grid

Page 34  /

pole to the corner aerial positions of the "polar squares".The mathematical associations with atomic structure, and the speed of light have been demonstrated.
3. The combined field strength of 20595.0376    20600-lines of force per geodetic inch. The harmonic of 206 has a direct relationship with the geometric construction of the Great Pyramid. The Kings chamber in particular is built according to this harmonic.( The width is 206 geodetic inches and the length is 412 geodetic inches.)
The area of the base of the Great Pyramid also shows an affinity with the earth's field density. The area of the pyramid base without hollowing is equal to 583.200 square geodetic feet,which is equal to83, 980,800 geodetic inches. If we multiply that by the field strength of the earth, one way, of 12261.7043 lines of force per square geodetic inch we have a value of 1.029747736/12   lines of force covering the area. If we double this figure we have again 20594954 or close on 206 harmonic.
We can see again after reading Chapter Eight on the Great Pyramid, the relationship of the earth,s magnetic field and its geometric structure. The harmonic values of 103 and 206 are evident in several places."
The Zed AlizZed continued to listen with all ears to the story being  told by Elder Brother Cathie
Meantime, Brother Cathies close friend Thagorus, being hungry for something, dreamt of meeting a pi





     The Far yonder scribe continued to ascribe.


Chapter Three

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                                                          PYTHAGORUS AND THE GRID
"AFTER PUBLISHING my discovery of the world grid system I soon came up against opposition from the academic world of the universities. Much derisive comment was made at various meetings, and the main objection appeared to be that I had used angular measurement of degrees and minutes of arc upon which to base my values of universal measurement. It was also argued that a harmonic value to base 10 was not valid as a universal multiple, as anyother, such as 12, could be employed just as effectively if my theories were correct .
The ZedAlizZed Looked sympathy in the face
The shadow too for that matter
At this time I could only counter these attacks on my work by pointing out the fact that I had endeavoured to make use of other values in my calculations for this very reason. I had found  through trial and error that only angular measures in degrees and minutes of arc, in multiples to base 10, could be utilised to set up a system of universal harmonics. I found this method was the only possible way to measure the harmonic relationship between light and matter regardless of the size of the body in question , be it an atom or a mass the size of Jupiter.
I also suggested that the critics should set up a system such as mine by using other basic values and harmonic equivalents if they were so sure of their ground, and to my knowledge this has never been accomplished with any success. The academics maintained that the division of a circle into degrees and minutes of arc was a random decision made by mathematicians in historical times and was therefore a purely arbitary method of measure. "
At this the scribe smiled to whosoever
Whosoever smiled back

Elder Caithes then continued.
" The division, according to them, could just as well have been into any number of equal parts, depending on the whim of the mathematical body which set the standard. This naturally would make all my work completely valueless."  
I think not thought the scribe
"I  continued to maintain that the division of the circle must have been made due to considerations of a geometric nature coupled with that of natural law. All the work I had done to date

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indicated to me that the mathematicians of old had a knowledge of the universe which we are only once again beginning to understand."
Cassell's English Dictionary 1974

Page 485

" geometric
The science of magnitudes whether linear, superficial, or solid with their properties and relations in space "
" geometric, -al
Pertaining to geometry ;done, determined  or prescribed by geometry; disposed in mathemetical figures "
" geometrical progression :  A progression in which the terms increase or decrease by a common ratio,"
                                                                                                                  as 1, 3, 9, 27; 144, 72, 36, 18.
" geometrical proportion:  One based on equal ratios in its two parts, as 2 : 4 : :  6 : 12.
Geometric contains 9 letters said Alizzed musing.
Doodling the scribe writ
then writ,
Python - ouraborus   and then writ,
Pythaborus  and then wrote writ,and then writ wrote  and then writ
Gee said ZedAliz there just had to be a B  
There are ten letters in Pythagorus, said Alizzed and nine in ouraborus and 10 + 9 is 19 and I + 9 is10 and 1+ 0 is won.
Then at the further instigation of the Zed Aliz Zed. The scribe writ 10 x 9 is  90 and 9 + 0 is 9
Then would you believe it the scribe writ  Phi  is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet
                                                                                  Thus writ the scribe
Page 36  
       3 + 6 is 9
       3 x 6 is 18
                   1+ 8 is 9
The final solution to this argument could only be overcome only by the discovery of a geometric connection between the harmonics of light and the harmonics inherent in the division of a circle. As Ihad based my light values on minutes of arc measure there must be some type of geometric arrangement which would tie them together.
This was always in the back of my mind during the reading of many research books and finally I came across something which I believe will answer the critics.The friend who came to my rescue was none other than Pythagoras himself, a man of great stature and forceful personality who lived in the 6th century BC. He travelled extensively to enlarge his mathematical knowledge and was said to have gained much information from the priests of Zoroaster, who had in their possession the mathematical lore of the Mesopatamians. He founded  a semi-religious, or mystical, cult based on mathematics, round about 540 BC in the town-ship of Crotona, in southern Italy  He taught his disciples to worship numbers, the main idea being that number is the essence of all things and is the metaphysical principle of rational  order in the universe.  
He discovered the mathematical relationships of the musical scale and the connection of musical harmony and whole
num-bers. He firmly believed that all harmony and things of nature can be expressed in whole-number relationships  
even planets in their orbits, according to him , moved in harmonious relationship, one to the other, producing the so -called "music of the spheres". "
The Pythagorians  explained the elements as built up of geometrical figures. One of the most interesting of these was
The Dodecahedron ,which will be discussed in Chapter 7.That particular figure has locked within it a great deal of information on the geometrical nature of the universe. My first introduction to Pythagoras however was in the discovery that the humble right-angled triangle,with sides to the ratio of 3, 4 and 5 was the key to the relationship of the speed of light, to the circle The clue to this was found on page 62 in John Mitchell's book the City of Revelation  
He was discussing sacred numbers and

/ Page 37

referring to the problem of squaring the circle.The suggestion was that the relative dimensions of the earth and the moon indicated an answer and that the same source provided the sacred numbers of the canon. He demonstrated that if the circles of the earth and moon are placed tangentially to each other and placed in their correct proportions, then each  framed within a square, the geometric figure thus produced sucessfully squares the circle.      
With an earth diameter of 7920 miles and that of the moon 2160 miles, the perimeters of the two squares are respectively  31680 miles and 8640 miles  
the Radii of the earth (3690) and moon (1080 ) in combination amount to 5040 miles. This according to Plato is a mystical number. It turns out that the circumference of a circle struck from the centre of the earth and passing through the centre of the moon would very closely measure 31,680 miles which is equivalent to the perimeter of the square containing the earth. Mitchell then went on to state that if the outer  corner of the square containing the moon is joined to the corresponding corner of the square containing  the  earth, the triangle thus formed has sides of 2160,
2880 and 3600 miles . If divided by their highest common factor,720 these numbers become 3,4 and 5 He follows on to say that "confronted with facts such as these, it is scarcely possible to avoid the conclusion, orthodox in every age but the present, that the cosmic canon, inherant in the solar system as in every other department of nature, was revealed to men not invented by them "
" As demonstrated in other sections of my work, the pure harmonic of the speed of light is 144. If we divide this by two to find the harmonic of one half cycle, or half wave, the answer is 72. If we now apply this to the Pythagoras right angled 3, 4, 5 triangle and extend  each side in this ratio, then the figure will now have sides of 216, 288 and 360 units.
The harmonic proportions thus derived are equal to:

/ Page 38 /
" 216 = 21600 = minutes of arc in a circle
   360 =     360 = degrees in a circle
   288 =     144 x 2 = 2 C where 2C = speed of light
" It appears from this that the harmonic of light has a very definite relationship with the geometery of a circle, and that the early mathematicians were fully aware of the fact.
If a triangle in this proportion is laid out in minutes of arc upon the surface of a sphere, then the combined angles formed by the corners of the triangle and the centre of the sphere are: "
    360 minutes
                  864 minutes  = 14. 4 degrees
After the eruption of an interruption The Zed Aliz Zed the scribe and their good friend Elder Brother Caithes,  
and them  as  would, all assumed the body folded posture of the King of the Asanas.
After remaining in this position for Nine minutes, within a changed reality, they returned from the upside down of the downside up, to the downside up of the upside down where all made sense, much refreshed ,and  renewed of vigour  
the assembled company  again settled themselves, and waited for Brother Caithes to continue

Page 38

" This again creates a harmonic in sympathetic resonance with a light factor of  144.
Can the critics still deny that the geometry of matter is directly related to the harmonic interweaving of light itself ?
There is no substance in the absolute sense. We live in a reality of un-reality; all is illusion and the stuff that dreams are made of. Our physical world is nothing more than a resonating ball of light and shade "  
After the eruption of an interruption The Zed Aliz Zed the scribe and their good friend Elder Brother Caithes  
And  others as  would, all assumed the body folded posture of the King of the Asanas
After remaining in this position for Nine minutes,within a changed reality, they returned from the upside down of the downside up. To the downside up of the upside down where all made sense, much refreshed ,and  renewed of vigour  
the assembled company  again settled themselves and waited for Brother Caithes to continue


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