Nine ,seven and three are the sacred numbers ,said Alizzed.These most sacred of symbols are the means by which the communication  of the oneness of the microcosm within the macrocosm will be accomplished.
The ZedAlizZed  then asked the far yonder scribe for the sacred symbols,and having received them and offering prayers to the White Rabbitz  the Zed Aliz Zed scattered the symbols onto the ground of mother earth.
Then the ZedAlizZed  read out the meaning of the fall of the sacred numbers to the far yonder scribe ,who duly recorded that knowledge.
The scribe then writ.Herein the scattering and fall of the sacred symbols.
Nine Seven and Three
And the symbol of  the most sacred of those sacred numbers is the symbol of the number nine.
iz The Gods symbol, it is the symbol of the creative moment of change, it is the symbol that indicates The Death, and rebirth of a fecund living consciousness It is the moment of equilibrium, the act of balance, the moment of transfer, it is that that, that effects the transition betwixt and between Heaven and Earth. It is the symbol of the upside down of the downside up and the downside up of the upside down. Its fusion with a brother and sister number marks the stirring and return of the God Osiris. It is the manifestation of that   constantly metamorphosizing state of being of which all are. It is the very symbol of the living energy that is indestructable. It proclaims that Thou, that, that issues forth from the very font of the fulcrum of energies that constitute the fusion of mind and matter.It is the thus, indicative of that quintessential moment of time stood still It is the shewn signal.of an indescribable magic It is the creative evocation of the  birth that arises az in   both directions at one and the same time.
It is the symbol of the Alpha, and  Omega The A and the Z,
In heralding the death knell of a life,so does it triumphantly proclaim its immortality, it is the very essence of that from which which the fabric of reality is spun.
It is the mystery of the Nine The Nine in addition  the Nine in contraction and the Nine in division.
the mystery of such variety of numerical alchemical distillations which will within the magic of  Hermetic transubstantiation conjure up that blessed moment of magic when Nine and another, denote change. When the combination of other numbers transmute from out the dross of the static  the imperishable Gold of the sacred symbol that is the divine Nine.The one magical symbol that denotes the act of creation . The God Symbol. I do not have to remember that which will never leave the nature of this mind Zed Aliz Zed said the scribe.
On hearing this the Zed Aliz Zed before continuing turned
to look on the countenance of the faithful far yonder scribe, doing so with a great love for that friend  and companion of their joint transmutation. Then after offering  obeisance in honour of  The blessed White Rabbitz, the ZedAlizZed again began the transmissionThe Zed AlizZed proceeded to explain to the scribe the meaning of Viracochas  not so enigmatic works and did so in the following manner.

. Thus have I written, writ large the far yonder scribe

Having reached their immediate destination in the country of the Viracochas
The Zed AlizZed making use of the key of keys given to them by the White Rabbitz  proceeded to unlock for the scribe the meaning of The Viracochas  enigmatic works. Beginning the explanation by recounting certain of the this of that, that had gone before, This being done in the following manner.
Reight scribe said The ZedAlizZed asking the scribe in the first instant to remember the sacred numbers with which they had been entrusted by the blessed White Rabbitz, after the first of two mind breaking journeys they were to make to the sovereign realm of the Lord High Yama.

On hearing these words the scribe as if by spell entranced, nodded, becoming at once the being, unable in the now of its forever, ever, to forget that moment of solid gold awe, when, having reached the gates which guarded, and marked the only entrance to the death lands domain of the Lord High Yama, had seen those same gates, op'ed,op'ed as if by magic, to the three time  knock of the ZedAlizZed. Neither would the scribe ever forget, the blinding sense of crystallized fear, that had nigh on cryptogenically frozen, the thinking faculty of the far off yonder scribe's hard to arrive at mind of a life.  The scribe had listened in hypnotised,  mind blowing disbelief, to the thought processes of the Zed AlizZed in telepathic communication ,with the emissaries of the Lord of death, hearing in trembling anticipation the words of the ZedAlizZed appearing within the minds eye of an understanding thought. Knowing, that of which the ZedAlizZed was demanding,
demanding even That they be allowed to enter The Lord Yama's oh so sovereign domain. And, upon the that of this having been granted, and the terms of their surrender  agreed, their quiet and composed awaiting of  the crystal clear sound of the clarion call that signalled their homecoming. And then the final abandonment of all their worldly goods, to be summoned naked unto death,to the final metamorphosisTo be escorted  at the moment of their passing by the emisseries and, emanations of, the Lord of the Rebirth,passing through the gates of no return, to be conducted into the awful august presence of the Lord High Yama himself. Watching with the eye that never sleeps,the scribe saw as if in a far yonder dream, the presentation to the Lord High Yama by the Zed AlizZed of the fatal request, conveyed as follows,  perchance to be. Oh Lord of the night, blessed Osiris mighty God, Lord of the underworld. Yes yes thought the thinking thoughts of the scribe, get on with it. If I might make so bold. If we may make so bold , thought the scribe, as theZed AlizZed continued, Blessed Lord thus have we journeyedto meet thee, enduring great suffering along the knife edge of catastrophe. Sometime never did we take the easy road.Choosing always the high road ever have we sought out the terrain and  travel routeof the low road that,  that would best prepare us to greet your eminence with such gifts of spirit that we two, I the Zed AlizZed and my companion in waiting,may I introduce the far yonder scribe, could make you  an offer of gifts that your Lord High Exellency would be  hardly able to refuse ,On hearing this the nigh on spell bound scribe enjoying a momentary release from that goo goo glued state, caught the wink in the blink of the Zed AlizZed eye, and almost but not quite, quietly smiled,Noting that the droning sensibility of the Zed AlizZed preamble was within the vibrational frequency of its pitch occaisioning a  certain calming effect upon the proceedings.Then continued theZed Aliz Zed having made this long and dangerous journey, we did so with one purpose in mind, that we should arrive here safely, in a time of our own choosing, at  the gates that mark the fulcrum of change that lies within the sovereign responsibility of the Lord of the night. In doing so and having attained the hard to be attained state of being, demanded  before being granting this audience with your eminence, and very good self, the most blessed Lord High Yama, safe keeper and holy executioner of the sacred death ritual.  And now honoured one, with your permission and in grateful thanks for the granting of an opportunity to do so may I, if it so shall please you ,petition on behalf of myself, the Zed Aliz Zed, and, my companion in misery, the very far off yonder scribe for a special dispensation from the beloved Lord of death. To the effect that, the prevailing custom within the underground domain, namely that of the single ticket holder, obtaining to a one way visit, and thereby  no return, be waived in our favour, so that with your wholeness, most  gracious forbearance, we may see the vision of the far off beyond. And, within the discipline of the seer, descend to Alcheringas cave, and thereby experience, the all of that, that such a   trial as this bestows . Once again, the far yonder scribe was realising that breath taking moment of their prostrations before the reflected image of the Lord High Yama. An evocation projected from out the mirrored sensibilities of the Zed Alizzed. Hearing  finally, the making of the wish of wishes, the  begging of the boon, the suggestion of sequestered gifts, that, the Zed AlizZed, and scribe, with the express sanction of The Lord High Yama,The blessed Lord of the night ,would be able not only to descend into the abyss, beyond that mysterious horizon of the realm of the anywhere somewhere, and thereby, fully and lovingly embrace death. But asking of  the blessed Osiris, and here's the rub, that having done so,That they should be allowed to keep the memories of the death experience intact, and ascend safely, full fledged members of the corps de esprit and then depart the shadowlands realm of the most wholly and Blessed Lord Yama  along with such treasures of the mind, as this positive act of complete negation bestows.It had only been at this point of equisite balance, that the scribe had suddenly realized the immensity of the task set for the Zed AlizZed by the White Rabbitz ,that without that necessary act of self immolation the hidden and forbidden fruits of the that of the thou, would not have been forthcoming.The mountain they had had to climb had been a deep one, the descent steep, ever deeper down, down there, deep down there, deep within the cave of Alcheringa's night, right within the beating heart of the universe of expectations, there, where the exchanges would be made, at the source of the magic of dream time. Thus had spake the Zed AlizZed.Oh my God, thought the scribe Zed AliZed asks for no more than everything. Requesting not only a guarantee of rites of passage  from within the land of the downside up of the upside down, but the granting of  safe conduct passage out. That they could return to the land of the living with the knowledge and wisdom such an all encompassing experience bestowed.
Thus was the die cast in the cast eyed I ,and thus, had they now received, with the cup of full measure, the this of the that of the Thou and the Now. Becoming the grateful custodians of that everything for which the Zed AlizZed had spent a host of lifetimes up to the now of the present, in preparation.The far yonder scribe remembered as clearly as if it was the tomorrow of the following days yesterday, the address of the Zed AlizZ ed to the Lord High Yama Master of extinction. The carefully chosen words transmitted with great deference and humble respect but also as the scribe realized in total amaze, had done so without fear. Speaking to the Lord Of Death, He that is the invisible one, in commune with that one.Spake thus to the he as in she that is that one. The he as in she that is az the aziz iz .A veritable Cabaret Voltaire a scene  within a scenewithin the seen unseen, the unseen scene, of the scene unseen,Appealing to that presence. The very he, who would appear in many guises, and disguises, in gracious consideration to the wishes of the death marked appointee.The  omnipotent one, the effecter of  transition. The he as in she of the omnipotentone, the very one who sat at the right hand of God, because he was God. To all creatures and fellow beings I give you the Lord High Yama. Thus spake the Zed Aliz Zed as if speaking of a great friend.Spake as if to a thee or me thought the scribe,dumbfounded at the Zed AlizZed in communion with that aspect of the Gods that represented the agent of renewal. How was it possible thought the scribe that the Zed AlizZed could maintain, even at the hour of their death amen, direct communication with the all powerful one. He who manifested forth in any form desired by the damning imagination of the accused.That aspect of the she as in he, present everywhere, and in ever thing within their given sphere of supreme influence.The scribe would never forget the invasion by the invisible one of their very essence, the cooling and slowing coursing blood stream within arteries and veins, suffucing, the very tissue of that physical transition they were pleased to call a me, or a you. The insidious creeping possession of tomorrow's marrow encased within their every bone. The unbelievable, surprised realization, even at that late hour, of the onset of the death process Watching in disbelief the sands of their remaining life span in apparent squander.Enjoying a fulsome understanding of the this and that, that had now been initiated throughout every pore of their bodies. Knowing they were held in complete thrall locked into a transfigured suspended animation of the imagination . Unable to do anything to avoid entrapment within that fate of fates, and not only that, but that they had entered such a state nigh on willingly. Here were they, hog tied and trussed,physically paralized, able only to experience within the minds eye, the casting around  of a flailing spirit, a spirit in jeopardy. Spirits being called before there time.The scribe remembered this as a time of day when many a motley cockrel crew, crowed. Remembered being at that time dead on leaden feet, transfixed, the spirit as of the doomed  animal, eyes rolling, in full comprehending apprehension of the slaughter to come.They could not leave without a death in kind.This the Lord High Yama had demanded, in this he was of implacable purpose. He, the Lord High Yama had been summoned, and a soul was forfeit it was the way. The scribe could not believe what was not being heard, the damned essential human ordinariness of it all. Surely thought the scribe with all the loving faith I have in The Zed AlizZed I cannot be expected to pay such a forfeit as this, yet knowing all the while within the art of arts that this was so. As the utter horror of the experience,became almost too much for the far yonder scribe's psyche to bear, there was evoked within that mind eye, memories of a saving grace.The rememberance with loving gratitude of The Zed Aliz Zed,as the far yonder scribe remembered with amaze, the great strength and fortitude of purpose with which the Zed Aliz Zed had prepared for this moment, remembered, the immensity of the courage, that the he as in she, of the Zed Aliz Zed had shown, surely not to no avail. The audacity of their purpose caused an immense shudder within the psyche of the far yonder scribe as it resurrected itself to the forefront of the scribes own minds eye. Almost to the extent even now at this moment in time, the same, but somehow different moment of their change, capable of dislocating the minds processes. It was then at this quintessential  moment of the far yonder scribe's anguish in extremis, as the memories continued to unfold, that there resurrected within the mind's inner eye, the totally unexpected moment that occasioned the sudden manifestation of the emisseries of the White Rabbitz. The scribe becoming aware of an infinitessimal change in the finally balanced, demise equation,as expressed, through the prism of the ZedAlizZed's own minds I. The presence of these so welcome, apparition emanations of the white rabbitz, it has to be said, had in no way, as if by magic changed the desperate danger in which the Zed AlizZed and the scribe had entered in voluntary acquiescence to their fate, nevertheless the scribe realised that their arrival marked the moment of the fairy fellar's master stroke, the release from the state of limbo, that had held their very universe on hold. And so began the interchange betwixt and between the interchangeable aspects, of the Lord of the night, and the Lord of Light.The nom-de-plumes oft accorded by human kind to the totality of creative consciousness known collectively as the one God.