The scribe had well understood from the outset of this fine adventure, that the peril of the two was in effect the fate of the one,that the scribe's immortal soul hung in the balance inextricably linked to the absolute nature of the wherewithall of the Zed AlizZed.And the scribe recalled the tremulous exitement and hopeless sense of foreboding as the fate of the Zed Aliz Zed was weighed in the balance knowing that if such a weight of spiritual worth as could be mustered on behalf of the ZedAlizZed was found to be wanting then the scribe also would be found guilty as charged.This the scribe accepted without question. From where the scribe stood at this pivotal moment in the now of its time, it's karmic equivelent, of a siamese twin, was the ZedAlizZed.It was the Zed AlizZed who maintained the spiritual  heart and lungs of the both of them. If the scribe was to be weighed in the balance and found wanting then the scribe would succumb, and so be it ,but if the Zed AlizZed was to be found wanting they would both go down and with them the gifts of spirit, karmic merit had entrusted them to exteriorize within the now of the this and that.    
And so the long days journey into night, that of the worth counting, the assembling of the minutae of a life to date. A presentation of the evidence that would establish the true troy value of the Zed AliZed. Neither, or either, did it proceed too fast, or slow but just right. And if it thereby prolonged the agony of the far yonder scribe, then too bad, so be it. As the dance macabre of the mind denizens continued, the far yonder scribe saw these creatures move in rhythmic farce as each held  to the others face a two way looking glass. Reaching from the within of the without, into that all seeing eye of liquid crystal for the reflected acts of past deeds, good deeds and misdeeds and some as in between, and here no mercy shown. Twas at this time, the scribe, with trance like states return, didst  see the diamond hard of he, the she,of the Zed Aliz Zed that  once was, forever change, and so let it be said, did fracture first, then split asunder,and out that body once encased, and out the mindless head, sprang forth from in that crysallis, the ka of AlizZed. The scribe then remembered, and how well did remember, and how important to well remember, the dislocation of ought  in thought ,as known afore.
Of this a brief description will I give, that here ,the truth of what I saw shall be set down that others too with such an I as this with which I saw, may take up this eye with which I see, and thereby see, the I that I with eye unstopped,which is the I of me and mine and with this eye the I of AlizZed did  see.
Take from out the in of your own minds eye that unseen scene of the scene unseen that doth set thy teeth on edge and curdle the very blood within thy body warm.Do that and so wilt thou know me at that time.I the one they call the scribe, the one whose task it be, to take the gifts of Gods and according to the ministrations of the Zed AlizZed, thereby set down in truth and set order the this and that that is in the now of its time, the time that it  be set down.And if there seems not to be set order in this, it is, I do assure thee being done as is required, down to the last repeat full stop, and ink spilled mistake. Yet without the guidance of the Zed Aliz Zed the appointed journeyman of the WhiteRabbitz I am as nothing.  
To continue ,at the moment of the splitting of the atom that was the Zed AlizZed the scribe saw the conversation  in imagery between the High Lord Yama The Lord of the Night, the emisseries,  and the
Zed AlizZed. Noting well, that the emergence of the spirit of the Alizzed, from out the in of the vehicle and carrier of such said spirit, was within its vibratory range altogether a different kettle of fish, to the AlizZed the scribe had known as a blood brother, or sister even.
For the scribe to recount as truthfully as possible the sequined sequence of memory shards within the minds eye of another, was, as the scribe well understood a difficult task but of  supreme importance.Being no more, or less, an attempt using the sensibilities of whoever may, in the light of their karmic involvement happen upon those words, to evoke the slipping of a dimension within the minds eye of anothers new dawn. In the first place it should be understood that if the far yonder scribes memory served him write,  the he as in she of the Zed Aliz Zed had put in an appearance in more than two places at once,had as it were   played two theatres at the same time. The enabling knowledge of this wonder was, the scribe recognised being effected inside the far yonder scribes inner eye, by the totality of the forces, that were within the split second, that constituted an eternity, deciding their fate. Although the scribe had some idea of the task that had been set for Alizzed by the White Rabbitz and had understood well enough the total dedication that the Zed AlizZed had brought to the task of journeyman, the faustean nature of their pact, had until this moment escaped the scribe's  he as in she, now caught up in the forces of  creative power that generated the universes of the mind, and in this the scribe was sore afraid. One thing the scribe did realize full well, was that this contradiction of the norm was the most real experience of a life to date and couldn't see anything becoming more real within the now of this forever.  
As the scribe watched, the scene unseen, of the unseen seen reasserted itself. This scene, that of the weighing in the balance of the deeds of the Zed AlizZed.You must understand that at this time the emmissaries of the Lord of the night and the White Rabbitz had now been re-absorbed by their respective hosts.It is also supremely important that it be understood that the manifestations of the two powers that be, had now become three,  and again, it has to be grasped within your own minds eye that these three apparently separate entities which were in fact at the time percieved as such, were ,not that at all, at all, but were in fact one. It should further be understood, and patience begs the question, that, although these entities, of the three, that were as then divisible, did when the numbered three became the one, become as one invisible. And yet as barmy daft as it may seem, the three now indivisible, were visible to the comprehending consciousness, as a totality of sensory  feeling. Can you understand what is being said here  that the impression of a presence was the experience of feeling by memory, as intense, and as real, as anything the eye of I the far yonder scribe had never experienced before. Where the eye and sight, as we the human would understand it, was no longer important or necessary and  might even come to be  seen as a redundant sense.And then  the inner voice of the Zed AlizZed cried out in great lamentation thus. My God, I am the one who in the moving  standeth still upon the ice flow of your time I seek to speak to thee from beneath the frozen  ice of thy sensibilities can you not see me, can you not hear me do you not feel me. After hearing this cry of anguish, the scribe a spirit in its death throes saw once again through the refracted vision of the ZedAlizZed. Saw the unresolved scene, of the seen unseen, saw the universe in thrall, saw the video of a life on hold, saw the death of the Zed Aliz Zed and that of his own good self saw them dead as dodos, lost at sea and never found.Saw also the pronouncement of the cause of death at the coroners court. Saw the everything of how they would be found, and it would all appear so natural. Although to the interested parties such a shock, and had you heard, saw the shaking of heads and the nodding of the donkeys relishing the news ,which good or bad, if it came as a surprise, sparked at least a moment of respite for sluggardly minds.Thus far did the far yonder scribe see. In the midst of all this the scribe remembered the dislocated spirit of the Zed Aliz Zed as an emanation of iron purpose. After a period of watching  the scales of the balance teetering on the edge the scribe realised that the immense effort of will that had been demonstrated byThe Zed AlizZed in amassing the knowledge needed for the sacred task of TheWhite Rabbitz. And it was that,  so it seemed in the now of the scribe's immediate forever, to be the very instrument of thir downfall.The far yonder scribe  on the verge of giving in reflected bitterly, that the insistence of the ZedAlizZed that they  see the Far Yonder beyond of the anywhere somewhere, had brought them both to this  miserable pass.The far Yonder scribe felt the acid bile of spiritual defeat within the nature of its own minds eye This aroused at one and the same time all the worlds so sad regrets for meddling with powers of such immensity of purpose they were best left alone, let them surprise us by their sudden and appence surprise appearance, but to court them never. And yet even now through the oh so bloody salty tears of the scribes soul defeat The Zed AlizZed in manner unflinching , if not haranging the powers that be, still not giving up on this most hopeless of tasks, as implacable even,  as those the far yonder scribe at this moment in time saw as the deadliest of enemies. Hearing the answering images as the Thou responded to their spawn, as The ZedAlizZed set out further treasure of the spirit that may even at this late hour of our death amen  accomplish a successful conclusion to that trial of the spirit,  which the he as in she of the Lord of Life who as the far yonder scribe now realised was also the Lord of Death had set for them How was it possible that the White Rabbitz, the energies that had set Alizzed this impossible task, were also as it were, at one and the same time combining, nay conspiring, to bring about the failure of this task of tasks.The scribe knew that this this nadir of a long days journey into light was nearing its end. Once again the scribe heard the Voice of the Lord HighYama demanding the Payment of their souls in just settlement of the debt of a death incurred by their venturing to the death lands and thereby seeing that which should only be seen by the holders of the one way ticket and no return included.Then again the far yonder scribe felt the bloody red hot salty tears of a betrayal well up within the  minds eye. Hearing unbelievably so, those aspects of the three that constituted the creative energies of the WhiteRabbits, somehow  in agreement with the Lord of night, over the price of exactation  required of the ZedAlizZed.  How was it that such apparent disparate energies as these, could thus be so commingled,and as such, how was it that this expression of an independent synthesis of energies were possible. And still the scales of the Balance, hung in the balance and the far yonder scribe saw the Zed AlizZed in communion bent of knee before the Alter of sorts offering a hymn of prayer and supplication to the one God within which all other Gods rely for their creative sustenance.  A heart rent cry for help to The Other Man, the he as in she of The Company of Golden Ones. And it was at that very moment, and  seemed to the scribe  not to have been initiated in the first instance by the Golden ones Although, within a jigsaw such as this presented, which of the interlocking pieces seemed to occaision what, was beyond the just eye of the Zed AlizZed. There occurred, in apparent contradiction  to the confusion of energies previously experienced ,  the reappearance of the emmissaries of the White Rabbitz. So did the skinning of the Zed Aliz Zed and the far yonder scribe continue. It was at this juncture of the tincture seeking of the Alizzed,and with the situation still in a continuity of desperation,and the scales of the weighing hovered in abeyance, that the essenced emisseries of The White Rabbits produced before your very eyes the evidence of the Zed Aliz Zed's creative work in the service of the one God Then did the scribe realize the devotion to the creative consciousness of mind essence of Alizzed as the White Rabbitz materialized a profusion of imaged memories of the past, and the now, in the service of the eternal creative living energy worked by the Zed Aliz Zed.If this happening had caused, within the minds eye of the far yonder scribe, a momentary leap of expectation, it should be  understood by those whose need it is to know, that the icy grip of purpose, shewn by those energies known variously as the Lord of the night Lord Yama, and its interchanging Lord of the Dawn and Light, TheLord Osiris the eternal twins, the two in one had in no way lessened. Yet was it, at that instant of abstraction, recognised as residing within the phrase, hope springs eternal, that hope did indeed reassert itself within the inner eye of the far yonder scribe. As the scribe watched with physical eye askance,The Zed AlizZed arose from a kneeling position in front of the Alter of sorts  and altering direction knelt in supplication to the golden ones, those of the shadow lands, who guided the destinies of the he as in she known as Eht Namuh. Then did the scribe see a miracle of sorts, at least so it appeared to the hightened sensibilities of the scribe It was in the following fashion that this happening took place. Seeing through that own minds eye of the Zed Aliz Zed, the scribe experienced the abstracted ejaculation of spirit by the Zed Aliz Zed.  Remembering that although the physical vehicle of the one known as the Zed Aliz Zed remained in ernest supplication exactly where it was The fractured displacement of the Zed Aliz Zed previously witnessed,  again occurred, and the ZedAlizZed was  precipitated in front of the Alter of the Golden ones into what the far yonder scribe understood with absolute clarity to be another reality. With the following rider, that it was this reality, the same but different. Again the far yonder scribe saw and heard in images, the Zed Aliz Zed petition, to the God known as the one God . Doing so with an intensity of purpose, that seemed , in a stark in the dark comparison, to what the scribe had previously witnessed, beyond belief. Then did the scribe see as a light in the darkness, away towards the rear of this great hall of the void, within the depths of the mountain range known as The Anywhere Somewhere, a group of shadowed figures, in and around what seemed an inner glowing light. And it was towards these, that the far yonder scribe realised, was being addressed the final  words of the ZedAliZed,to obtain their release from the continuing  state of thrall, a plea to be allowed to depart from out the Kingdom of the Lord of Death,in order that the moment of destiny be met, and the  task of revelation set for them by The WhiteRabbitz be fulfilled. Yet from this turning of the page within the book, within the book, no word was uttered, no charge was laid no change effected. Until that age of innocence  did pass, when once more with feeling the Zed AlizZed  opted from out that sacred and  secret realm of the that that was. And then this theatre of the absurd reassembled as if by chance , on bended knee in posture unassuming in front again of the alter of sorts, as towards a head this awful ritual did move in rhythmic farce. And then within the now, of the very here and now, did the scribe from far off yonder hear the High Lord Yama. Make you, The Zed Aliz Zed an offer you cannot refuse. This then the scribe knew was the moment of truth the culmination of the weighing, the far reaching Z in zenith. The hollow laugh in an empty victory.The lord of the night continued the offer of resolution, saying in words without  tongue the following, I see Alarm across your face, and you a minus are, and not to be,a be you be nor you a minus R. Therefore Zed AlizZed come alone before  me, and  behold you bring the ram in Abraham. At this the Zed Aliz Zed cried out in fearful silence loud. As for the scribe confusion reignedTheLord high Yama's words echoed hollow,  richocheting around a fevered brain, and if the scribe realised not the words of intent, the Zed Aliz Zed most certainly did and understood , that debt  in life can be by death repayed.Then did the countenance of the Zed Aliz Zed reflect for the first time a great fear and anxiety as to the true intent of the Lord High Yamas offer to square the circle of their fates, waiting in fearful  trepidation of soul, for the offering, of that bargain of bargains by the Lord of the Night. For in giving with the one hand, surely would the Lord take away with the other.Then did the Lord Of death materialize within the mind of Alizzed the need for the deed to be done , and the deed of the need to be done. The far yonder scribe recalled with horror bold, the cry of negation emitted by the Zed Aliz Zed and likened it to that  of a wounded beast in anguish rare, And then the scribe  understood the this of that which the Zed AlizZed had been asked By Lord Yama .The far yonder scribe remembered well this moment of moments,when  speaking without words The Lord Of the Night.spoke thus Oh Zed Aliz Zed hearest thou me, The thee of the thou of the ought, as in thought,   and the he, as in she,of the one called the far yonder scribe have, in purpose unbecoming summoned the he that is me of the me that is he, of the he as in she of the she that is thee, what thou see'st as the sense of death, is as thou well dost know, the moment of thy birth For I and your father are one and at the moment  of thy making when in the  mothers womb you strive to stretch your legs, Already I am at one with thee as I am whereever there is a seeding of life as oft times in silence and sometimes knocking at my partners door in silence still, I lie, in darkness, or in light. I move within thee even at the time of thy striving when thou woudst grow to full maturity, even in thy  stillness am I ready ever the willing helper a companion of sorts,always am I by thy side,awaiting the moment of my calling. For you, and I, and thy Father, who is thy mother dear, are one. I, the aspect of that trinity resident within the essence energy of every living form, manifest forth from without the within, of that all comprehending wholeness that is the creative consciousness of mind essence. It is not often then Zed AlizZed that a one such as thou art, calls in some impatience for the service only I can render. For the Lord of Death to make an  appearance fullsome as was  then thy wish, Know thou this, it was in glory thus I answered. In doing so it is but the common courtesy that I in turn do bring to thee and present before thy notice the gift from thee that is my choice, and certainly for such a one as thou art, will come as no surprise In presenting myself at thy bidding thou knowest full well my demands of a greek gift, and so Zed AlizZed a life is to be relinquished, for you and I have a task to fulfill and you Zed AlizZed have a choice to make. That choice is this, having seen that of which your mind is now in possession, secured before its time of just arrival. You Alizzed can with the blessing of the one, that are all three, continue the sacred task that is yours by karmic right.This right, the right to write, and  shew in revelation to those sentient beings, known collectively as Eht Namuh, the drawing back of the veil betwixt and between the upside down of the doownside up, and the downside up of the upside down. Should this of which I speak not be forthcoming then ZedAlizZed as has been foretold  by those the past has seen fit to bless with widom wise,the neccessary apotheosis of that species will never be achieved in the here and now of their immediate forever.Then shall the most terrible retribution of mind  follow before the work of the blessed Lord of the renewal, shall come once again and visit the life force within the forms familiar and yet different within the this of that you call reality, and life as you know it will once more achieve the point of nadir in the evolutionary growth spiral of those they call Eht Namuh,and that errant wanderer is once again brought by the turn of the circle, toward fruition of the sacred purpose.It is for thee ohZedAlizZed to decide whether you, yourself, and I, can conclude our business in the here and now of this our eternal cycle . It is you then who have the  task to fulfill and I, as one into three I go, owe neither or either  thee, nor them, of those by which you seek to serve, one jot tithe of credit.Now is the moment of thy callingZed AlizZedand the question thine to answer make.Dost thou  complete the task set for you in the long back, way back of our yesterdays or do you, as in the now, within the fullness of your time, fulfill your obligations to the law. We the three that art  one, are agreed, as well we would, that the importance of that task, for which you gave your all shall not be thwarted, provided the laws of this and that, with which you are of course familiar shall be respected and that those self same laws ,be by you, enjoyed to the full for surely thy cup indeed doth runneth over. Therefore you may proceed from out this land of death, whose obverse, the land of birth to many. Provided, the payment of the one life be made Hear these words well oh ZedAlizZed.  You have a son presently within the earthly mountain range known as the Himalayas.The Alizzed  gave of no response to the one who knew every thing. Then did The Lord of the Eternal continue the transmission. Zed AlizZed you have pleaded to continue that most sacred of  sacred  tasks one set for you by the White Rabbitz. This task, to prove the existent God. This task to reveal the downside up of the upside down. This task to shew the macrocosm within  the microcosm. This task to make  that, that is secret known. This task to reveal to Eht Namuh The possible Apotheosis of spirit to which each of them may aspire. And you Zed Aliz Zed, and the far yonder scribe want no more than that, for your life force is, as it should be, devoted to service and duty in the interests of other sentient beings a task for which you have been well prepared and which in no small measure does thee credit the breath of soccess is now within reach of your own minds I. And yet Zed AlizZed, determined were you to see the other side of the downside up that your memories be rekindled, and your purpose renewed  as if in your yonder time past, present, and future now, thou hadst not seen enough of the gift of magic. And so the all of this has been accomplished, and having seen that which thou hast, so art thou well, and truly fitted to complete that task set for thee by the immortals.This that has been said ZedAlizZed now begs the question,  having seen, that that, that has been seen, a price must now  be paid The due that you owe is in forfeit for thine own life and the life of the scribe. And this shall be thy forfeit Zed AlizZed the life of your only begotten son, Amen. At this instant did the scribe feel the living energies of the Zed AlizZed azin a great and momentous swirl, azin a whirlpool fast approaching the bottomless pit of an empty plughole. Experienced the lasting castingturn and turn about about of a silver backed creature of the one God within itsdeath agony as it moved to fulfil its moment of transition.Oh to witness an agony of mind such as this. The scribe of the far off yonder shrieked in empathetic agony of mind for the  continued suffering of the Zed AlizZed .An impotent protest to these all powerful energies for mercy, where no mercy would  be shown or as the scribe now realised could be shown. Everything being grist to the mill for these primal energies of the constancy,as imperceptably, movement by change, occaisioned the grinding wheels of the karmic vehicle of those of human kind. And then it was over,The ZedAlizZed agreed to act out the final sequence of this tragedy agreeing to the ultimate betrayal The sons life would be forfeit within the very short time of the immediate now.Then and only then could the greater work of the revelation continue . Until and unless, the energies of the one God decreed enough of this of all my works has been shown, and then would the spirits of the ZedAli Zed and the far yonder scribe be called home for the last time. And the scribe felt a great sadness for the Zed AlizZ  for the suffering that had been endured, and in the knowing of the continued suffering to come. Thus did images of these interchanges dance back and forth, refracted from within the hidden minds eye of theZedAlizZed, over and across the horizon of the rainbow of dreams, into the minds I, of the faithful aziz, far yonder scribe's own  minds eye.  
When the scribe of the far yonder, was drawing towards the end of the turning and churning of the kaleidoscope  bank of images concerning their near az damnit death experience. The he azin she that was the far yonder scribe recognised,  that within the here and now of thir limited forever,that their would never be a lessening of the humble gratitude felt within the heart of hearts of the Zed AlizZed for the rendering in total, the guidance, and the means for entering and then safely of leaving the death lands understanding at least in part something of that that the Zed AlizZed had suffered in order to bring this about,within the greater purpose of making the secret symbols of the White Rabbitz available to those for whom such secrets of the mind were destined And it was always  the revelation of the indomitable spirit of the Zed AlizZed that proved the enabling factor for the far yonder scribe's recovery of sorts from that oh so  dreadful experience.
As a postscript to this adventure of the spirit, the far yonder scribe made record of the following. Having made a safe  return from the inside out of the outside in of the Death Lands of the Lord High Yama the Zed Aliz Zed in the most anguished spiritual state in which I have ever seen the one known as the he as in she of the Zed Aliz Zed who in constant prayer and supplication sought to avert fate by once again appealing for the intervention in our favour, of the three as in one that is theMost High God. We have also constantly scoured the news media for reportage of a climbing or treking accident in the Himalayas. The dreadful tradgedy foretold in the bright and twinkling stars of a clear as crystal night. The activating mechanism that had to happen, and the only means whereby could be occasioned ultimate release from that state of icy thrall, with which in his wisdom the Lord High Yama had invested them.On he third day the Zed AlizZed rose again early and once again checked the news media for news of that which  was feared.And there it was,
Climber Killed in the Himalayas And so the report went on. A british climber has  gone missing feared dead  lost on  the seventh highest mountain in the world.But wait, it continues with the story, but hey the lost climber is a woman.
Oh my God so that was the test for the Zed Aliz Zed. What a plethora of emotion must at that time be sweeping a confusing blizzard of images through the mind of the Zed AlizZed threatening to engulf the very balance of forces with which the Alizzed had maintained the equilibrium that had negotiated their passage into and out of the valley of the shadow of death .It was only much later, and commensurate  with such expiry of time, that the scribe began to understand the true nature of the death experience enduredt the hands as it were of the Blessed Lord Yama. And this, within the midst of a further unravelling and setting down for the record, more of that for which the whole ordeal of the visitation had been inflicted.Then had the far yonder scribe, through the good offices of the Zed AlizZed, undergone a profound insight, a moment of satori. Then and only then did the far yonder scribe begin to understand thereal nature of the experience suffered on their journey to the land of the anywhere somewhere, and the descent to Alcheringas cave.Thereby  to resurrect theempirical treasures of emancipation necessary to complete their most sacred task of asks .The whole adventure of a lifetime had been  an ordeal of initiation, requiring the expunging of the karmic residue of the living vehicle of the Zed AlizZed a purging of which the outcome had been known by the White Rabbitz  from the very beginning.
Within the greater scheme of things although the Zed AlizZed assumed a measure of responsibility for the death of the himalayan climber ,what will be will be the usual obeiseances and prayers were offered for the sentient being whose fate had paralleled, the process of initiation of the Zed Alizzed, and the greater purpose of the One God was accepted in its just finality.
In the last analysis the searing experience that had been visited upon the ZedAlizZed and the scribe exacted its own price Never from the moment of their return to the land of the living were they able again to embrace life as they had before The Lord High Yama had exacted his pound of flesh and both Zed Aliz and the far yonder scribe knew that in the day to day of their ever more, they would, within the range of their sensibilities remain as those of the shadowlands.