Dusta see Wah scribe, said Zed Aliz Zed although there are three rows of eight figures
The Viracocha being the leader of yonder phalanx, is stealing a  march as it were.
Seeing as he counts three times in total, once for each row of eight figures, conjuring
from out of nowhere,
The Sacred Number, which appears  again as if by magic.
Azin 8 + Ra,   8 + Ra, and finally 8 +Ra.
At that moment you could'nt  hear a pin drop.
And then Zed Aliz Zed dropped  that one pin,
At that moment you could'nt  hear a pin drop.

Reight scribe said ZedAlizZed
Imagine  a sun flower  having eight petals  
Reight ave done that said the far yonder scribe
Reight said Zed Aliz, start counting from the top petal,
which is number one, followed by two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Done that said the scribe.
Reight said Zed Aliz now count you a ninth, a phantom petal, this petal is called the Viracocha
You will notice scribe said Zed Aliz the invisible Viracocha petal, goes walkabout within a circular motion inspecting each petal in turn .In perpetual motion hey, said the scribe
Aziz scribe said theZed AlizZed,  adding, all supposing there is someone to do the counting.
So spake theZed AlizZed

Thus writ the far yonder scribe

Fingerprints Of The Gods

Page 98
       9 x8  Azin 72
"In the 1980s"
          1x9x8 Azin 72
"An artificial language"
"Another possible legacy of Tiahuanaco, and of the Viracochas,lay embedded in the language spoken by
the local Aymara Indians - a language regarded by some specialists as the oldest in the world.
  In the 1980s Ivan Guzman de Rojas,a Bolivian computer scientist, accidentally demonstrated that Aymara
might be not only very ancient but , significantly , that it might be a made - up"language -
something deliberately and skilfully designed.Of particular note was the seemingly artificial character
of its syntax, which was rigidly structured and unambiguous to an extent thought inconceivable in normal
"organic" speech.This synthetic and highly organized structure meant that Aymara could easily be transformed into a computer algorithm to be used to translate one language into another:"The Aymara Algorithm is used
as a bridge language. The language of an original document is translated into Aymara and then into any
number of other languages.Was it just coincidence that an apparently artificial language governed by
a computer - friendly syntax should be spoken today in the environs of Tiahuanaco? Or could Aymara be a
legacy of the high learning that legend attributed to the Viracochas?

Fingerprints Of The Gods

Page78 / 98

Numberof letters in name
Viracocha                  9      
Aymara                      6
Tiahuanaco              10
Titicaca                      8
Akapana                    7
Kalasasaya               10

Viracocha  x  Aymara                                                                                                     54                        
Viracocha  x  Aymara  x  Tiahuanaco                                                                           540
Viracocha  x  Aymara  x  Tiahuanaco  x  Titicaca                                                        4320
Viracocha  x  Aymara  x  Tiahuanaco  x  Titicaca  x  Akapana                                   30240
Viracocha  x  Aymara  x  Tiahuanaco  x   Titicaca x   Akapana  x  Kalasasaya         302400

Viracocha   9    x  8    Titicaca               72
Viracocha   9    x  7    Akapana              63
Viracocha   9    x  10  Kalasasaya          90
Viracocha   9    x  10  Tiahuanaco         90

Viracocha   x   Kalasasaya   x  Aymara                                                    9   x 10  x  6           54
Viracocha   x   Tiahuanaco  x  Titicaca                                                   9   x 10   x  8             720
Viracocha   x   Kalasasaya   x  Tiahuanaco                                             9   x 10   x 10                900
Viracocha   x   Kalasasaya   x  Aymara  x  Titicaca                                 9   x 10  x  6   x  8             4320
Viracocha   x   Kalasasaya   x  Tiahuanaco   x  Titicaca                         9   x 10   x 10  x  8               7200  
Viracocha   x   Kalasasaya   x  Aymara  x  Titicaca  x Tiahuanaco        9   x 10   x  6   x  8  x  10         43200
Viracocha   x   Kalasasaya   x  Tiahuanaco   x  Titicaca  x Akapana     9   x 10   x 10  x  8  x   7             50400

Leave it their scribe,said Zed Aliz  its time to give them their marching orders, we too  have a route
to  march,and ghost to lay.
Okay dokey said the scribe but tell me ZedAlizZed does all of this reality add up. It Reality does add up scribe said ZedAlizZed

within that continium of living energy

Page 491

19 July 1993
Dear Mr Hancock
Rand Flem-Ath
    Is 2520 ÷ 360  =     70
                  2520 ÷   72  =   35
                  2520 ÷   18  = 140
                  2520 ÷   12  = 210
                  2520 ÷    9   = 280
                  2520 ÷   7    = 360
Thus the first arithmetical deliberations of Aliz Zed .
                                                        Aziz recorded by the far yonder scribe
Nine ,seven and three are the sacred numbers ,said Alizzed.These most sacred of symbols are the means by which the communication  of the oneness of the microcosm within the macrocosm will be accomplished.
The ZedAlizZed  then asked the far yonder scribe for the sacred symbols,and having received them and offering prayers to the White Rabbitz  the Zed Aliz Zed scattered the symbols onto the ground of mother earth.
Then the ZedAlizZed  read out the meaning of the fall of the sacred numbers to the far yonder scribe ,who duly recorded that knowledge.
The scribe then writ.Herein the scattering and fall of the sacred symbols.
Nine Seven and Three
And the symbol of  the most sacred of those sacred numbers is the symbol of the number nine.
iz The Gods symbol, it is the symbol of the creative moment of change, it is the symbol that indicates The Death, and rebirth of a fecund living consciousness It is the moment of equilibrium, the act of balance, the moment of transfer, it is that that, that effects the transition betwixt and between Heaven and Earth. It is the symbol of the upside down of the downside up and the downside up of the upside down. Its fusion with a brother and sister number marks the stirring and return of the God Osiris. It is the manifestation of that   constantly metamorphosizing state of being of which all are. It is the very symbol of the living energy that is indestructable. It proclaims that Thou, that that issues forth from the very font of the fulcrum of energies that constitute the fusion of mind and matter.It is the thus, indicative of that quintessential moment of time stood still It is the shewn signal.of an indescribable magic It is the creative evocation of the  birth that arises az in   both directions at one and the same time.
It is the symbol of the Alpha, and  Omega The A and the Z,
In heralding the death knell of a life,so does it triumphantly proclaim its immortality, it is the very essence of that from which which the fabric of reality is spun.
It is the mystery of the Nine The Nine in addition  the Nine in contraction and the Nine in division.
the mystery of such variety of numerical alchemical distillations which will within the magic of  Hermetic transubstantiation conjure up that blessed moment of magic when Nine and another, denote change. When the combination of other numbers transmute from out the dross of the static  the imperishable Gold of the sacred symbol that is the divine Nine.The one magical symbol that denotes the act of creation . The God Symbol.
I do not have to remember that which will never leave the nature of this mind Zed Aliz Zed said the scribe.
On hearing this the Zed Aliz Zed before continuing turned
to look on the countenance of the faithful far yonder scribe, doing so with a great love for that friend  and companion of their joint transmutation. Then after offering  obeisance in honour of  The blessed White Rabbitz, the ZedAlizZed again began the transmissionThe Zed AlizZed proceeded to explain to the scribe the
meaning of Viracochas  not so enigmatic works and did so in the following manner.




Fingerprints Of The Gods

Page 273

"These he joined to the 360 days of which the year then consisted (emphasis added)."

"Elsewhere the myth informs us that the 360 -day year  consists of  "12 months of 30 days each". Note 6
And in general,as Sellers observes , "
phrases are used which prompt simple mental calculations and an attention to numbers ". note 7 Cassell's English Dictionary 1974

Page 533

"harmonic pertaining to harmony or music; concordant, harmonius, n. an harmonic tone ; * (pl.)  
the science of musical sounds. n.pl.  (Radio.) Frequencies which are multiples of a main frequency ; the waves that are incidental to the main waves of a transmitter.
"harmonic progression: A series of numbers  whose reciprocals are in arithmetical progression,as 1/5, 1/7, 1/9,etc."  
"harmonic quantities: Numbers or quantities having this relation."
"harmonic proportion: The relation of three consecutive  terms of a harmonic progression."  
"harmonic tones : Tones produced by the vibration of aliquoit parts of a string,column of air, etc. "
"harmonius  Concordant , having harmony; hav-ing parts adapted and proportioned to each other ,symetrical; without discord or dissension; musi-cal tuneful."  
"Harmonist…One skilled in harmony ; a musical composer ; one who shows the agreement between corresponding passages of different authors.

Page 386

"  aliquoit…pertaining to a number that is contained an integral number of times by a given number.
An integral factor, an aliquoit part. A part that is a division of the whole without remainder "
After the crossing of the great waters, feeling tired after such a long and arduous journey, they made camp. The following morrow the company past present and future tense, set off for the home of Elder Cathie. When they reached Destination Foredained, Brother Cathie, such a man as this, possessed of dignity natura,l welcomed them, being well aware of the serious nature of their quest. After resting and making pleasant repast,  at the time when the Sun in red doth set. Where, just there across the mountains. Inside the outside, around, a round and about a round camp fire. Elder Brother Caithie began his tale. The scribe then began the task of faithfully recording with the words and calculus o'  the good Brother, with appropriate emphasis to clarify their purpose, as exactly as might be done,
Labouring on through the darkest of nights, until the dawn of a new day.

Harmonic 288
The Pulse Of The Universe

Bruce Cathie (Bruce Cathie is a captain with the National Airways Corporation of New Zealand)
Page XV

" Harmony and harmonic etc as defined by the Brittanica World Standard Dictionary: "
1.HARMONY:A state of order, agreement,or completeness in the relations of things,or parts of a whole to each other.
2.HARMONIC:Producing ,characterisedby or pertaining to, harmony.
(a) Music: Pertaining to a tone whose rate of vibrations is an exact multiple of a givenprimary tone
(b) Mathematical: Derived from or originally suggested by, the numerical relations between the vibrations of the musical harmonies, or overtones, of the same fundamental tone: Harmonic functions.
(c) Physics: Any component of a periodic quantity , which is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency."
In this book I discuss the fundamental harmonies of the vibrational frequencies which form the building-blocks of
Our immediate universe; and those of the theoretical anti-universe which modern scientists have postulated as existing in mirror-like image of our own. I theorise that the the whole of physical reality which is tangible to us is formed from the basic geometric harmonies, or harmonics, of the angular velocities, or wave-forms of light. From these basic harmonies , or resonating wave-forms , myriad other waves are created which blend in sympathetic resonance, one with another, thus forming the physical structures.
Einstein stated that the geometric structure of space-time determines the physical processes .I theorise that space and time manifest from the geometric harmonies of the wave-motions of light. The fundamental harmonic of light in free space, in geometric terms being an angular velocity of 144, 000 minutes of arc per grid second, there being 97, 200 grid seconds to one revolution of the earth.
When physical matter is manifested in the universe  the wave-forms of light from which it is formed are slowed down fractionally in order to release the energy required for the formation process. This is demonstrated by the unified harmonic equation in Chapter One It was found that to calculate the values of harmonic wave forms that have sympathetic resonance it was possible to shed zeros to the right or left of whole numbers and extract the values direct from the mathematical tables.



Harmonic 288
The Pulse Of The Universe
Bruce Cathie (Bruce Cathie is a captain with the National Airways Corporation of New Zealand)
Mathematics Of The World Grid
Chapter 1

Page 1 / 2

"My interest in the increasing UFO activity in the New Zealand area led me to the discovery that the surface of the world was crisscrossed with an intricate network of energy grid lines. I began my research in 1965. The information in this chapter regarding the structure and mathematical values built into the system will consist of material condensed from my  first two books* plus the findings derived from my recent research up to  July1976.  
In a general way I was convinced that UFOs were actively engaged in a survey of the earth for some definite reason"  
…"Quite a number of investigators around the world had come to the conclusion that the sightings were beginning to form a pattern. At this period however this pattern was so complex as to defy any definition, or solution.By the correlation of sightings small sections of track had been identified."
" But these bits and pieces of tracklines were so scattered around the surface of our planet that it was quite impossible to fit them together into any semblance of order.
I was certain that if an overall pattern could be found and plotted, it might be possible to establish the reason behind UFO activity . I considered that the pattern would be geometric if these things were intelligently controlled, and that if  somehow  I could find the key to one section then I might solve the rest by duplication and inference.
I had sighted a number of unidentified objects in the sky over a period of several years. And by correlating two of these with / other data I was eventually able to construct a grid system which covered the whole world.
One of these sightings was in 1965 I was a DC3 co-pilot crewing a flight from Aukland to Paraparaumu. It was about 6-0pm, conditions were calm, and there was unlimited visibility. We were just south of Waverly at 7000 feet when I saw this object at an extremely high altitude in the east. I drew the captain's attention to it and together we watched it travel in a carved trajectory from east to west across our track until it disappeared in a flash of light at about 10,000 feet in the area of D'Urville Island."  
" The other sighting occurred on 12 March 1965. This was the best and most interesting of them all, and from then my investi-gations were pressed on with all speed until they culminated in my present findings..."
   I had always expected to see UFO's in the sky, and that was where my attention was usually focussed .When I was flying I was alert and ready to  analyse any object sighted from the air-craft "  

Page 3

"This sighting however was different from all the others because I observed it lying under thirty feet of water."
This sighting occurred at the southern end of Kaipara Harbour, just north of Helensville
Page 4

I had a further key to the puzzle in April 1965. My wife saw an advertisement in the local paper seeking members for a UFO organisation called New Zealand  Scientific and Space Research .I contacted this organisation and found that a vast amount of information had been very efficiently compiled. Material had been collected from twenty-five different countries over a period of twelve years .I was invited to study the information at leisure.
Amongst this mass of data I discovered the reports of a UFO that had been seen from several different localities in both islands of New Zealand on 26th March 1965
It was decided that I try to plot the track of this UFO. From the considerable amount of information available I found that the maximum variation in the times of sightings from all areas was 15 minutes . Most reports gave the time as 9.45 pm."
…Here is a brief description of each sighting taken from the original reports:…"
Then follows the descriptive reports of ten sightings