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"There was nothing  of any great significance or originality in these accounts , and they followed the pattern of many other sightings .However from the mass of detail supplied by so many different people over so wide an area, it was possible to plot the track of the object with reasonable accuracy. I started work on a Mercator's plotting chart and after several hours of checking one report against the other, and calculating possible elevations and trajectories I felt
I had refined the plot sufficiently to draw in the final track of the object, or objects. The result is shown on map 1"

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" Map 1 Showing section of first trackline discovered of world grid system .This map was originally published in my first book, Harmonic 33, in 1968. The trackline extends from the position of a USO sighted in the Kaipara Harbour, Aukland, to a position at D'Urville Island where two  large UFO's were seen to disappear in a flash of light.
The scribe finding the way ahead confusing asked the Zed Aliz Zed if they were on the right track of the that of where they went . Keep your head down scribe said the Zed Aliz Zed and follow that not so sad
sad blind ass of serendip

Page 8
"The track began about seventy nautical miles north of New Plymouth, passed just to the west of Mt Egmont, and finished at D'Urville Island."
" I pored over that plot for a long time before it suddenly occurred to me that the track  appeared in line with the position where I had sighted the unidentified submarine object or USO on 12 March 1965. On extending the line back Ifound it was in line with the sightings of 26 March . I was positive there had to be a connection-but to prove it was a different matter.
I checked my report files again and found that on 2 March some fishermen just north of the coast at New Plymouth had seen a large object plunge into the water and disappear.They thought it was an aircraft and reported the incident to the appropriate authorities, but no aircraft or personnel was missing. I checked this position on the map and found that it also fitted the established trackline. Was this connected with the USO of 12 March and could the two sightings be the same object, sighted twice in ten days .
It was some days later that I remembered the UFO I had seen in 1956. This object was similar and, most significant of all, both objects had travelled at 90 *  to each other, and finished in the same grand all-illuminating flash in the area of D'Urville Island. " 
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" If these objects were not controlled, how could anyone explain such coincidence? No two meteors or other natural phenomena  could coincidentally carry out similar manoeuvres, travel at 90*to each other, and both decide to end there existence at the same point in space, within nine years of each other…"  
"I plotted the track of the 1956 UFO on the map at 90*to the north-south line. I realised that I had no definite proof that they were at exactly 90* to each other or that the 1956 track was not a few miles north or south of this position-
still, I had to start  from somewhere, and I would assume this to be correct unless and until other evidence proved me wrong "

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" Two track lines at 90* meant little on their own .If I found several at 90*, I might have something-a grid perhaps ?
These two lines hinted at this, and I believed that if I could solve the system of measurement, then I had two readymade baselines to work from.  
Once again I went to the UFO files and found that a French-man by the name of Aime Michel had been studying UFOs for a number of years and had found small sections of tracklines in various parts of Europe…"
"…and  Mr Michel had observed that the average distance between these  points was 54.43 kilometres…"

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"Using the Kaipara Harbour as a starting point, I marked off the 54.43 kilometre intervals along the trackline Ihad found. I was disappointed when I was  unsucessful in obtaining an even distribution of positions to the D'Urville Island  disappearing point. I checked  and re-checked, but nothing worked out .I slept on the problem, and at some time during the night inspiration turned up the wick ; and once more the light grew bright ."
I remembered that a great number of sightings had occurred around the Blenheim area."

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So I dragged out my map and extended the track line until it cut a 90* coordinate from the town of Blenheim the distance from this point to the Kaipara position I found to be exactly 300 nautical miles. So far so good. I stepped off    
The 54.3 kilometre intervals and swore. Still the thing didn't fit ! "
" Michel had found the interval of 54.43 kilometres in the northern hemisphere. The earth is slightly pear-shaped, and a nautical mile is the measurement of a minute of arc on the earth's surface;
so a nautical  mile could be slightly longer in the southern hemisphere, due to the distortion of the earth itself. I found 55.5 kilometres to be equal to 30 nautical miles and this divides exactly into 300 nautical miles, ten times.
Was this the system of measurement used by the UFOs. There was no proof of course , but it seemed a reasonable assumption. A minute of arc is a measure  which could apply to the whole universe . It just so happens that a minute of arc from the earth's centre subtends, at the surface, what we call a nautical mile. So be it….
Since I made that statement in my first book I have been attacked repeatedly by university personnel and others in the academic field. They have maintained that degrees and minutes of arc are arbitary values set up by the ancient mathematicians and that my calculations are meaningless. I believe that evidence shown in this my third book will now convince them that my original assumptions were correct. The angular values of 360* and 21,600 minutes of arc which constitute a complete circle have direct geometric associations with the speed of light
(as shown in Chapter Three).
The fifth interval of 30 nautical miles from the Kaipara-position coincided with the position off the coast of New Ply-mouth where the mysterious object had plunged into the sea. The plotted points of disappearance of the two large UFOs at D' Urville Island did not quite match up with the ninth interval ,but this did not worry me unduly as I expected that a small percentage of error must be expected in my original plot. I readjusted this position to the ninth interval, and carried on the search to see how many other sightings I could fit into this pattern. "    


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" The results exeeded my expectations. I found that by using units of 30 minutes of arc latitude north-south, and 30 minutes of arc longtitude east-west, on my Mercator's map a grid pattern was formed into which a great number of UFO reports could be fitted.I eventually had a map with sixteen stationary and seventeen moving UFOs plotted on grid intersections and tracklines.
Having satisfied myself that my reasoning and plotting were not false. I considered that I had good proof that New Zealand, possibly  other countries, and probably the whole world, were being systematically covered by some type of grid system (see grid map 2 ).
In my first book I demonstrated that the main grid pattern consisted of grid lines spaced at intervals of 30 minutes of arc (latitude and longtitude ). In my second book I probably confused the issue a bit as I stated that the east-west grid lines were spaced at 24 minutes of arc. This was due to the spacing being measured in nautical miles,or values in minutes of latitudes. The actual length of a minute of longtitude varies mathematically from one nautical mile at the equator, to zero at the north and south poles.  
  The value of 30 minutes of arc in terms of longtitude in the New Zealand area happened to be an average of 24 nautical miles, which can be confusing to those readers who are not familiar with map scales.     Reference to the grid structure will therefore be stated from now on in minutes of arc values only, for latitude and longtitude, to minimise confusion.
I subsequently discovered that the grid lattice could be further divided . It is now evident that the grid lines in the main system are spaced at intervals of 7.5 minutes of arc north-south and east-west. The importance of this will prove itself when compared with the rest of the calculations in this book. There are 21.600 minutes of arc in a circle, and when this is divided by 7.5we get a value of 2880. The grid lattice therefore is tuned harmonically to twice the speed of light (288), as will be shown in other sections  
It appeared that I had found a section of a geometric grid in the New Zealand area. I now had to form some theory of construction for the whole world. I could then possibly fit the New Zealand section into it.
By drawing a series of patterns on a small  plastic ball I finally found a system which could be used as a starting point for a global investigation. (The basic pattern is shown in diagram 1.)
  I was sure I was on the right track but I now had to superimpose this pattern on the world globe .It was essential that I find a point  position somewhere on the earth upon which to orientate the geometrical pattern. I finally came upon an item of news that gave me a very important clue on how to proceed.  
On 29 August 1964 the American  survey ship Eltanin was carrying out a sweep of the sea bed off the coast of South America. A series of  submarine photographs was being taken of the area by means of a long cable attached to a long cable. A surprise was in store when these photographs were developed  On one of the points, in marvellous detail, was an aerial-type object sticking up from an otherwise featureless sea-bed.
This object appeared to be metallic and perfectly symetrical in construction."
"…The position where this object was found was given as latitude 59* 08 south, longtitude 105* west.
"… In view of my earlier sightings in the Kaipara Harbour , I was willing to accept that the aerial type object had been placed there by an unidentified submarine object , or USO."

Page 14

"Diagram 1 Showing relationship of grid structure to the geographic poles. Each of the two grids has a similar pattern, the interaction of which sets up a third resultant grid. The poles of the three grids are positioned at three different latitudes  and longtitudes ."
On the same page, alongside the actual diagram is the following.
            C,D,E,F = Corner aerial positions of grid polar square .Similar to aerial discovered by the survey ship Eltanin                     J-K = Polar axis
                       A = Geographic pole
                       B =  Grid pole
Distance C-G-D = 3600 minutes of arc  
Distance C-H-D =  3418.5 minutes of arc
Distance  C-I-D  = 3643.2 minutes of arc           ( 3600-3418.5 = 181.5 )  ( 181.5 x 4 = 726 )  ( / 726 = 26944 )
Reciprocal of 36432 = 27448397
    ( 27448397 ( 972 = 28239 )  (28. 239 = Gravity acceleration harmonic)
    ( 3643 . 2 - 3600  = 43.2 )  ( 43. 2 x 4 = 172 . 8 )  ( 172 . 8  = 2. 88* )  (288 = 2C )

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"…I centred the grid on the position of the object found by the Eltanin,and the 180*reciprocal of this in Russian Siberia, lining the whole thing up with the section I had found in New Zealand. I found the system to be lined up very closely with the magnetic field of the earth .The equator of the grid followed very closely the line of zero dip around the world.(That is the positions on the earth's surface where a magnetic compass needle has only a horizontal and no vertical )  
In my first two books I discussed the methods I used to line up the system and calculate the first estimates of the grid      
Pole positions, and the major focal points of the grid similar to the Eltanin "aerial" placement .  The reciprocal position of the Eltanin "aerial" is at latitude 59* 08 north , longtitude 75*east, in Siberia. I calculated
The length of the diagonal of what I call for simplicity, the " polar grid square "and found it to be 5091. 168825 minutes of arc long .I plotted a track from the Siberian position through the north geographic pole and measured off this distance to locate another corner aerial of the polar square.( Square is not technically the right word to use as the four sides are formed by sections of small circles which are in different planes to each other. When the "polar square" areas  are transferred from the surface of the earth sphere on to a flat plane such as a map, then a perfect square is formed with sides 3600 minutes long and diagonals of 5091.168825 minutes of arc.)
In my first two books I stated in error, that the sides of the "polar squares"were formed by sections of GREATcircles 3600 minutes of arc long, instead of SMALL circles. The great circle distance between these points is in fact 3,418.5
minutes of arc, which is very confusing to any investigator attempting to recon-struct the grid I apologise to my readers for this error, which was caused by my lack of access to calculators during my earlier research. In the grid pattern there are actually two small-circle

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segments, and one great-circle segment connecting each of these points which form the polar squares. Each of the segments has a different path over the earth and some tricky calculating is necessary to ascertain the true length. Although I used the wrong term in my earlier publications, the actual calculations derived from the grid system has not altered in any way, and still stand the test of time. Over the last few years I have slightly refined these values I demonstrated previously, derived from a mixture of practical and theoretical studies I have now set up what I see as  a completely theoretical system , discovered by working entirely by calculator. Time will prove how close my calculations are. I have no doubt that I, and others will continue further to perfect the system as more facts come to light .  
Once I had established this first baseline I found it quite easy to construct the main skeleton of the grid over the whole surface of the earth .  
my work progressed I found that there were in fact two similar grids, interlocked with each other. The poles of the  grids were spaced at different distances from the north geometric pole, and this arrangement set up a series of geometric harmonics which were directly related to the speed of light, of mass, and gravity. The interaction of the two grids created a harmonic resonance which, in turn , formed a third resultant grid.
After ten years of work and correlating information I have now calculated theoretical positions for the three grid poles in the northern hemisphere which are very close to my original estimates. Reciprocal positions will give similar values for the southern hemisphere:    
Grid pole "A" = Latitude 72.4266* / longtitude 90.6* west 1054.4 minutes of arc from the NorthPole.
Grid pole "B"  = Latitude 78.4266*/ longtitude 105* west  694.4 minutes of arc from the North Pole
Resultant grid pole "C " = Latitude 75.6 / longtitude  97.8* west 864 minutes of arc from the North Pole.

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The values of 1054.4,   694.4  and 864 fall on spacial curves which have direct harmonic associations as follow:
. 4 = Appears to be associated with the harmonic cross-sectional area of all atoms.
.4 = Harmonic of the speed of light reciprocal 1/C
'  = 14.4* = Harmonic of the speed of light.


The longtitudinal separation of Grid A and  Grid B is also 14.4*,which sets up another direct harmonic with the speed of light. The separation creates a phase-difference harmonically tuned to the circumference of the atom. I have shown in Chapter Five that the harmonic circumference of all atomic structures is a constant of 1152 units The spacing of the grid lines in each of Grids "A"and "B" is 7.5 minutes of arc . If the angle of seperation of the two grids of 14.4*, or 864 minutes of arc, is divided by the grid-line spacing of  7.5 minutes of arc we get 115.2 units, or (1152 harmonic). When this harmonic is applied to the circumference of an atom it denotes the eight possible electron positions spaced at 144 units apart . In other words, each electron in an atomic shell is spaced at the speed of light harmonic 144 units from its neighbour.                         [ 144 x 8 = 1152 ]
The diagonal of the "polar square"of  5091.168825 units can be broken down into a series of values:
5091.168824 ( 2 = 2545.584412
2545.584412 ( 7.5 = 3.39411255
3.39411255/2 = 11.52
11.52 (8 = 1.44 (speed of light harmonic)
2545.584412/2 = 6480000
Reciprocal of 2545.584412 = .03928371
The number 648 is a harmonic factor of great importance, as will be demonstrated in other sections of this book.
The many other harmonic factors, centred around the "polar square" corner "aerial "positions form a series of complex mathematical associations, and this can be left for those who wish to carry out their own research. If I can show how  to

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construct the main "bones"of the grid my part of the job will be complete

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The conversion  factors for ascertaining gravity acceleration in grid terms are as follow:
One minute of arc is equal to 6000 grid feet, or 6080-6083 British feet so an average conversion factor to convert British feet to grid feet would be to multiply the number by .9865987, or 6000/6081.5.  
The grid time factor I discovered has stood up to scrutiny over the years and is based on 27 periods for one revolution of the earth. Normally we use 24 periods of one hour each. The 27 periods, I call 27 grid hours. A grid hour is slightly shorter than a normal hour, and is divided into sixty grid minutes, each of which is equal to sixty grid seconds.
Therefore for one revolution of the earth we have a standard time of 86,400 seconds as against a grid time of 97,200
Seconds. The ratio is 8 : 9.
The physics books state that gravity acceleration varies

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according to latitude on the earths surface, and also with altit-ude, or distance from the centre of the earth .
The variation at sea level from 0* to 90* latitude is equal to 32.087829 feet / second 2 to 32.257711 feet / second 2
I decided to  calculate the grid gravity acceleration at a latitude of 52.88* which is 37.12*from the geometric pole
The 288 harmonic is evident here plus the harmonic of 3712, the reciprocal of which is 2693966 (2694 ). If we interpolate the standard gravity acceleration at this latitudeas 32.2015425 feet /second 2 we can convert to grid gravity acceleration as follows:  
32 . 2015425   x    6000    x     8     =     28.239 grid feet /grid sec. 2
                             6081.5         9
We can now manipulate the grid gravity acceleration factor of 28.239 as a harmonic of 28239:
        28239 x  60  =  169434  (16944 )
28239  x  97200 = 274483
the reciprocal of                            274483 = 36432
The harmonic of 169434 is associated with the mass of the proton in the atomic nucleus, and  36432  is built into the grid as a distance along the line of latitude between the corner aerial positions of the "polar squares"(3643.2)
(see diagram 1). As can be seen the harmonics are evident when different time periods for the acceleration factor are considered.
In my second book I stated that the first glimmerings of how  true space travel might be achieved came to me when I uncovered the clues that led me to the UFO grid which laces about our globe.  
I was aware that my calculations were not precisely accurate-in the strict mathematical sense-but I could see that the system was based on space-time geometrics, and at least there was the best possible support for this: non less than the theories of Einstein.  
Somewhere, I knew, the system contained a clue to the truth of the unified field which, he had postulated permeates all of

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existence. I didn't know at the time that this clue had already been found by scientists who were well ahead of me . I know now that they must have understood something of the grid system years ago. They knew that Einstein's ideas about the unified field were correct. What's more, for many years they had been carrying out full-scale research into the practical applications contained in that theory.
We were told that Einstein died without completing his equations relating to the unified field theory.But in more recent times it has been said that he did in fact complete his work but that the concepts were so advanced that the full truth was not released.
The only way to traverse the vast distances of space is to possess the means of manipulating, or altering, the very structure of space itself; altering the space-time geometric matrix, which to us provide the illusion of form and distance. The method of achieving this lies in the alteration of frequencies controlling the matter- antimatter cycles which  govern our awareness of position in the space-time struc-ture. Time itself is a geometric, just as Einstein himself postulated; if time can be altered, then the whole universe universe is waiting for us to come and explore its nooks and crannies.  
In the blink of an eye we could cross colossal distances; for distance is an illusion. The only thing that keeps places apart in space is time. If it were possible to move from one possible to move from one position to another in space,  
in an infinitely small amount  time or "zero time", then both the positions would  coexist according to our awareness.  
By speeding up the geometric of time we will be able to bring distinct places within close proximity. This is the secret of the UFO's-they travel by altering the spatial dimensions around them and repositioning in space-time  
I decided to concentrate specifically on three harmonic values which appeared to have a close relationship with each other. Previously I had shown this connection and had truthfully pointed out that I did not know why the relationship was there at all.
On hearing this The scribe saw from out the corner of the one good eye the ZedAlizZeds ears prick up. Oddthat could be a dog, growled the thought.