After the eruption of an interruption The Zed Aliz Zed the scribe and their good friend Elder Brother Caithes,  
and them  as  would, all assumed the body folded posture of the King of the Asanas.
After remaining in this position for Nine minutes, within a changed reality, they returned from the upside down of the downside up, to the downside up of the upside down where all made sense, much refreshed ,and  renewed of vigour    the assembled company  again settled themselves, and waited for Brother Caithes to continue
" This again creates a harmonic in sympathetic resonance with a light factor of  144.
Can the critics still deny that the geometry of matter is directly related to the harmonic interweaving of light itself ?
There is no substance in the absolute sense. We live in a reality of un-reality; all is illusion and the stuff that dreams are made of. Our physical world is nothing more than a resonating ball of light and shade "  
After the eruption of an interruption The Zed Aliz Zed the scribe and their good friend Elder Brother Caithes  
And  others as  would, all assumed the body folded posture of the King of the Asanas
After remaining in this position for Nine minutes,within a changed reality, they returned from the upside down of the downside up. To the downside up of the upside down where all made sense, much refreshed ,and  renewed of vigour    the assembled company  again settled themselves and waited for Brother Caithes to continue
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Chapter Four

IN MY SECOND BOOK,Harmonic 695, I showed the various steps I went through in my research which eventually led me to a unified equation based on the harmonic of the speed of light, and the Einstein equation E = MC/2. The equation indicated to me that all the physical substances in the universe were formed from the harmonic frequencies of light in various interlocking geo-metric forms. All matter, be it a star, aplanet, or the structure of the atom,is formed by the harmonius resonance of light.  
 Page 43

"Straight and curved line geometry; the globe and the disc. By choosing one single universal measurement unit we are able to convert directly from units of length to angles of geometry and back again. Taking the earth as a globe we see it has a circumference of 21600 minutes of arc (or nautical miles ) and a diameter of 6875.493 minutes of arc.
It is stated in this theory that every globe has an equivalent disc which is equal to it. The best way to imagine this
Equivalent disc is to liken it to a globe that has been put into a giant press and squashed flat at the equator .
What we are interested in is the ratio of the dimensions of the globe; radius , diameter circumference etc., to those of its equivalent disc. It is found that the diameter of the disc is equal to one half the circumference of the globe, and  the circumference of the disc is one half of pi times that of the circumference of the globe.
As a globe the circumference = 21600 nautical miles
As a disc the diameter             = 10800 nautical miles
As a disc the circumference    =  33929.2 nautical miles
The circumference as a disc is 1.570963 times the circumference as a globe, or half of pi "

Page  44

"I consider that there is evidence which suggests British measurement was originally based on geometric concepts
.If this can be proved then it follows that this system of measurement could be used in a universal sense, to harmonize structures to natural law. The first indications of this can be seen in the design factors of the Great Pyramid as demonstrated in Chapter  Eight.
A pyramid or geodetic inch, is equal to 1. 0011British inches . Could it be that in ancient times a pyramid inch and the British inch were equal to each other and somehow derived from a geometric value associated with the light harmonicof 144 ? If so, then our ancestors were scientifically advanced to a much greater degree than we give them credit for."
"The figure generally taken for the circumference of the earth at the equator is 25,000 statute miles. If we divide this by   360 to

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find the number of miles in one degree the answer is 69. 444. Taking every thing else into consideration I'm sure this is not just coincidence. The value of 6944 is obviously the reciprocal of the speed of light harmonic."
"…I decided to check with my calculator and see what value could be obtained if  the 90-degree quadrant of a meridian was treated as a geometric value of 5400 minutes of arc. When divided by 10,000,000 the answer came to
38.88 geodetic inches .Not much showed up here so I halved it to obtain 19. 44 inches geodetic inches,or one
ten-millionth part of 45 degree. This showed evidence of a harmonic affinity with the gravity reciprocal. If treated har-monically as 19.44 degrees or (19. 44 inches x 7200)  the radian is equal to . 339292;  harmonically equivalent to the cir-cumference value of the earth as a disc.
Again harmonically if we divide 21600 by 19. 44 we get 11111.111111 which  appears to to have something to do with unity, but is certainly a strange number. Six times spiral pi, or 6 x 3. 24 will also give a value of 19. 44. One third of the height of the Great Pyramid of 5832 geodetic inches is equal to 1944 as shown in Chapter Eight  
The height of the Great Pyramid is 486 geodetic feet, which is 1944 divided by 4. A harmonic association with time is also indicated. The number of seconds in a grid day is 97200. The harmonic of time in seconds is therefore 972;  
or 1944 divided by 2.It appears that the value of 1944 is of great significance.




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Another ancient measurement of interest is the megalithic yard of 2.72 British feet, discovered by  A.Thom.
The unit is considered to be of Egyptian origin as it is found in the geo-metrical canon of Egyptian measures.
John Mitchell in his book  The City of Revelation  brings out another point in connection with this unit: "All over the world the traditional units of length, area weight and capacity are related to each other and derive from
Two such are the English mile and the unit which only now survives in the East as the 'pu'of Indo-china ,its value given on page 358 of L.D'A.Jackson's  Modern Metrology as 2.72727 miles,the fraction recurring .Without previos knowledge of this unit its former existence in Britain was deduced by Mr J. F. Neal from his analysis of the intervals between ancient sacred sites, who called it the 'megalithic mile'on account of its ratio to the mile being virtually the same as that of the megalithic yard to the foot. There are 14,400 feet in one megalithic ,mile "
" He point out also that the ratio between the dimensions of the earth and the moon is 10:2.72727. The key point here is that one megalithic mile is equal to 14,400 British feet. Again we have the harmonic of the speed of light, 1440, connected with the British measure "  

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" A geometric figure which also indicates a remarkable relation-ship between the harmonic of light, the circle, and a system based on multiples  of 10 is the decagon see (diagram) . If a decagon, or ten-sided figure is inscribed within a circle then the subtended angles are equivalent to 144 (the light harmonic).The angles between the sides and the radius of the circle at each intersection are all 72 , or half the light harmonic. "      
"…if the side A of a regular  decagon, inscribed within a circle of radius R is laid off along that radius, the latter will be divided into the golden section ( a ratio of 1:1618, found to be incorporated into the structure of many ancient buildings)."    
The next interesting figure to have a look at is the spiral. When we really think about it there is no such thing as true circular motion at any point of the universe. This is due to the relative motion of all physical bodies in space. Although we may describe a perfect circle relative to our position on earth, the instrument used to describe such a circle in actual fact would carry out a spiralling path in relation to the universe as a whole. When we think of all the different movements we are subject to we realise that it is virtually impossible to calculate the path taken by a physical body when it moves from one spacial position to another. For instance, we would have to take into account the actual movement in relation to the earth, the spin of the earth, the movement of the earth around the sun, the sun's movement within our galaxy, galactic movement and so on.
From all the research I have done so far I have come to the conclusion that during the formation of matter the
wave-forms from which physical substance is manifest move through spiralling paths of 371.1340* cycles. These
cycles set up a resonating pulse which gives a harmonic reciprocal to the value of 269444 discussed in other sections of this book.The value for

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continues from

page 47/

pi in relationship to the radius of the spiralling motion is difficult to calculate due to the multi-dimensional movement. But I believe the value to be 3.24 ; the value of two pi, which would allow  for the double cycle of matter and antimatter. The square root of this figure is 2.545584412, which is harmonically equivalent to the value built into the polar square section of the world grid system.
The world grid system itself is set up in harmony with the natural spiralling motion of the wave-forms in physical sub-stance. The main poles of the two interlocking grid systems on the earth's surface are placed at intervals on the natural spiral which coincide with the harmonics of the reciprocal of light, and a value which appears to be associated with the cross sectional area of the atom.
The north and south poles of one grid are displaced 694.4 minutes of arc from the north and south geographic poles.
The second interlocking grid has poles which are displaced 1054.4 minutes of arc from the geographic poles: the difference in latitude being 360 minutes , or six degrees. The two grid pole positions, north and south, fall on a spiralling curve which commences at the north and terminates at the south geographic pole. This is probably very hard to visualize without the appro-priate demonstration models, but suffices it to say that the harmonic points on the natural spiral cause sympathetic resonance to be set up which combine with those of lights, gravity and mass.  
In Harmonic 33 I demonstrated the relationship of the position of Wolf Creek crater in north-western Australia to the world grid system. Wolf Creek crater is a massive so-called "meteor crater" similar to the Arizona crater in the United states. Although many scientists believe that these craters, and many others like them round the world, were gouged out by giant meteors striking the earth, to date no large meteor fragments have been discovered. A fairly good scattering of a certain type of iron has been found in the vicinity of some of the holes, but the combined mass of the fragments would be only an infinitesimal fraction of the bulk required to blast out holes of such size. The presence of this pure iron could point to other interesting possibilities which will be discussed in a later chapter.
I indicated in my earlier work that I believed the craters were

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formed by explosions from below the surface.This would have been caused by the instability of spiral geometrics within the grid system. This could have been brought about by interference with the system in the ancient past, based on advanced scientific knowledge. All the evidence being compiled in modern times indicates that at some time round eleven to twelve thousand years ago a major catastrophe occurred which caused world wide devastation…"  
"…I said in my first work that " the force fields of the grid were naturally distorted when this happened and stresses were set up in various parts of the system. As the earth moved through space, various points in these areas of strain
have lined up geometrically in relation to the solar system as a whole; the MC/2 section of the grid formula has possibly been fulfilled and a resulting explosion has taken place , with the known devastating results. "    
I believe the evidence I have now gives further b support to this theory. The physical position of Wolf Creek crater is a cold hard fact which cannot be disputed. Let us now have a close look at the geometrics of this position. The latitude which falls within the crater according to the charts is 19.177408*, the longtitude 127. 8066*
Dealing with the latitude first, it is found that 19.177408*is equivalent to 1150.6448 minutes of arc. If this geometric
harmonic is divided by 8, the number of electrons in each atomic shell, the value is 143.83056. It has been demonstrated in other sections of the book that the harmonic value of143830.56 is the resultant angular velocity of light when energy has been released from the formation of matter.
144,000 - 169.44 = 143,830.56  
Where: 144,000 = Angular velocity of light in minutes of arc per grid second in free space.
169.44 = Harmonic of proton mass.

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143, 830.56 = The resultant angular velocity of light after matter formation.
It appears in this case that the formation process has been reversed and that the geometrics of the latitude have been such that harmonic resonances have been built up within the wave-forms constituting the physical substance at the crater site. When the resonance became critical the geometric lock in the wave-forms was broken, with a resultant explosion which formed the crater. Much the same system is used to detonate an atomic bomb. The only difference here is that the initial cause of the instability is unknown.
In the case of the longtitude geometric I had a bit of a prob-lem. Initially I had a set of values which seemed to be valid, and had actually written them up for publication, but on double-checking I discovered some small discrepancies which caused me to doubt my earlier deliberations.
I checked and rechecked  the map longtitude, and carried out many calculations which resulted each time in harmonic values which were close to what I wanted but not accurate enough to explain the complete disruption of matter. The only conclusion that I could come to finally was that the longtitude position shown on the maps were in slight error.
(This has been found in several cases with maps which were produced before the advent of earth satellites.)
Photographs taken from space have shown that many posi-tions on the earth's surface have been anything up to two miles in error,according to longtitude. Because of this I believe that the longtitude, according to map reference, is approximately one minute of arc in error in relation to Wolf Creek crater..This is of course only tentative until a star survey can be carried out to ascertain the absolute position. Latitude can easily be computed, but longtitude requires a much more difficult series of calcula-tions.
The longtitude according to the maps is 127.8066 degrees. As calculations can only be made in arcs of 90* then this angle must be subtracted from the full value, leaving 37.8066 degrees. This converted to minutes of arc equals 2268.396 minutes. This indicated the first clue that the longtitude line was in

/ Page 52 /

error, as it is only necessary to shift the longtitude approximately one minute of arc to the east to bring the geometric harmonic to2269.44, which incorporates the 26944 harmonic found from the unified equations (Chapter 1).
The result angle for computation would now be 37.82407407*which has a co-tangent of 1.288. This double combination of resonance factors, coupled with the latitude value,would without a doubt cause a massive explosion.
Only a very careful survey of the site will confirm my theo-retical investigations but I feel confident that my computations will be found to be very close to the actual values.

Chapter 5

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NATURAL LAW IS NOT ERRATIC. The universe does not rely on chance to manifest within itself the physical substance which we percieve and call reality. Avery strict and ordered system of mathematical progressions is necessary to create the smallest speck of matter from the primeval  matrix of space.
During my years of research into the complexities of the earth grid system Ihave gradually built up a picture in my mind of the possible geometric combinations necessary to form matter from resonating, interlocking wave-forms.
My limited abilities in the various academic fields have made this task a taxing one at times, but I think I have discovered how to apply the original values, published in my first two books, in a practical mathematical sense, to build up a model which demonstrates the harmonic formation of matter.
This model indicates to me that the number of individual elements to be found in the universe will be 144. Each of these elements will have, in theory, six isotopes, which will make up a completed table of separate substances numbering 1008. An isotope is an atom of the same element which has a different nuclear mass and atomic weight.
Mathematically, the progression would create 144 octaves of separate substances giving a theoretical value of 1152
The difference between the total number of substances ( 1008 ) and the harmonic value in octaves ( 1152 ) would be,
, the light harmonic. The table of the elements, in octaves would create a cycle which would be in perfect resonance with the harmonic circumference of every atom from which it is constituted. It will be demonstrated that the harmonic circumference of every atom is 1152 units.
The harmonic values which create the geometric structure of matter can all be derived from the basic harmonic of the speed of light,144. I have shown in Chapter Four how all the spherical

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bodies in the universe are precipitated from space by resonances tuned to the reciprocal harmonic of light (6944). This applies to an atom and to the largest of planetary bodies, as the geometric harmonic diameter of any sized sphere has a constant harmonic affinity with the light reciprocal.
Once the precipitation of physical matter has occurred, the build up of the substances we know as the elements takes place, according to a very well-ordered mathematical sequence. Light-waves, guided seemingly by superior intelligence, form intricate interlocking grid patterns which graduate from the simple to the more complex, as the elements from hydrogen, at the lower end of the scale, to element 144, come into being.
When we think of reality we think of mass in relation to any physical manifestation, and the smallest particle of physical matter that we are aware of is the electron. Therefore, electron mass must be the starting point in our quest for a feasible theory to explain the structure of matter The physics books give the best experimental value for rest mass of  9.11 x 10  /- 31kg for the electron, (  9.2 x 10  /-31in some physics books ) and all modern-day calculations
for mass and energy have a relationship relative to this figure. To form the basis for a harmonic series we must find a mass number for the electron which can be derived directly from the harmonic of light, 144
The mathematical analysis I carried out on the Great Pyramid gave me the first clues upon which to base a unit for electron mass that would show connecting relationships throughout the atomic scale. The theoretical figure proved to be 9.24184 units. This was a fairly close approximation to the harmonic equiva-lent of 9.11 found by scientific experiment. A difference of 1.426 per cent.
To form an atomic structure, the electron mass unit must have some sort of constant mass ratio in relation to the protons which form the nucleus of an atom. Most textbooks give an experi-mental value for this ratio of 1836 units  
Ifound again from my work on the Pyramid that the most likely true value was 1833.464944 units. This turned out to be the theoretical length of the Grand Gallery in geodetic inches, and indicated to me that the gallery was in fact constructed as a wave guide, tuned to light harmonics. The actual mathematical derivative proved  to be: /
Page55 /  

                 144  x  4 = 576  = 1833.464944
                       pi          pi
This is equivalent to four times the speed of light harmonic, divided by the mathematical constant pi .We now find that if we multiply electron mass by this constant to calculate the mass of the proton, we have
9.24184 x1833.464944 = 16944 units to the nearest round figure. The harmonic mass of  the proton in the atomic nucleus is therefore a constant of 16944. This value has been shown as 1695 in my previous books with my admission that I was not aware of its significance. The constant of 16944 is also evident in many parts of the structure of the Great Pyramid.
The average radius of action of the electron around the atomic nucleus must also have a constant harmonic value in order to set up a system of expanding spheres which encompass the structure of each element. As the number of protons in the nucleus increases with the build up of each element, the spherical space which houses the electronshell must expand to accommodate an equal number of electrons. Although the protons and electrons are nothing more than extremely concentrated wave-forms, we consider them as physical particles in order to build up a picture of our model As each electron cloud, or shell expands outward from the nucleus, we find that it can accommodate only eight electrons. The shell is then filled up and another expansion must take place in order to form a new shell or harmonic zone, which again builds up to a maximum of eight electrons. As the magnitude of the harmonic resonance intensifies, heavier and heavier elements are produced until we reach a maximum of 144 elements. The light harmonic is then equal  and the cycles have been completed. The whole series is a repetition of octaves of wave-forms forming more and more complex structures.
The harmonic radius of the electron movement which creates each shell is equivelent to the mass ratio of the proton and electron; i.e.1833.464944 units. By increasing or decreasing this radius by the power of 10 a constant harmonic circumference for each electron shell can be calculated. The circumference can then be divided equally into an octave of eight electron positions which are spaced at 144 units (or the harmonic of light) apart. For example, three different atomic structures would have the same harmonic  radius. The different harmonic jumps to the

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Diagram 6

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power 10 in the radii being noted by the shifting of the decimal point.
A.              Radius        =  1833. 464944 units
                  Diameter    =   3666.929888
           Circumference  =   3666. 929888 x pi  =  11520
Maximum number of electron positions = 8
11520 ( 8  = 1440
B                Radius        =    18334. 64944
                   Diameter    =    36669. 29888
            Circumference  =    36669. 29888 x pi  =  115200
Maximum number of electron positions = 8
115200 ( 8  = 14400

C                 Radius        =     183346.4944                           Diameter    =     366692.9888
              Circumference =     366692.9888 x pi  =  11520000
Maximum number of electron positions = 8
1152000 ( 8 =  144000
And so on.
We can see by calculation that the proton will always have a harmonic value of 16944 and the electrons positioned around it will always have a spacing equivalent to the speed of light harmonic /
( see diagram 6.)

Page 56    
Showing A: Mass relationship of  proton and electron.
              B:Harmonic radius of action of electron.
              C: Harmonic circumference of electron travel around proton.

              D Spacing of electrons at harmonic distances around harmonic circumference
              Mass relationship of proton and electron = 1833.464944 : : 1
The mass relationship of the proton and the electron was found to be ( 288 x 2 )/ pi =1833464944 harmonic  (by calculation: see Grand Gallery, Great Pyramid). This theory of the structure of matter indicates how each element in the atomic table of elements is built up from harmonic wave-forms. The radius of motion of the electron has a constant harmonic value of 1833464944. The radius increases in harmonic jumps of 10 units thus creating a constant harmonic circumference of action of 1152 units. Each electron shell of harmonic circum-ference1152 can be divided into eight electron positions 144 units apart. As each electron is created in each shell, it is therefore spaced at a constant distance of 144 units (or the speed of light harmonic) from its neighbour
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The harmonic cross-sectional area of each atom, regardless of the physical substance it constitutes, would likewise have a constant value of 1056 (accurate to the first four figures). I had constantly come across this figure in my research over the pre-vious few years and believed it (in error) to be the harmonic of the total number of elements in the atomic table. My recent work has convinced me finally that the completed table num-bered 144 elements, and this seems logical when all the associated harmonic relationships are taken into consideration. I pointed out in my second book that the scientists have positioned electronic listening stations, spaced just on 1060 minutes of arc apart, in various places round the world, to monitor the results of atomic testing. It is likely that the exact spacing is 1056

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minutes of arc. This would tune the relative position of each station  to the structure of the atom.
As each atom moves through space, it traces out a spiralling path. During its travel it is spinning, and at the same time revolv-ing end over end, according to the harmonic theory. It turns through 180 degrees for each forward movement equivalent to its diameter (or 144 units).During each 1808 of movement it forms a particle of matter or antimatter, in alternate pulses, due to the constant change of mathematical sign from positive to negative and back to positive etc. This sets up the 288-unit pulse which constitutes a full cycle of matter formation. The volume of the cylindrical space traced out by one double pulse is equal to 304128 cubic units. The reciprocal of this number is 3288. I'm not sure what this denotes but possibly the cubed space formed by the harmonic 288 ?  
As each octave of electromagnetic resonance is built up, creating an intricate interweaving of wave patterns, the different elements begin to form. At each full octave a new element is produced. That is, when an element has been formed, followed up the scale by its six similar isotopes, the next harmonicjump to produce a full octave occurs with the simultaneous creation of the next higher element. This process continues right up the scale until all 144 elements are produced.