Cassell's English Dictionary 1974

Spin … To draw out and twist…
[…to breathe] A breathing hole, esp. in the lower animals; a vent hole for lava, etc.
(spir'al ) Forming a spire , spiral or coil; continually winding about and receding from a centre; continually winding as the thread of a screw. A spiral curve forma-tion, spring or other object; a continuous banked turn made during a glide with the moter stopped or ticking over  spiralityspirally,…spiraled    
[…to breathe] A consonant in the articula-tion of which breath is not wholly stopped, a continuable sound…
…The procession of the Holy Ghost.
…   A tapering, conical, or pyramidal structure, esp….
A spiral, a coil; a single turn in this, a whorl, a twist. spiry
  An extinct genus of brachio-pods with spiral appendages. spiriferous
…A genus of bacteria having a spiral structure; a bacterium of this genus. spirillar,  spirilliform,…

Harmonic 288
The Pulse Of The Universe
Bruce Cathie

Page 47

The next interesting figure to have a look at is the spiral. When we really think about it there is no such thing as true circular motion at any point of the universe. This is due to the relative motion of all physical bodies in space. Although we may describe a perfect circle relative to our position on earth, the instrument used to describe such a circle in actual fact would carry out a spiralling path in relation to the universe as a whole. When we think of all the different movements we are subject to we realise that it is virtually impossible to calculate the path taken by a physical body when it moves from one spacial position to another. For instance, we would have to take into account the actual movement in relation to the earth, the spin of the earth, the movement of the earth around the sun, the sun's movement within our galaxy, galactic movement and so on.
"From all the research I have done so far I have come to the conclusion that during the formation of matter the
wave-forms from which physical substance is manifest move through spiralling paths of 371.1340* cycles. These
cycles set up a resonating pulse which gives a harmonic reciprocal to the value of 269444 discussed in other sections of this book.The value for "

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pi in relationship to the radius of the spiralling motion is difficult to calculate due to the multi-dimensional movement. But I believe the value to be 3.24 ; the value of two pi, which would allow  for the double cycle of matter and antimatter. The square root of this figure is 2.545584412, which is harmonically equivalent to the value built into the polar square section of the world grid system.
The world grid system itself is set up in harmony with the natural spiralling motion of the wave-forms in physical sub-stance. The main poles of the two interlocking grid systems on the earth's surface are placed at intervals on the natural spiral which coincide with the harmonics of the reciprocal of light, and a value which appears to be associated with the cross sectional area of the atom.
The north and south poles of one grid are displaced 694.4 minutes of arc from the north and south geographic poles.
The second interlocking grid has poles which are displaced 1054.4 minutes of arc from the geographic poles: the difference in latitude being 360 minutes , or six degrees. The two grid pole positions, north and south, fall on a spiralling curve which commences at the north and terminates at the south geographic pole. This is probably very hard to visualize without the appro-priate demonstration models, but suffices it to say that the harmonic points on the natural spiral cause sympathetic resonance to be set up which combine with those of lights, gravity and mass
I indicated in my earlier work that I believed the craters were

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formed by explosions from below the surface. This would have been caused by the instability of spiral geometrics within the grid system. This could have been brought about by interference with the system in the ancient past, based on advanced scientific knowledge. All the evidence being compiled in modern times indicates that at some time round eleven to twelve thousand years ago a major catastrophe occurred which caused world wide devastation…"  

Page 58  

"As each atom moves through space it traces out a spiralling path.


Peter Kolosimo

Page 121

"Another curious fact is the prevalance in Malta of the spiral design which, in many parts of the globe signifies the Universe. It is a matter for speculation how the peoples of the ancient world came to adopt this sign, corresponding as it does to the actual configuration of most of the 'islands of cosmic space."
Page 175

" Modern explorers have found in the Cauca valley exquisite artefacts made from an alloy of gold and copper: helmets, vases jars and statuettes of princes, one of which , about 8 inches tall, is in the Museo de America at Madrid. The modelling of the features is such that we can easily imagine the figure wearing a transparent space-helmet withear-phones.Other ancient masterpieces have been found in the garden of a villa at Esmeraldas on the coast of Equador: the most valuable collection of its kind in the world, it numbers 12,000 pieces including axes, sceptres, weapons and imple-ments of all sorts. The majority are of unique design, but there are seals made of precious stones and resembling those executed in China down to recent times, as well as figurines of persons with Oriental-type features, dressed in a manner reminiscent of ancient Egypt. Another noteworthy object is a mirror made from a green jewel two inches wide,which reflects everything down to the smallest detail. The Esmeraldas collection, which must be about 18,000 years old, is remarkable not only for its artistic perfection but for its resemblances to ancient Mediterranean and Asiatic work, though these do not fall into any specific pattern.
The sceptres, headresses and other objects found in the Cauca valley are notable for the frequent use of the spiral as a decorative motif. This symbol occurs throughout the ancient world, from Malta to Samarkland, from Africa to Europe. Marcel Homet writes as follows (in Sons of the Sun, London 1963 ):
'The representation alone of the spiral form plays an important part in the prehistory which links the continents,
Montelius and Evans assumed that it derived from the 4th

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Egyptian dynasty ( in the middle of the third millenium B.C.) and only subsequently came to Crete(after 2000 B.C. ). Neverthless we meet with this form on the shores of the Danube as early as 3000 B.C. and at the end of the palaeo-logical age in Moravia. Forms of spirals, engraved or painted on stones, are constantly to be met with in America,where they represent the life of the universe and also the principle of fertility. It was always with the purpose of affecting the faithful that the priests of vanished civilizations put the earthly facts into simple motifs as they were instructed by 'heaven' We must not overlook the fact that not only the Sumerians, Akkadians and Chaldeans but also, and much earlier, the wise men of Tiahuanaco, thanks to procedures of which we know nothing, had grasped that the heavenly path of the stars is an open eclipse; in other words it is a screw-like spiral, and this knowledge they transferred to their stone drawings and engravings.
'Of course linear and two-dimensional representations can lead the layman astray. So, in searching for a more adequate means of presentation, one must recall the mystery of life the mystery of creation: the serpent and the cosmological egg that issues from its mouth. This is a myth widespread in Europe, in the Mediterranean countries, among the Mayas and also the ancient inhabitants of Brazil. The divinity of the serpent is variously depicted. For the Chaldeans there was the god who held a staff in his hand, which was a double screw-shaped sceptre, the symbol of fertility and health. In the graves of the Kurgans in southern Russia, one found also screw-shaped tubes and
shaped ear pendants, But the cosmological egg also represents the spiral move-ment of the stars. That must be the reason why a majority of the gigantic Ibero-celtic monoliths and those we found in the Amazon region, as for example the Pedra Pintada, have an ellipsoid form and are carefully set in position in relation to the stars.'
British, American and Soviet scholars have also delved into the mystery of the spiral, and the Russians are inclined to support Homet's view: they consider that it was both an astronomical symbol of the universe and a religious emblem of creation, based on the form of a spiral nebula or

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protogalaxy. The spiral, in fact, is a stylized galaxy, but how could our ancestors, who were often wholly ignorant of astronomy, have hit upon this idea or known what a galaxy was? We can only suppose, improbable as it may seem,either that they had actually reached an advanced degree of scientific knowledge by their own efforts or that it was im-parted to them by extra terrestrial beings. As Simaniov speculates, 'perhaps the spiral adorned the space-suits of astronauts who landed on our globe in the dawn of human history, and symbolized the mission of these galactic explorers .'  
The spiral was a favourite emblem of the Muiscas, a Chibcha tribe living in what are now the Columbian province of Boyaca and Cundinamarca, where the rulers like the Incas and the Pharaohs, used to take their sisters as consorts.
This people too had a flood legend and worshipped white gods: Bochica, the sun and his wife Bachue, the moon.Bochica it is related , came from the east and taught men the arts of weaving and tillage; he gave them laws and taught them how to 'conquer time and disease'. "

The Bull of Minos
Leonard Cottrell 1964

Page 113
But says Apollo-dorus:'
                "Minos pursued Daedalus and in every country he searched he carried a spiral shell and promised to give great reward to him who should pass a thread through the shell, believing that by that means he should discover Daedalus."
      …"Having come to Camicus in Sicily [ writes Apollodorus] to the court of Cocalus, with whom Daedalus was concealed, he showed the spiral shell. Cocalus (Lord of Sicily) took it, and promised to thread it, and gave it to Daedalus."

           "Such a challenge was irresistable to Daedalus."…
…"He knew well that his new Lord, Cocalus, was as incapable of working out math-matically the curves and convolutions of the shell as was Ariadne's handsome but stupid lover in memorizing the twists and turns of the Labyrinth. So, just as he had provided Theseus with the clue of thread which even he could not mis-understand , so he provided the King of Sicily with a method of threading the shell which was brilliant in its simplicity."
"Cocalus took it , and promised to thread it …and Daedalus fastened a thread to an ant, and, having bored a hole in the spiral shell, allowed the ant, to pass through it
The scribe writ there are Seven letters in Pyramid
And eight in electron said Alizzed
After celebrating ABRACADABRA with the good  brother and exchanging the odd intuitive side long glance, to a front facing mirror,to the left a't right hand side a't other side, the one betwixt and between one n tother. The ZedAlizZed and the scribe departed their journey. They did not return the way they had come, rather preferring to go  not this way but that.  
Lucifer, said Zed Aliz was our name for Venus, but it was all such a short time ago.
The Death Of Forever
A New Future for Human Consciousness
The Death of Forever
Darryl Reanney (1991)
…" In the thirteenth century, an Italian called Leonard Fibonacci discovered a sequence of numbers that still bears his name: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 etc.  
These numbers have some curious properties. Each succeeding number is the sum of the preceeding two;                           every third number can be divided by 2, every fourth number by 3 etc. The last digits of the Fibonacci number sequences repeat a cycle of 60 digits, the last two a cycle of 300 etc.
Fibonacci ratios are widespread in nature. The arrangement of petals in many plants has a rotational symetery that corresponds strikingly with a Fibonacci spiral. This is probably the result of natural selection. In the unique configeration mapped out by the Fibonacci spiral, each leaf is optimally positioned to harvest the maximum amount of sunlight. Evolutionary principles may also explain why some shells trace out Fibonacci spirals as they grow. However, evolution cannot explain why Fibonacci ratios appear also in the physical world, in certain electrical networks for exam-ple, and perhaps in the structure of subatomic particles.
What gives these numbers their facination is that they also occur in artworks across the spectrum of creative human activity. They occur in architecture (for example, in ancient Minoan buildings and in Gothic cathedrals); in art (for example , in Greek vases); in poetry (for example in the stanzas of Virgil ) and most especially in music."
The scribe then writ


Timeless Earth
Peter Kolosimo

Page 176

So, in searching for a more adequate means of presentation, one must recall the mystery of life the mystery of creation: the serpent and the cosmological egg that issues from its mouth. This is a myth widespread in Europe, in the Mediterranean countries, among the Mayas and also the ancient inhabitants of Brazil. The divinity of the serpent is variously depicted. For the Chaldeans there was the god who held a staff in his hand, which was a double screw-shaped sceptre, the symbol of fertility and health. In the graves of the Kurgans in southern Russia, one found also screw-shaped tubes and
shaped ear pendants, But the cosmological egg also represents the spiral move-ment of the stars. That must be the reason why a majority of the gigantic Ibero-celtic monoliths and those we found in the Amazon region, as for example the Pedra Pintada, have an ellipsoid form and are carefully set in position in relation to the stars.'

Joseph and His Brothers 1970
Thomas Mann

Page 915

" These conferences,which at the moment greatly occupied Amenhotep's mind, had been taken up with the subject of the bird Bennu, also called Offspring of Fire, because it was said that he was motherless, and morever actually his own father, since dying and beginning were the same for him. For he burned himself up in his nest made of myrrh and came forth from the ashes again as young Bennu.This happened, some authorities said,every five hundred years; happened in fact in the temple of the sun at On, whither the bird, a heron-like eagle, purple and gold,came for the purpose from Arabia or even India. Other authorities asserted that it brought with it an egg made of myrrh, as big as it could carry,wherein it had put its deceased father, that is to say actually actually itself,and laid it down on the sun-altar.These two assertions might subsist side by side - after all, there sub-sists so much side by side,differing things may both be true and only different expressions of the same truth. But what Pharaoh first wanted to know, what he wanted to discuss, was how much time had passed out of the five hundred years which lay between the bird and the egg; how far they were on the one hand from the last appearance and on the other from the next one; in short at what point of the phoenix-year they stood. The majority opinion of the priests was that it must be somewhere about the middle of the period. They reasoned that if it was still near its beginning, then some memory of the last appear-ance of Bennu must still exist and that was not the case. But suppose they were near the end of one period and the beginning of the next; then they must reckon on the impending or immediate return of the time-bird. But none of them counted on having the experience in his lifetime so the only remaining possibility was that they were about the middle of the period. Some of the shiny pates went so far as to suspect that they would always remain in the middle, the mystery of the Bennu bird being precisely this: that the distance between the last appearance of the Phoenix and his next one was always the same, always a middle point.But the mystery was not in itself the important thing to Pharaoh. The burning question to be discussed, which was the object of his visit, and which then he did discuss for a whole half-day with the shiny-pates, was the doctrine that the fire-bird's myrrh egg in which he had shut up the body of his father did not therefore become heavier. For he had made it anyhow as large and heavy as he could possibly carry, and if he was still able to carry it after he had put his fathers body in it, then it must follow that the egg had not thereby increased in weight.            
That was an exciting and enchanting fact of world-wide impor-tance. In young Pharaoh's eyes it was worthy of the most circum-stantial exposition. If one added to a body another body and it did not become heavier thereby, that must mean there were immaterial bodies - or differently and better put, incorporeal realities, immaterial as sunlight; or, again differently and still better put, there was the spir-itual and this spiritual was etherally embodied in the Bennu-father,

/ Page 916  /

whom the myrrh egg received while altering its character thereby in the most exciting and significant way. For the egg was altogether a definitely female kind of thing; only the female among birds laid eggs,and nothing could be more mother-female than the great egg out of which the world came forth. But Bennu the sun-bird, motherless and his own father, made his own egg himself,an egg against the natural order, a masculine egg, a father- egg and laid it as a manifestation of fatherhood, spirit, and light upon the alabaster table of the sun-divinity."

Timeless Earth
Peter Kolosimo
Chapter Eighteen
"The Lords of fire"

Page 179

" On the banks of a tiny stream, the Mozna, which rises in the Cordillera Blanca in western Peru and flows into the Maranon, there is a sleepy village named Chavin de Huantar which has given its name to a great civilization "
" The earliest known strata of this culture date back to 4000 B.C., and some of its buildings were erected in 715 B.C. Whatever the exact dates, it seems to have reached its peak in about 1500 B.C. and to have dominated the area between the Pacific and the headwaters of the Amazon.
The most important animal in Chavin mythology is the jaguar ; snakes and condors also play a prominent part, as do the part-human monsters that we have already come across in other ancient American cultures.The jaguar or puma plays a similar role, as a symbol of divinity and lordship, to the lion in old world mythology, while the conder corresponds to the eagle. "
"…Another symbolic creature which recalls the notion of a space chariot is the fire-bird or thunder bird (the latter name is used by the Indians of the U.S.A., Canada and Alaska), variously repre-sented as an eagle, a hawk, a conder or a winged reptile. This is the animal which we see at the top of a totem pole, and it is identical with the feathered serpent of the Aztecs. It also corresponds to Abmuseumkab, the winged monster of the Hindus, to the Chinese flying dragon, the 'Zimbabwe falcon' or the phoenix which appeared every 500 years at Heliopolis

/  Page 180 /

in Egypt, reborn from the ashes of a special nest which was also its funeral pyre.  
It is, to say the least, curious that so many distant peoples should have associated the idea of a bird with that of fire or thunder."
"…An Egyptian legend tells of a king who 'took refuge in the belly of a white bird which came down from heaven in a trail of fire'. References to 'lords of the flame, riding through the air on the backs of fire-birds', are common to ancient America, India and other parts of Asia. As for the phoenix, which builds a nest of spices and is burnt up in it by the suns rays - "
"…Writing of this and similar myths, Homet takes a similar view to Soviet scholars when he says :
We are more and more inclined to the conviction that the contents of myths… if properly interpreted and understood, are nothing more than a memory of facts far in the past… The point is to extract the core of the myth, saga or legend and to grasp it."


"…As Homet goes on to say, 'Why should it not be that thousands, even tens of thousands of years before us a civilization existed over thousands of years and reached the height of aviational possibilities? Just because such a train of thought is suspiciously easy one must be especially cautious - not only, however, with assertions, but also with a priori rejection,' "

Cassell's English
Dictionary 1974

Page 485

" geometric
The science of magnitudes whether linear, superficial, or solid with their properties and relations in space "
" geometric, -al
Pertaining to geometry ;done, determined  or prescribed by geometry; disposed in mathemetical figures "
" geometrical progression :  A progression in which the terms increase or decrease by a common ratio,"
                                                                                                                  as 1, 3, 9, 27; 144, 72, 36, 18.
" geometrical proportion:  One based on equal ratios in its two parts, as 2 : 4 : :  6 : 12.
Doodling the scribe writ
then writ
- ouraborus   and then writ
and then wrote writ,and then writ wrote  and then writ
Gee said ZedAliz there just had to be a B  
There are ten letters in Pythagorus, said Alizzed and nine in ouraborus and 10 + 9 is 19 and
I + 9
is10 and 1+ 0 is O
Then at the further instigation of the Zed Aliz Zed. The scribe writ                   10 x 9 is  90 and 9 + 0 is 9
Then would you believe it the scribe writ  Phi  is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet
                                                                                  Thus writ the scribe