The Bhagvad Gita
" Tell me who you are ?

I am come as time the waster of the peoples "

 The Elixir And The Stone
A history of Magic and Alchemy 1998
Michael Baigent And Richard Leigh

Page  27

Everything in its own way was valid. Everything was incorporated in the comprehensive  design. Even evil, while being confronted as such, had its place in the overall plan



" Who art thou
I am part of that spirit ,
which always wills evil
but always creatives good "
Johann  Wolfgang von  Goethe
- 1832
   Alizzed said,  evil is live   backwards scribe.
The scribe writ  live is evil  backwards

To the those of they whose need is gravest
These words are addressed to thee,  to the who art thou that is thee, to the mystery of that .
To the sacred nature of that
In homage to the that of this and that that is thee to  all of that and all of thee
Silent sounds  that issue forth a cry of recognition from that that of all of  that that I am.
That that is
That that is me
Know that that that that I am
Iam the this in this and and that that is thee.
I am being
a human being
That being that that through thine eyes am seeing .
That  am I  I am  that
I am that he as in she of the she as in he that is thee
I am that she as in he of that he as in she that is thee
That thou that thou art  that thou  am I
I am that that that that is everything
That that that that is  nothing  
that that that that is nothing that that that that is everything
that that that that I am
I am that that that that that that that that am I
That that that that thou art that is me I am that that that that is thee
That being born and being that that is my being
I am the that in this and that  
I am within and without thee
Thou hast been born out the womb of all my theatre
Who thou art  I am
I am that that that that that thou art,
That of the thou
The thou of the thought
The thought as in ought
The ought as in thought of those of the they whose eyes upon these I's alight.
The eyes of the me, of the me as in she of the she as in he of the he as in thee of the thee as in me
Those I's that now stare across at thee from a not so throwaway moment in the time that never was
Listen to the all   that ever was of thy not so silent questions
Thinkest thou of that thirst that slaked by  water  ne'r is quenched  
Takest thou thine heed and understand the this of that that is being said.
That at this quintessential  moment of thy now within the Karmic magic of thine I's.
A conspiracy of the fates has been cast.
Two paths across have made, the trap of life once more be  sprang  as if by chance,  within that instant of a moment of either awe.
And within the  without of the ken of all your knowledge.
Just now before your very eyes did we proffer a contract  for  your careful consideration a deal offered and fair price asked, a sudden bargain struck
It is the our half of the are of  that  bargain struck when thine I's met mine across a crowded moon, thine own half of a bargains bargain yet to proceed  It is now for thee having arrived at this wherewithall  of a share withall of a day, in a day to day, of your day to day day, of an everyday, here today gone tomorrow sort of a day to day reality, that thou art at a crossroads a juxtoposition of choices , a feast of possibilities, A potential path , of  a path of potential to tread.    Thy karmic tare has brought to the point in question. The question in point will you make the right one for thee. If the thee that is thou decides to throw in your lot with us , then oh salt of the earth Welcome to thee, from the we that is me of the me that is he of theme miself and eye that is thee.
.Know thou this  my very own shadow of the deathlands,  that the following work contains within the without of its within the within of the without of its inner within
.It does in point of fact contains  the secret of  the that.
This is the that that that is
This is that that that that that that that is
This is the that of that that that
That that that that that is thee
The he, of the he as is she of the she as he of the he that is me
of them that are thee .
There is know death only the experiencer  experiencing
And hurrah for all that said Zed Aliz
No matter how far they travel they will still be a universe away
said the ZedAlizZed
ZedAlizZed did not show the following to Elder Cathie, who was taking a quiet moment to stare into space.

Death the fragmenting of ageless patterns into ageless pattern
He had a placard around his neck on which was writ "Down with UFOs." On being asked who he was, just for the record. He replied the names Bored, Bill Bored.
Experiment with our simian brothers and sisters said Alizzed . Sanctity of life apart who's to say which of the two   weighs the heavier upon the scales that never lie. The truth is, the expression of both life forms emerge from the same compound  of  the that,  the two life forces are the same in every way. The only difference arises in the comprehension of that fact
. The magnetron is a diode or thermionic tube having a strange axial cathode surrounded by a cylindrical anode. Its use as a magnetic prospecting instrument derives from the fact that in the presence of a magnetic field the electrons do not travel regularly from the cathode to the anode; instead they spiral around the cathode in circular paths, and after a critical magnetic field intensity is reached, the electrons will return to the cathode without reaching the anode


Timeless Earth 1977
Peter Kolosimo

Page 203

"The Inca empire,known as the 'land of the four quarters ' (Tahuantinsuyu ), extended from the south of what is now Colombia to the north of Argentina"
Some authorities date the origin of the empire back to A.D.494 and 565, others to 1130."
494 + 565  = 1059
565 - 494   =    70

Timeless Earth Peter Kolosimo
Chapter Eighteen "The Lords of fire"

Page 179 /

This is the animal which we see at the top of a totem pole, and it is identical with the feathered serpent of the Aztecs. It also corresponds to Abmuseumkab, the winged monster of the Hindus
Don't look down on me thought the scribe I knew you when you were a gum tree
Alizzed said you will just have to raise your game Im afraid.
Eht Namuh stood there awkward as fine a scowl on a back to back dumpling face,as you ever did not see
"…Another symbolic creature which recalls the notion of a space chariot is the fire-bird or thunder bird (the latter name is used by the Indians of the U.S.A., Canada and Alaska), variously repre-sented as an eagle, a hawk, a conder or a winged reptile. This is the animal which we see at the top of a totem pole, and it is identical with the feathered serpent of the Aztecs. It also corresponds to Abmuseumkab, the winged monster of the Hindus, to the Chinese flying dragon, the 'Zimbabwe falcon' or the phoenix which appeared every 500 years at Heliopolis

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in Egypt, reborn from the ashes of a special nest which was also its funeral pyre.  
It is, to say the least, curious that so many distant people
500 x 360 = 180000
So, in searching for a more adequate means of presentation, one must recall the mystery of life the mystery of creation: the serpent and the cosmological egg that issues from its mouth.
Eating the egg I shouldnt wonder thought the scribe writing sperm.and thinking hairdressing

Harmonic 288
The Pulse Of The Universe
Bruce Cathie

Page 44

Again harmonically if we divide 21600 by 19. 44 we get 11111.111111 which  appears to to have something to do with unity, but is certainly a strange number.

The Death of Forever
Darryl Reanney (1991)

Page 221  

"… consider the sequence 31415926535897 (1)
This passes all currently-available tests for randomness.
     Now com-pare it with the sequence20304815424786 (2)
Which also qualifies as a wholly random number. On the face of it, we simply  have two random numbers. However, if we subtract the lower sequence (2) from the higher (1), with the 'wrinkle' that if we get a negative number we add 10 to the result, we obtain the sequence
This is strikingly non-random.These two 'random' numbers thus have a special property. Heinz Pagels,who gives this example in his book The Cosmic Code, draws from this illustration a conclu-

/ Page 222 /

sion that goes to the heart of my argument about synchronistic cross-linkaging . He says:
     This illustrates that two random sequences can be correlated-
each is individually chaotic but, if properly compared by using
                   some rule, then a non-random pattern appears.
If I am right, analgous cross-likages at the quantum level may be the fine gossamer threads, fragile in themselves, but indestructible in their collective strength, that hold the cosmos in a self-consistent loop of becoming.
Y nodes, choices, thus emerge as the determinants of the pattern of our psychological development. Because of them,
we create our own heaven, our own hell, we create ourselves, we create the very fabric of the world."
With this discussion of synchronicity and self- consistency, we have arrived at the point where we can begin to see the strange relation-ship between consciousness and the universe, between the 'thought' within and the 'thing' without.
We have established that consciousness cannot be treated sepa-rately from the 'reality' it observes. We can assert this confidently. It is now a (virtually) unchallengeable maxim of quantum mechanics that each act of observation
causes the ripple of possibilities of the quantum wave to 'concretise into entities with an observable and measureable existence.In Chapter 9, I postulated that consciousness is that unifying activity in the brain that 'sees' one in many.
However, conscious-ness is not just a passive reciever. By its choices, it creates unities. Indeed, its very essence is that it acts as a nodal integrator between the quantum ripples of possibility that emanate from both past and future. It is if you like, the reality slit into which multiple ripples

/ Page 223 /

of possibility enter, leaving the temporally symmetric quantum world and 'falling' into the one-way world of matter which decays with time.      

The Death Of Forever
A New Future for Human Consciousness Darryl Reanney (1991)

Page 189

…" In the thirteenth century, an Italian called Leonard Fibonacci discovered a sequence of numbers that still bears his name: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 etc.  
BBC News Broadcast 8-0 am ,Today the 24th of January the Indian Kumbha-Mela, will be the most holy  day in 144 years to take the waters of purification by bathing in the sacred river Ganges.
144 x 360 = 51840

Harmonic 288
The Pulse Of The Universe Bruce Cathie

Einstein stated that the geometric structure of space-time determines the physical processes .I theorise that space and time manifest from the geometric harmonies of the wave-motions of light. The fundamental harmonic of light in free space, in geometric terms being an angular velocity of 144, 000 minutes of arc per grid second, there being 97, 200 grid seconds to one revolution of the earth.
Time for you to go Alizzed said the White Rabbitz, for there are catacombs to visit, and perilous adventure lies ahead.  
It is time for you to go on the adventure of anybodies  lifetime said the White Rabbitz
Take this ball of twine and ZedAlizZzed no matter the twists and turns in the this n that of your journey through the ever never land