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by Lannix
05 Dec 2019 06:46
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I didn't read the article which I assume is all about how evil the illuminati are, which just plain isn't true.

And even if it were true it would not matter because the Second Coming is imminent. Nothing can stop the will of God.
by Lannix
18 Feb 2019 15:32
Forum: The Oracle
Topic: Inside the mind of a Schizophrenic
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Inside the mind of a Schizophrenic

by Lannix
23 Sep 2018 13:37
Forum: The Oracle
Topic: The Key
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The Key

So here is the key to unlocking the power of the Holy Spirit. You need another person. Thats it. You can't have it alone. It takes two people for it to work. The Holy Spirit will come to any two who join together for learning purposes. I'm pretty sure this requires a serious commitment from both par...
by Lannix
23 Sep 2018 13:09
Forum: The Oracle
Topic: Training the Mind
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Training the Mind

Is it the only way to enlightenment? Where do thoughts come from? I seem to have the power to control them when I'm thinking about it. Most of the time I'm not paying attention. What is the mind? Is it true that the mind is creating our reality? Every thought has an effect? Every single little thoug...
by Lannix
05 Feb 2018 02:27
Forum: The Oracle
Topic: The Second Coming of Christ
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The Second Coming of Christ

Are we living in the end times? Is this the time of the return of Christ? Let me tell you a little about a book I found, called A Course in Miracles. I have come to the conclusion that this is no ordinary book. It was channeled by a woman named Helen Shucman who claimed she was hearing the voice of ...
by Lannix
01 Feb 2018 12:37
Forum: The Oracle
Topic: Who is Zed Aliz Zed
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Re: Who is Zed Aliz Zed

I just assumed Zed Aliz Zed meant God, like the a's and z's meaning the alpha and the omega.
by Lannix
01 Feb 2018 12:29
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Topic: Red and Gold
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Red and Gold

So basically I heard that red and gold are very important colors for the Illuminati.

Everything in this site is colored red and gold.

So what do you think, is this website some kind of message from a secret society?

They are always putting messages in pop culture, I find it fascinating.
by Lannix
03 Aug 2016 19:43
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Topic: Sweet Dreams
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Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Eurythmics Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world And the seven seas, Everybody's looking for something. Some of them want to use you Some of them want to get used by you Some of them want to ...
by Lannix
03 Aug 2016 18:29
Forum: The Oracle
Topic: An Introduction to Hyperspace
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Re: An Introduction to Hyperspace

Thank you heron for writing this post, its been very informative. I appreciate the time you took to share this.
by Lannix
02 Aug 2016 19:05
Forum: The Oracle
Topic: The Law of One
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The Law of One

“I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infi...
by Lannix
28 Jul 2016 02:44
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Topic: Why...
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Re: Why...

Because this place is mysterious.

And magical.
by Lannix
27 Jul 2016 15:00
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Topic: 1977
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by Lannix
27 Jul 2016 02:19
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Topic: Question[]...
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Re: Question[]...

That was wonderful, thank you :)
by Lannix
26 Jul 2016 06:03
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Topic: Question -- your immortal soul
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Re: Question -- your immortal soul

Are you the One?

Do you love me?

Circle one: yes / no / maybe