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Post by hope » 18 Apr 2018 17:08

Zoroastrianism is one of the world's oldest monotheistic religions. It was founded by the phophet Zoroaster (or Zarathustra) in ancient Iran approximately 3500 years
For 1000 years Zoroastrianism was one of the powerful religions in the world. It a the
official religion of Persia (Iran) from 600 BCE to 650 CE.
It is now one of the world's smallest religions. In 2006 the New York Times reported that these were probably less
than 190,00 followers worldwide at this time.
Zoroastrians believe there is one God called Ahura Mazda (Wise Lord) and he created the world.
Zoroastrians are not fire-worshippers, as some Westerners wrongly believe. Zoroastrians believe that the elements
are pure and that fire represents God's light and wisdom.
Ahura Mazda revealed the truth through the Prophet, Zoroaster. Zoroastrians worship communally in a Fire Temple
or Agiary.
The Zoroastrian book of Holy Sciptures is called The Avesta.


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