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Ian Banks. walking on Glass-

Pg 3
TU 28. pm 3:33 He tood on the steps for a secound, smiling at the figures on the face of
the watch. Three three three A good omen. Today was a day things would
come together, a day events would coalesce. It was bright outside, even after the painted lightness of the marble-
flaked corridor. The air was warm, slightly...

http://www.973-eht-namuh-973.com/Alchem ... 201168.htm

MORE THAN A CARPENTER by Josh McDowell 1977

"There are 333 prophecies all performed in one person, Jesus Christ."


There are 333 prophecies all performed in one person, Jesus Christ,"
MORE THAN A CARPENTER by Josh McDowell - 1977

The fool feels that he must look elsewhere for any possible truth about this man that McDowell says is "More Than a Carpenter."

Review of More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell reviewed "In Behalf of the Fool." (1980)

The fool recently had the pleasure of hearing Josh McDowell entertain a packed house, mainly of college students,
on the topic of "Maximum flower." The audience was snuggled together on the rug of a college cafeteria and listened
attentively as he did a mildly suggestive stand-up night club type comic routine--interspersed with God talk and
gentle admonitions about flower, both minimum and maximum.

Earlier in the day, the Fool had heard McDowell talk I the Free Speech area on the same campus. The main point
of the earlier talk seemed to be the statistical improbability ofJesus not being God, McDowell said "There are 333
prophecies all performed in one person, Jesus Cnrist." The fool kept wondering what would happen mathematical
if just one of the alleged prophecies turned out to be false.

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