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Post by hope » 17 May 2018 08:28

The 9 Maidens, also know as the 17 Brothers, is a Bronze Age Stone
Circle located mean the village of Belstone on Dartmoor in Devon, England. The stone circle functioned as a burial
chamber, although the cairn has since been robbed and the cost, known locally as a kistvaen, destroyed.


In Folklore
Despite the fallen stones, locals are said to be apprehensive of restoration work, believing that tamperers will be
cursed. Locals cite a film crew which added a stone to the circle in 1985 - the 'curse' was
the unfortunate loss of the only copy of the film,The Circle of Doom, in the post.

St Michael's ley-line, which runs 350 miles from Land's End to Hopton-on-Sea, Norflok, runs
through the 9 Maidens. This ley-line goes through many sites dedicated to St Michael, such
as St Michael's Tower on Glastonbury Tor, with the line matching the surprise in 8th May
when Latin Liturgy celebrates the apparition of St Michael.

Local folklore suggests that the stones dance:
The stone circles of Dartmoor, are said to have been made " when there were wolves on the hills, and winged serpents
in the low lands." On the side of Belstone Tor, near Oakhampton, is a small grave circle called "Nine Stones." It is
said to dance every day at noon.

The stones are said to have originally been nine maidens who were cast into stone and dammed to dancing every
noon for eternity as a punishment for dancing on the Sabath.
Equally, the story has involved seventeen brothers. It is also said that the ringing of the nearby church bells brings
them to life.

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