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John Albert Burr 9th May, 1899

Posted: 09 May 2019 03:34
by Redbeck
John Albert Burr 9th May, 1899

It’s 1899, the 9th of May, a fortunate combination,
far ahead of the fossil fuels to climate change link,
long before biomass fuel use stood on the brink;
the black son of Maryland slaves John Albert Burr,
had invented a mechanical grass cutting sensation.

From fixing farm machines to migratory steel mill roller,
his great leap of faith, farmhand to engineering college,
now scientists seek grass clippings biofuel knowledge.
Today was a very good day for the black son of slaves
John Albert Burr patented his rotary blade lawn mower.

A lawn mower with traction wheels and a rotary blade,
designed not to get over clogged with lawn trimmings,
to today’s biofuel hunters natural valuable skimmings.
Thus with a head for mechanics this black son of slaves,
John Albert Burr, cut grass, so the world might be saved.

A. McTiernan