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Problems Following Oracle Forum Upgrade

Posted: 17 Jul 2019 19:09
by Redbeck
In order to fix the loss of member and post records we had to go back to a data back-up dated 2nd of July, so we've managed to restore some semblance of order, at least in that area. However, I have restored the post below [posted well after the 2nd of July] because it remains relevant, as we are still working on the retrieval and restoration of the hundreds of missing inline attachment images mentioned below.

Best Regards Redbeck

Continuing Problems Following Oracle Forum Upgrade
Post by Redbeck ยป 14 Jul 2019 11:47

Firstly massive apologies for the ongoing gremlins that members of our valued Oracle forum community are experiencing as a result of our recent upgrade to version 3.2.7 of the forum board software. We had hoped that it would be the solution to a number of earlier problems! However "Be careful what you wish for," as they say.

So a list of the current problems with the forum are as follows:

We are missing a significant number [hundreds] of inline attached images on individual posts, we are hoping [but not yet confirmed] to be able recover these from a file on the server. The issue most commonly manifested itself by the appearance of an oblong framed window with a picture icon and the legend "image.jpeg" or "image.png".

There are so far a scattering of previous posts for which we have links, which apparently no longer exist, once again here we are working diligently to recover what we can.

Some members [very few we hope], Sh3rl0ck to name but one of our most prolific contributors, are finding they cannot access their membership IDs and their associated posts. Sh3rl0ck thank you for reporting the scenario immediately to Rob our systems administrator. The better informed we are, the easier it may prove to solve the problem.

Current thinking is that we might have to do the upgrade all over again, using an alternative procedure methodology, please bear with us, and I reiterate how sorry we are for your suffering.

Warmest Regards