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Luigi Galvani

Posted: 28 Jul 2019 16:40
by hope

Lungi Galvani (September 9, 1737 - 4, 1798) was an Italian physician who demonstrated
what we now understand to be the electrical basis of nerve impulses .
In 1780, he accidentally made frog muscles twitch by jolting them with a spark from an electrostatic machine.

He went on to develop a theory of 'animal electricity'.

Notable Quote:
"I was fired with incredible zeal and desire of having the same experience, and of bringing to light whatever
might be concealed in the phenomenon.
Therefore I myself also applied the point of a scalpel to one or other crural nerve at a time when one or other
of those who were present elicited a spark.

The phenomenon always occurred in the same manner: violet contraction in individual muscles of the limbs,
just as if prepared animal had been seized with tetanus, were induced at the same moment in high sparks
which sparks were discharged."

Known For; Demonstarting the electrical basis of nerves impulses
Aso Known As; Aloysius
Born;September 9, 1737 in Bologna, Papal States
Died;December 4, 1798' Papal States