Marking 9th day of Elokuu from Finland

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Marking 9th day of Elokuu from Finland

Post by Redbeck » 09 Aug 2019 21:06

In good creative company from Finland on the 9th day of Elokuu 2019 (August) Elo means life but is also an old word for crop, kuu means month and this is, therefore, the harvest month. Back to the old pagan values when the natural world was worshipped not in cathedrals, but in forests, lakes and land as the rye, barley, fruits and fungi were gathered and stored for the bleak winter months.

Which is exactly what I've been doing before taking up my goose quill to scribble this message, Bilberries yesterday, Apples today [tree pickings for winter, windfalls for the goats]

Kind Regards Redbeck.


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