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a tree, a clock, some rust, and a dying man

Posted: 12 Sep 2019 19:41
by O.P.A.L
the stump stood tall
it seemed that it would never fall
through luck and pain
to power through thoughts
we did not pass
we failed the test
it seems we aren't ready
the stump may have fallen
but only for a tree to sprout
fear fills us all
doubt seems rampant
the rust ever so present
how does one deal with madness
when the maddening factor
is oneself

A clock requires precision, persistence, power, structure, cooperation, maintenance, thought, design, ideals, and a sun and moon to back its facts. What would happen if we took out just one, we would fall into chaos, fear, unpredictability, madness, pain, we would fall apart. The clock needs to be maintained and we have failed. Nature wants us gone, the tree will never fall for good, the clock will never be the same, the rust will continue to grow. The people must all become one for us to even stand a chance. But as with people, unlike gears, we could never work one to one. We have lost trust and soon faith will follow.
Old as the trees
Perfect as the gears
Away from the rust
Long before our lives
Our other counterparts seem to have come to the same conclusion, its either not worth saving, or we simply can't any longer.

But as trust may have been long forgotten our faith have yet to falter. our goals have yet to let us down, we are no longer stuck but a new meaning to the word "life" has us all worried
we wish good health and luck