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Posted: 17 Sep 2019 21:36
by hope
Why do they say "for PETE'S sake?"

The phrase "For PETE'S sake" is often referred to as a variety of euphemism which is used as an express of
annoyance called a 'mince oath.' A minced oath is a phrase that is substituted at the last minute, for a swear
word or blasphemous phrase. The minced oath usually sounds similar to that the original swear word of expression.

Examples abound with such ditties as oh 'my goodness,.gosh darn it, 'shucks,' shoot,' fudge, 'holy cow! and
Mother fletcher.' For PETE'S sake is probably a minced oath used in lieu of the most more virulent forms
"for God's sake,' or the milder "for Saint Peter's sake.'

PETE'S SAKE! The 'Pete' here is a euphemism for St Peter, an expression dating back to at least the late
19th -century America.