Secure alternative to “Attachments” for insertion of images in forum posts

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Secure alternative to “Attachments” for insertion of images in forum posts

Post by DaveD » 19 Sep 2019 19:06

Easy and secure method of placing of images in your Oracle forum posts
By Redbeck

Dear valued friends & members of the Oracle forum community, no doubt during the process of posting your universally intelligent contributions you have used the attachment function to include images stored on your hard drive as embellishments to those posts.

Most of you who have used this method of including images on posts will probably now consider it to be a fragile process. Basically, following the use of an automatic update process provided with the standard basic forum application software [an AUP script to make software release version upgrades smoother and easier], has resulted in the loss of cross-file links connecting attached images in the attachments files to the attachment references held at the bottom of the post on numerous occasions. This in turn causes these ‘attached’ images to ‘disappear’, other than a “missing image” error icon displayed on their placings on the original posts.

We have tried on several occasions to resolve this problem, in truth with little success, as it has usually resulted in you our esteemed posters having to delete existing attachment images and links and restore the images involved. Obviously this represents consistent duplication, even triplication of effort, excessive work from which we would be happy to relieve you. However, this particular cloud has a silver lining, as along the way it has become apparent, that the most reliable way to guarantee the ongoing presence of images within posts as we progress through what are frequent core software upgrades, is by using the’ direct posting method. This means that the picture is actually a link to a website pasted into and therefore residing permanently within the post itself rather than in a file linked as an external attachment to that post.

Now what this means is that to achieve direct insertion of pictures held on your hard drive you need to upload copies of your images to an image storage and sharing website system where you can set up a free storage account. One which will give you a url link complete with the forum compatible php [BBcode] wrap around that can be copied and pasted direct into your posts, and ensures that the required image appears instantly once each post has been submitted. To fulfill this requirement I would recommend the use of imgur.

Kind Regards Redbeck

Direct insertion of pictures in forum posts using imgur: User Guide

Now to gain access to imgur, which offers you a free home single user service in much the same way as email and social media providers [it is in fact more or less a social media provider for pictures], you must register with a confirmation email address, submit some personal information and a pseudonym user name and password.
Register and Download App at

Once you have an imgur account set up, then follow the instructions below for each picture you wish to insert directly into one of your Oracle forum posts.

Log in to imgur successfully
Place cursor on your actual user name, displayed at top-right.
Drop down menu will offer you the following options:-

“gallery profile”

Click on “images”
Then…Click on “Add Images” located on green rectangular tab
This will bring up a window saying “Browse or drag images here”
Click “Browse” and open the relevant folder containing the image which you need in the main “Pictures” folder on your C drive.

Just Click on the image which you require, which will automatically put its file name in the box below the window
Then click on the “Open” tab below that and the image will automatically transfer to imgur and show up displayed in your main imgur album.

Click on your image as it is displayed now in imgur and it will display an options list of links types below a blue tab marked “view and edit post”.

Scroll down list to BBCode (message boards & forums) and click on blue “copy” button for that entry in the list.
Go to your work in progress post on the Oracle forum [it is more efficient to have your post already open in the forum].

Place the cursor where you wish to insert your image in the post……right click your mouse…go down the menu displayed to ‘Paste’ ….click on ‘Paste” and the link reference will appear with img in square brackets at each end.
Click on ‘X’ at top right of box containing ‘list of BBCode (message boards & forums), and return to first instruction. “Place cursor on your actual user name, displayed at top-right.” And start to transfer another image if required.

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Re: Secure alternative to “Attachments” for insertion of images in forum posts

Post by TheMouth888 » 20 Sep 2019 03:11

I just joined this forum, and I've got to understand something.
DaveD died a few years back, so who is this? And did I really stumble on this site the day you make your 2nd post in 12 years? I don't see how that could happen. I'm a bit worried now honestly. I want to understand this site, but I've been told things happen to you if you go to deep.

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Re: Secure alternative to “Attachments” for insertion of images in forum posts

Post by Rob » 24 Sep 2019 14:34

DaveD is very much alive!
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Re: Secure alternative to “Attachments” for insertion of images in forum posts

Post by Redbeck » 12 Oct 2019 16:50

Hi pushyrot are you saying: "That's the easiest ff-ff-ff-fiver I'll ever earn!". Redbeck.


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