Theory of existance

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Theory of existance

Post by yellolite-j236 » 27 Nov 2019 19:21


As I saw a post of BeN1 about another world, I remembered a theory I thought of several years ago. I believe it may sound very weird but according to scientific facts it should be a real thing. Though it is just a theory, so lets speculate!

This theory is both about life and inanimate nature formations (referring from nano particles to space: stars, planets, etc.). The idea is based on a mathematical statement that in infinite time anything can happen even with a probability of lowest positive number (a positive number closest to zero, though such does not exist, because there is a lower one).

Let's meet the truth that the planet Earth and the Solar System in general will be destroyed by explosion of the Sun, making it into space dust. On the other hand, Earth may also be destroyed earlier by some huge-enough asteroid.

There is a very very slight chance that after (or even before) our World is destroyed, out there in the Universe other identical-to-solar-system planet set will form, creating an opportunity for the exact same life forms to evolve into humans, into exactly same people doing exactly same things that we are doing right now and that would mean that everything is PREDETERMINED, a statement that agrees to the butterfly effect in the topic of evolution (if that god damn fish had not crawled out of water millions of years ago to evolve on land, now we would not have to go to staff meetings). It was predetermined that I would share my theory in this very exact moment, it was predetermined that I would scratch my leg because it was predetermined that it would get itchy.

What is the place our consciousness go after we die? Is not it the same place that it was in before we were born? According to mathematical fact I mentioned before, we can speculate that we relive the same life after we die, just in a different time, because it all goes the same from nano particles to worlds, even to life.

What do you think about it?

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Re: Theory of existance

Post by BeN1 » 27 Nov 2019 19:38

hey yellolite-j236,

this was + - the direction, where my thoughts went onto, I just found my own thoughts in yours,
thank you.


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