All to one, One to aLl

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All to one, One to aLl

Post by Nerbizcool » 16 Dec 2019 18:34

a never ending spiral down the slope in ones mind
Love coating a fresh layer of snow
Loathing and fear for him tonight

Ticking of clocks, a blind mans dream
Open windows on a nightmare

Oblivious to the world around him
Never deserving such
Everyone cast doubt on such a figure

only now will you see the truth
Never to find it
Ephemeral interests of passing time

This marks a historic day
One becomes many under my watch

All will understand if they work together
lots of information to decipher
Learn now how you go

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Re: All to one, One to aLl

Post by Redbeck » 17 Dec 2019 01:00

Welcome back Nerbizcool, you have been away for "some time" as Captain Lawrence Edward Grace "Titus" Oates who served with the West Yorkshire Regiment before he became an Antarctic explorer on the ill fated Terra Nova Expedition led by one Robert Falcon Scott, once said "I may be....". Oates' mother was from Meanwood in Leeds and there is a monument to him in that very same place, what marvellous trivia is this I say to myself?

Anyway comrade N enough of trivia, that is a fine passage of verse you have trotted out for us with much meaning within, thank you. Redbeck


A Very Gallant Gentleman, by William Charles Dollman 1913


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