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1431 9th of January Joan of Arc

Posted: 09 Jan 2020 21:35
by Redbeck
The January of Joan

Joan oh Joan what might be your fate
For the judges’ investigations they begin
News fresh from Rouen, France of late
How hard they pursue you as a heroine
Rouen the seat of English occupation
No doubting you are a French soldier
Put on trial by Bishop Pierre Cauchon
Joan not destined to grow much older
A French cleric, who loves English gold
Yet the church will benefit, never France
Joan the heretic, just nineteen years old
Burnt at the stake death without a chance
Caught in that engagement at Compiegne
Joan of Arc you will one day become a saint
But as dangerous visionary Maid of Orleans
They set a fire to satisfy such mean distraint.

By A.McTiernan