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Posted: 30 Jun 2020 09:57
by IoBoI
Sinner or begginer? I’ve seen multitudes of religion, spirituality, occultism and philosophy used by man to impose his petty selfish desires, I’ve done it myself, not through any religion or practices as I am now but through careful plotting of words and strategy, I’ve left people hurt and suffering without caring, finding a way to justify it to myself, before I saw order in the world. Lamech confesses he has killed and hurt, therefore is he saved? As in where Cain attempts to be sly in the face of omnipotence, therefore he is cursed however god is merciful to claim not to judge him harshly and that he not may be sought to be killed himself.
You can’t quantify emotional impacts of abuse as it’s a quality. Then this begs the question of karma. A sum of all actions in past lives, as you pay for as you live, to make different decisions, not repeat old mistakes, and evolve spirituality and in knowledge. So how does one make the distinction of doing a good deed to repay bad ones? How is one bad deed comparable to your own karma you may face? How is one bad one weighed on scales against a good? Perhaps humans are so simple our emotions CAN actually be quantified by higher beings. One could chase their own tale on this moral conflict all his days.
My answer is, humans are the beast and the higher power, inwards the ability to weave destruction and creation, inside himself possessing an ability to develop beyond physical restraints and aid others, or sink into animalistic debauchery. God acknowledges the animal that resides in a man and is sympathetic of it, and his universal scaffolding is designed to lead you to the right decisions to help ppl while also tempting you in the opposite direction. A trial by fire a test and a jest. A little goes a long way, when one is to apply the concept of the butterfly effect in 4 dimensional and also 5 dimensional thinking, maybe that compliment to your waitress changes her life, maybe that time you called that other girl by a rude name changed her mental state forever. Since we exist in a physical 3d state we have little to none insight of how to apply this functionally but even if we did we would probably find ourselves at a moral stalemate of infinite decisions.
This is why, in the end when it comes to something you think is “good” or “bad” I would say trust your gut, humans are social compassionate creatures, empathy engraved in our very beings physically and metaphysically when we don’t let logos rule us too much. One can detect pain and bliss on the face of a dog, dolphin, fox or bird same as a human without even a word being spoken. Thus empathetically telepathy? Let’s take it a step further what if this how god, angels, phantoms, and demons communicate and is why direct empirical evidence is hard to come by, maybe this is why you can feel sad around a person who carries that weight or how just being in the vicinity of a crowd enjoying themselves fills one with joy.
Let’s take it even further, we are apart of god, one being, thus when you are hurting ppl and feeling bad you hurt god and the collective conscious. Why Jesus states the desire for another’s wife is as impious has actual adultery. But the mind is an ever wandering active mechanism based off primal almost vestigial urges, this is why forgiveness is offered, why one could find themselves at the hands of lust and still find their way back to Christ and peace. The world is understood in its completeness, even if we as humans cannot see it yet, god and the collective does

Re: Repentance

Posted: 30 Jun 2020 10:07
by IoBoI
Let’s take this to the concepts of heaven and hell. One obviously doesn’t want to be burned for all eternity so he is likened to want to be good to receive good. So are you acting out of the goodness of your heart or acting to only preserve yourself. This in itself is animalistic preservation tactics. This is not the standards of heaven, you should act good bc you know how far and effective a good deed can go aswell as a bad one. Despite myself being borderline insatiable sexually and a violent man, I am still humbled and made a baby in my emotions when I see how such little things can bring such divine peace and joy, how an experience with friends will last a lifetime and change you forever. The same being with how abuse and hurtful words pierce your soul and sit like a rock in your mind.
With power comes responsibility. You have these powers, as a son of god and a star of the cosmos, to pull men and the world into your gravity and change them for the better or worse. Do onto others as you want onto yourself. The sun is not out to consume the earth, the earth is not out to consume the moon to add more mass to itself. The electron does not compete to steal the atoms place. They work symbiotically for the greater good of all, there is room for all to live comfortably for their greatest desires, even though society tends to favor crippling his neighbor and cheating them. I’ve renounced all attempts to cheat or scheme my way through life, it is a weight and it will be a blanket that shrouds your true self and only hurts you and Those around you. Laughter is infectious so is hate, mob psychology. Men are ruled by a finite set of actions and compassions, a soul is ruled by almost ineffable mystery and power