City lights

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City lights

Post by O.P.A.L »

The city shines
Awake all hours
Glows in the sun
Burns brighter through the night,
But ive been thinking
Where have the stars been
The sun is seen
But when the moon
Takes its turn
And the stars are meant to glow
Helping the sky see,
All is seen
Is the moon
Until the sun takes its turn.

I hate and love living in a city, you get to see and experience so much. You get to explore the people and their thoughts, but I hate not being able to see the stars anymore. I dont get to relate and actually talk to people person to person. So I would just look up and talk to the stars and moon it made me feel wanted, made me feel almost as if all my problems got shared between each one. Now all i can do is stare at the dim moon while the beautiful city tries to best the stars, and i hate how it wins every night.
I hope all of you are doing good through this more than odd time. I truly think that one day everyone will look up and see those stars and just stare for a moment longer, so they can take our worries even if for a moment because if everyone could see eye to eye for only a second we could learn not peace but atleast a little more patience. I may not know yall but i feel like we could all share a cup of coffee some time and have a good laugh.

Sorry for the odd post but i had to vent somewhere, thanks to whoever reads this.
O. P. A. L
No matter where the stars may take us
We will always find a home
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Re: City lights

Post by Sh3rl0ck »

Starry nights, city lights coming down over me. Skyscrapers, stargazers in my head.

The city is the place of endless opportunities. But it’s artificiality is part of the scheme.

I run away to the city of lights.

If you want to find love then you know where the city is

I never found love in the city

The city is the powerhouse of culture. Everyone is welcome, but only those who survive in its harsh environment can truly say, “I was raised in the city under a halo of light”
Then he said, "I lostmyhead" can you see it?
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Re: City lights

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