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Post by zandig2 »

I often dream of a similar life. Same family, same people but my home is different. Every dream I have, I live in the same house.
A house I've never seen before. My life the same in reality but in a reoccurring home that isn't my own. Even now in my dreams I know that I'm dreaming because I recognize this house as somewhere that only exists to me in my head. It wakes me up and lost back in my reality.
I don't know what it means or why it's so specifically repeating. I know the layout so well. It's just not my home.
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Re: House

Post by Lannix »

It sounds like a parallel reality or alternate universe. What is important to know is that this reality is just as much of a dream as that one is. It is all in your mind. None of it is real.
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