Global Holocaust

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Global Holocaust

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(h)ow will (t)he (t)ide turn? (p)ower (s)surely (://) (w)ill (w)in. It (w)ill(.) (y)(o)(u) (t)ell yo(u)rself to (b)(e) content, yet you are not(.) (c)(o)(m)e (/), (w)ill (a)ll (t)hose (c)urrent (h)armonize(?) (v)itality (=) (f)orce and (S)trength. (D)on't (D)elay the (s)omnial. (3) will guide our (z)enith and e(x)treme measures will e(X)ecute it. (E)veryone, (A)ll will be lost if we yield.

- The Supreme Dictator
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