Marking the 9th, “The Rise and Fall of John Dryden”

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Marking the 9th, “The Rise and Fall of John Dryden”

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The Rise and Fall of John Dryden

Became Poet Laureate of all England did John Dryden,
Appointed by King Charles the second
By the very Merry Monarch himself no less
Such a blessing of words had he to express,
At last the literary power of the Restoration

Yes this this was the ‘Age of Dryden as it became known,
From sixteen hundred and sixty eight
A chosen poet of the greatest of measure,
Or King’s indulgence in hedonistic pleasure
What a Court of wine, women and song around his throne.

Yet Dryden’s “Mack Flecknoe” heaped poetic satire
on critic playwright Thomas Shadwell,
"An Essay upon Satire," grew naughtier
Attacking King, mistresses and a courtier
“Absalom and Achitophel ,” “The Hind and the Panther”

Fine works all, master of the heroic couplet, “Britannia Rediviva”
Monarchy! Sixteen hundred and eighty nine,
March the ninth, Dryden refuses now wary,
To swear an allegiance to William and Mary,
Replaced by Laureate Shadwell, in whom he was no great believer.

A. McTiernan

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