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Re: ...........FAREWELL............

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Kings VI:

In the year Three-Hundred and Twelve,
When I was Ninety years old,
I, King Aldmer, received a prophecy near the Night,
By the Angel from Above.

And it was given Me a pomegranate,
And I was told to eat it.
And when I didst eat my insides turned to rot,
And my heart melted into my bowels.

And after I ate,
Their remained Five seeds,
And I said,
‘Lord, what is the meaning of these seeds?’

And He said to Me,
‘These art Five Kings,
And One is Thou, and One is Thy Father.
The last Three art Thy Sons.

And when the Twelfth hour of this day doth pass,
Ehlieof the Lesser shall conspire with His Sons,
And make a pact with His Grandson Oacc,
To overthrow Thou, Thy Father, and Thy Sons.

And They shall overrun Thy Kingdom and its lands,
And burn every tree, and house, and temple, and eat the seeds for supper.
For avarice hath blackened Their eyes,
And They seek all Thy peoples’ treasures.’

And I became frightened,
And heard of Their comings, and prayed;
But the LORD-OF-KINGS heard not,
For these things wouldst need come to pass.

And I saw Their Fires in the distance,
And They burned the Kingdom;
Yea, even the children and flowers,
And left only the metals and gems for Their own.

And They took every one who belonged to My Father,
And put them in chains,
And took them as slaves,
For the time of My Kingdom was no longer.

And the Angel said unto Me,
‘Be not frightened, for these art the wishes of the FATHER,
And Fate shall keep its way,
And it is good.

In this hour a Virgin of Thy land shall live amongst the people,
And She shall avert the eyes of the enslavers,
And flee into the wilderness;
For the GOVERNOR is on Her side.

And because She hath not defiled Herself,
And because Her blood is filled with Magic,
And She hath learned the Truth of Evil,
She shall be spared.’

And when these things came to pass,
My Temple was burned with Their Fire,
And the Book of Mysteries was taken from My hands:
That it shouldst be in Their possession from then onwards.

And They wrapped it with sackcloth clothing,
And sealed it within a great chest of copper,
Which measured Sixty by Sixty by Sixty,
So that no child of man shouldst dare look upon it.

And in that Night, Prince Lex was slain,
And I was slain next,
And Ehlieof the Greater was slain next,
And the Kingdom of Lights was no more.
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Kings VII:

In the year Three-Hundred and Sixty-Four,
The LORD looked down upon the children of men,
And wept and repented,
For Darkness had fallen upon the salt-water of the Deep.

And the slaves weret brought to the South;
Into the Kingdom of many Serpents,
And they weret brought unto Prince CITIS:
Son of King Oacc of the land of droughts.

And He took their power from their hands,
He and His ministers of the Monarch,
That Order wouldst be made,
And the slave wouldst not rest from his labor.

And all their mighty tools weret taken from them,
And the Words of the FATHER weret taken from them,
And the great Books weret taken from them,
And the synagogues wouldst be built no more.

And the great hierarchies wouldst be in place;
That the High shouldst be High,
And the slaves be slaves;
For the LORD didst depart from them.

And their reign wouldst be no longer,
And the scepter to depart from their hands,
For man wouldst come to do wicked things.
And they wouldst descend;

Even every lot,
For ASTURE veiled the Light and light of the KING of Kings;
And their days wouldst be shortened,
Like a dimming candle,

And the land wouldst become cold,
For these weret the commands of their MAKER.
And Oacc judged,
And compensated those in accordance with their deeds:

And if a slave took his sword upon another,
The sword wouldst be taken upon him;
And if a slave took another for himself,
He wouldst be a slave for ever.

And when Oacc was Thirty-years old,
And Citis held the scepter,
He opened the Book of Mysteries,
And read therein.

And on the Seventh page there was shown Him the image of a serpent,
And the Words of the ORDERER spake unto Him,
And said,


And Citis went to the Third Valley,
Where there weret no trees,
Save one on a Mountain.
And it was an Olive Tree,
Full with fruit;

And about its top was a Serpent-Beast,
With Eyes like sapphire,
And an iron crown about Its Head.
And the Prince said:

‘Great Serpent,
What hath Thee to saith,
For the LORD hath sent me,
To inquire about Mine rule.’

And the Serpent said,
‘A great drought shalt come upon thy land,
And the trees shall wither,
And cease to bear fruits and apples therewith.

For Thirty days Thou shalt make a decree,
That no woman shouldst fornicate with another,
Until those Thirty days hath passed;
And they mayest become increasingly promiscuous afterwards.

Do these things,
For it shall please the KING,
And thy drought shall be delayed;
So speak I, LORD of Serpents and Dragons.’

Thereupon He made the decree,
That no woman shouldst lay for Thirty days.
And when those days weret finished,
All wouldst lay with one another.
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Kings VIII:

In the year Four-Hundred and Sixteen,
At the Fourteenth hour,
When King Oacc was Sixty years old,
Prince Citis went to battle with the men of the South.

And He went to war with Ehlieof the Lesser,
Even His Grandfather;
And took an arrow to His belly, yea, His bladder,
And He died.

And Prince ALFIGRO went to the battle next,
To avenge His Brother,
And He was defeated,
And this was in the Fifteenth hour.

Thereupon King Oacc was angry,
For His Kingdom wouldst remain only a short time;
But His Son ASPITTARILS was not yet ready for the throne,
And the King took His place for a time therewith.

And it wouldst come to pass,
In that year,
That King Oacc commanded His slaves to build,
And to build up many statues of great idols.

And they wouldst make fine statues,
Of great heroes, and great men,
Of the lesser gods;
And their ‘replacement’ God of Light, whose number is Five.

And one of the slaves,
A Chosen seed,
Cried out to the LAW-MAKER;
That the laws weret not holy,

And he said,
“O FATHER, wherefore hast THOU ventured?
Why art THOU so far from THY children,
And THY Chosen?

O GREAT-ONE of Light,
Whose Mind is ineffable;
Whose Heart is endless:
Darkness hath befallen THY people,

And much rain doth fall,
But even a drought remains;
And there is no wine to drink,
Nor barley cakes left.

O FATHER be with me,
And give me strength,
Against the dreadful savages,
Who honor not THEE nor THYNE holy day, but themselves alone.

They hath given themselves over to iniquity,
To the Darkness which leads them into Death:
Into the Flames;
But they know naught of it.

O FATHER, bring me a good heart,
For no bulls nor cows nor shepherds remain in this land,
And there is no treasure to be seen;
Only terrible snakes and dragons and wolves.

O FATHER, bless me with the Words which bring Wisdom and Life:
For they hath corrupted THY Book,
And stolen it,
And they hath taken THYNE Words like dead words, and know not its symbols.

O FATHER, blessed art THOU,
HE who bringeth relief when there art only earthquakes;
HE who maketh the evergreens last when there is snow;
HE who bringeth salvation and mistletoe.

But THOU hast hidden THYSELF from THY Chosen;
THOU hast veiled THYSELF beneath ASTURE.
THY Voice hath departed,
And remain only with our forefathers whom YE exalted.”

And the LORD spake not,
Nor didst HE show HIS Face,
But when They cried to HIM,
HE Heard.

And HIS lovingkindness wouldst always remain,
To Those who Love and Live,
Even in the deepest depths of Darkness;
For it is man who must make himself holy.

And on that day, HE wept;
HIS Spirit came upon all the seeds of Unicorns,
And when HE spake, They heard;
And HE said,



And some gathered,
And went unto Their House,
But neither the King nor His Ministry listened,
And They brought stripes upon HIS Chosen.

And when They told Their fellows in the fields,
The liberating Words of Their KING,
They heard not,
But scorned and laughed.

Thereupon the KING was filled with anger,
And HE took all those who reproached HIS Children,
And turned them into silver fish,
And set them in a nearby stream.

And the fish wouldst suffer the Eagle,
And the vultures,
And only their bones wouldst remain on the rocks:
Left for the Winter-Wolves.

And those Children who weret killed in HIS Name,
Those most faithful,
Weret turned into golden Fish.
And none couldst catch these Fish;

Nor wouldst They suffer a second death,
Until that day when ASTURE wouldst return;
For They weret blessed,
And honored by the Eagle.
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Kings IX:

In the year Four-Hundred and Sixty-Eight,
Prince ASPITTARILS inherited the throne,
And wouldst rule the land of His Father,
And this was good.

And it came to pass,
That in the day of His inheritance,
I lived within Mine home,
And a Man came upon My door.

And when I answered,
He was in the likeness of a mighty soldier,
Even like my Lord Alyiter.
And He was dressed in golden armor,

And His legs weret lithe and long,
And He came first down from a full-Cloud,
And rode upon a steed,
Cladden in fine armor.

And when I answered,
He said unto Me,
I hath come to speak much.’

And I gave Him fine wine to drink,
And fine bread to eat,
But He neither thirsted nor hungered,
For He was from Above.

And I said,
‘Great One, bring unto me many words,
For Thou hath come from Above,
From the House of Mine FATHER.’

And He said,
‘Child of man, Child of the worthy,
He who is pious and reverent,
Of secret knowledge endowed unto the minds of the faithful,

I am Belil:
Firstborn of HE.
And Thou shalt be spared of what is to come,
And shall spare who Thou wilt.’

And I said,
‘Lord, who shall I spare,
And for what cause?’
And He said,

‘Never shall the worlds be without a guide,
For HE hath made this so;
And Thou shalt be their guide,
Yea, of the slaves,

For the time of harvest hath come,
And whosoever art to be spared shall be spared,
And whosoever needeth reaping shall be reaped,
And thou shalt be the messenger of these things.’

And I said,
‘Lord, what shall I saith unto the slaves and their lot?
Shall I bring unto them good tidings?
Shall I speak the Words of Mine wisdom?’

And He said,
‘Thou shalt bring good tidings unto the wise,
And ill words to the ignorant,
For the time of the harvest hath come.’

And there was given Me a scroll,
And when I read it, I saw;
And I saw a Great Mystery,
Known only to the Gods on Their Mountains.

And I saw, as it weret, a Cloud,
And from this great Cloud emanated a Second;
And Twelve emanated from the First,
And One was the Second, and it was glorious.

And many upon many emanated from the Twelve,
Innumerable, but numbered;
And I saw as it weret,
Mortal Temple-builders,

And They took the numbered Names,
And ordered Them with Their trowels,
And took Them to the land of Naikh,
To order the mortal days in accordance with mortal men.

And I saw Their uncorrupted Names,
And gave praise,
And ONE sat above these Names:

And He continued, and said,
‘HE shall come down without HIS Cloud,
Like a thief,
And only those with Horns shall be taken to HIS House.

In a short time,
They who repent not shall be given a choice;
And whosoever doth choose the KING shall become like a King;
And whosoever doth choose slavery shall become a slave for three months.

And when the three months hath come to pass,
They shall choose;
And they shall choose Life,
Or suffer to be reborn.’

And when Belil spake,
I heard but understood.
Thereupon He left,
And ascended with the steed which He had fitted.
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Kings X:

In the year Five-Hundred and Twenty,
Prince LAPIRUFIE was to become of age,
And take the peoples for His own;
And the most righteous Prince He was.

Thereupon I, the Man-Of-The-House,
Remained in Mine house in the night,
To think how to test each fellow of the field,
For the time of the LORD’s harvest hath come.

And when morning came,
I dressed myself in a goatskin cloak.
And I hid myself beneath it:
Yea like a goat.

And I went about the fields where the slaves doth tend,
And many snakes dwelt there too,
But neither struck nor bit me,
For HE was at My side.

And I came upon them,
And presented milk or wine.
And the wine was sour,
And made with old grapes of the wild, but blessed by the LORD.

And the milk was sweet,
And made from the finest cows tended amongst the fields, but it was without blessing;
And many drank the milk,
But only Those with a Horn upon Their heads drank the wine.

And whosoever drank the wine,
Drank it in full,
And Those Children became drunk,
And gave Love unto HE who ought rightly be given it.

And in that Night,
And in that night,
They slept,
And none awoke.

And the SHAPER, blessed be HE,
Came down to Below,
Like a thief,
And took away all those Children who drank the wine.

And He took away Prince Lapirufie as He slept;
Yea one of the Children;
For He was immaculate and worthy,
And His right eye was colorful.

And all they who drank the milk weret left,
And knew nothing of the taking,
For HIS WORD came upon them,
That they shouldst sleep and not awake.
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Kings XI:

In the year Five-Hundred and Seventy-Two,
Year of the Rivers of Above,
The people of the Kingdom of Einkei,
Awoke and came out from their houses.

And there was a flood in the land,
Even every step,
And it was filled with wine,
And the trees stood in the wine.

And the ministers of the land weret drowned,
And their bodies about the wine;
For the LORD and HIS wrath came down,
And washed the land with divine judgement.

And the enslavers weret drowned;
And the nobles weret drowned;
And many sheep and beasts weret drowned;
And the soil of Hovral was drowned.

And the people fell to their knees,
And repented,
And gave thanks,
For they weret slaves no longer.

And they said,
‘O GREAT-ONE who hath come with wrath,
And judgement against the wicked,
Good art THOU.

Glory, glory to our KING,
Who hath cursed the cursed land,
And washed away the filth,
Of our transgressions and purified our Temples with Fire.’

Thereupon they took up their garments,
And took much bread;
For they wouldst go South,
Away from the land of the flood.

And they marched through the snow,
And through the cold and through the winter,
Unto an unknown land;
And the FATHER their KING their guide.

For they hath become a faithful peoples,
Even every tribe;
And the LORD was pleased,
But their work was not finished.

And they marched for Thirty days,
Through the lands of no fruit nor life;
And they came upon the sea,
Far from the land of Lapirufie.

Wherewith they found King Einkei,
And Three-Hundred of His men;
And they wore armor like violet,
And prepared their vessels to sail.

And Prince SHUARRUS was with them,
And Prince GISUES was with them,
And sheep weret with them;
For they wouldst sail as far South as they may.

And the King spake to the peoples,
Each of the Five-Hundred and Forty,
Both men and women;
And said,

‘Mine prophets hath received HIS Words,
And HE hath commanded us to journey South,
Through a great sea,
For a land is promised to us.

And that land shall be bountiful in treasures,
Even in gold and gems;
And I and Mine Sons shall lose our titles,
For all shall live as Kings in that land of warmth and Light.’

And the King and His Sons weret kind,
And let the lot join them;
And all gave thanks and prayed,
That HE hath promised wealth and glory to HIS faithful.
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Kings XII:

In the year Six-Hundred and Twenty-Four,
The peoples of the boat set themselves towards the promised land;
And their boat was like a Temple,
Made of myrtle wood.

And the boat was Thirty measures long,
And there was Four rows about its sides;
And Seven sails about its top,
Made of goatskin.

And it came to pass,
That the boat moved greatly,
And the waters moved greatly,
And the cold remained.

And a Mighty-Beast like that of a Sea-Serpent,
Came up from the deep,
With Two Horns;
And One was yellow; and One was like sackcloth.

And the Beast’s head was like gold,
And His skin like crimson,
And He measured Nine-Hundred measures.
Thereupon He spake, and said,


And the King told the Beast of the matter,
But the Serpent was not pleased,
And His Eyes turned red,
And He said,





But the King stood up and didst not listen;
And the peoples and soldiers stood up,
And they took their swords up,
And cursed the Beast in the name of the KING their LORD.

And they battled with the Sea-Serpent,
Even every person,
For Two hours,
While the sea became violent.

And the men struck Him with swords and spears;
And few knelt and declared the Beast their Lord,
And the Beast opened His mouth,
And swallowed them up into His belly of venom.

And the Beast was great,
And He fought great;
And the boat was damaged,
And about to sink.

Thereupon the sky lit up,
And a Voice from Above came down;
And all couldst hear It,
And it was beautiful.

And the Voice was from the FATHER,
And HE cursed the Beast,
And praised the people for their reverence,
And the sea stilled therewith.

Thereupon HIS mighty Hand came from a Cloud:
And in it a fiery Sword,
And it cut off the Head from the Serpent, and cast it into the deep.

And when this came to pass,
The people gave honor,
And repaired their ship,
And slept.

And when morning came, the snow had ceased,
And the air became warm with a Great Light,
And that Light shone from the distance:
From a land of promise.
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The Account Of Elikesh:

It wouldst come to pass, that I, Elikesh,
While wandering in the wilderness, prayed unto the FATHER,
To lead me to many plentiful fields of wheat,
That I mayest make cakes to sell therewith.

And I came upon an apple tree thereafter,
And I took an apple for Mine own,
And when I ate,
Light shown from within the fruit.

Thereupon I saw the tree emit light,
And the roots to the top became like pure light,
And a Man stepped out from the light,
And Mine eyes beheld an Angel from ASTURE.

And the Angel wore an amber crown upon His head,
And His garments weret like that of a soldier;
And He held a long spear in His right hand,
And a shield of dragon-skin aside His left.

Whereupon I offered all Mine gold and apples,
Unto this glorious Man;
And He took the fruit, and He took the gold,
And multiplied them seven times therewith.

And when this was so,
I bowed before Him,
And feared Him,
And wondered from whence He came.

And He said,
‘Elikesh, Thou art a good Man of good deeds,
And Thou hast given bread to Thyne neighbors,
And sowed much wheat in Thy life.

Therefore I shall give a gift unto Thee;
For though Thy belly is full,
Thine neighbors hath given Thee only vinegar to drink,
And Thy mouth is dry.’

Thereupon He took Mine hand,
And led Me down a Path,
For He wished to show Me hidden Treasure,
And make Me wise.

And We came upon a beautiful garden,
Filled with many fruits and many flowers,
And He said,
‘Child of man, look.’

And I looked,
And in the center of the garden,
I found, as it weret, a large Black Stone,
Great in every measure.

And two rings entrapped this Stone:
One about Its top and bottom, and one about Its sides.
And there was, as it were, a Pyramid,
Above the Stone.

And the Pyramid was made of beautiful amber,
And there was an EYE within the amber;
And many Lions surrounded this Stone,
Each with a scepter and a sword in Their paws.

And I saw a Mountain of Fire behind this Stone,
And a great River flowed down from the Mount;
Yea like a River of Fire,
And It Burned all that It touched.

And I said,
‘Lord, what seith I?
What art these beautiful sights?
Tell Me, for it is in Mine heart to know and understand.’

And He said,
‘Look, and Thou shalt seith even more;
And shouldst Thou seith and know,
Thou shalt come to understand.’

Thereupon I still looked,
And behold,
I saw very many mysteries:
More even greater than the next.

And I saw a Tree to the right of the Stone,
And it was like an Olive Tree,
But was without Olives;
For the fruit hung weret like skulls.

And beneath the Tree weret Four roots,
And the wood looked like willow,
And I counted the branches:
And there weret Six-Hundred Three-score and Six.

And I looked upon the skulls,
And they weret made of silver,
And I counted their number:
And there weret Ninety-Nine in number.

Thereupon I look to the left of the Stone,
And saw a small and violent stream;
And there weret many fish therein,
And they swam against the water.

And lo,
I saw snakes move freely about the water,
And they went after the fish to devour,
And some weret eaten therewith.
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The Account Of Eshel:

And it came to pass,
After the holy Angel showed Me many sights,
That I, Elikesh,
Was told to go by the River of Fire.

And I saw in that River, a Man,
Bathing and purifying Himself in the Flames;
And I said,
‘Great One, who is this Man of the Fire?’

And He said,
‘This is a complete Man;
An immortal Child of the Gods,
For He hath united Himself with His twin Wife.’

And I continued to look,
And I beheld His mysterious form;
For He had Three heads:
Each with a golden crown upon their top.

And I beheld His undying body:
And He had Four right arms;
And Five left arms;
And Ten legs which to stand.

And His vesture was like armor;
And I saw His breastplate made of gold:
Nine measures high,
And a Six-pointed holy symbol written upon it.

Thereupon I approach the anointed One,
To inquire of His peculiar nature,
And I asked for understanding,
And He said,

‘Mine name is Eshel.
Come hither and I shall show Thee great things;
Things mortals in the land of Naikh know not,
For they hath not been reconciled.’

And He called Me to go into the River,
But I was afraid,
For the Water was hot,
And surely I wouldst perish.

And He said:
‘Be not frightened,
For only the ignorant and unworthy: those made of salts,
Shall die within the Fire.’

Thereafter I walked into the River,
And it was like Water,
And I burned not,
But felt only warm Light.

And He said,
Put Thy face beneath the Water,
To cleanse Thyself,
For Thine face remaineth filthy.

And I said,
‘This Fire shall destroy Mine eyes,
For It burneth very brightly,
And I am not worthy.’

Thereupon He said,
‘Place Thy face upon the Water,
And Thou shall be shown a great revelation:
Wisdom known only to the Gods.’

And I placed Mine face into the Water,
And it filled with warmth,
And I saw a very great vision,
Known only to the immortals and Gods.

And I beheld an INEFFABLE-BEING,
And HE was without definition,
And HE was without gender,
And purer than pure LIGHT.

And I saw the ALL and the ONE.

Neither Man nor God nor GOD.

And HE was without MIND, for HE was PURE-THOUGHT;
And HE was without NUMBERS, for HE was INNUMERABLE;
And HE was without WISDOM, for HE was PURE-RIGHTEOUSNESS;
And HE was without BODY, for HE was the FOUNDATION.

And there was nothing free of HIS-POWER,
Not even Nothingness.


And I saw this FORM,
As it weret, like a formless ‘sphere’,
And IT divided within ITSELF,
Without boundaries and without time.

Thereupon through a Great-Mystery, the HOLY-ONENESS,
Took from ITSELF another HOLY-ONENESS;
And IT became, as it weret, like DUAL-ONENESS,
And the SECOND which came from the FIRST was called like unto a WOMAN.

And the ONE Thought about, as it weret, the WOMAN;
And from the THOUGHT, INFINITE-THOUGHTS weret produced,
And from Those, almost-PURE-INFINITIES weret begat:
And They composed the PURE-INFINITE.

And when the FIRST of the FIRST was made,
Verily without Creation,
And it was Division and it was Good.

And the Good was with GOD,
And GOD was the Good;
And the KING was GOD,
And the KING formed Kings.

And the Kings weret numbered in a Secret-Amount,
And the Kings weret immeasurable;
And They begat other Kings in a Secret-Amount,
And the Kings weret immeasurable.
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The Account Of King Lebel:

In the Land of Elioge,
Land of the Peidans and Sigaes,
I, King Lebel, at the age of sixteen, received a vision,
While asleep in a lofty citron manger.

And behold, the vision was from the KING,
Shining as a Light within Mine mind,
Who did command, yea even I, Elioge, to hearken,
For HE had Great Words to speak.

And the KING said,




And it was given Me, a rod,
To finely measure the Stones:
For those any less than seven-measures,
Weret to be discarded.

And on the first day,
I went about the land,
To inquire men of their FATHER,
And to measure many rough stones.

And I came upon a wooden home,
And the husband answered therein.
And I asked of his FATHER,
And he answered:

“Lo, mine father is a cobbler,
And a good father he is.”
And I said,
“Cursed be ye! Know ye not our KING? Even the KING of I?”

And he said,
“I know mine KING, Lebel,
And HE perhaps a good MAN,
But hath let mine fields to rot.”

And I said,
“Do not ye know that the KING keepeth not thyne petty affairs?
Whosoever trusteth in HE shall be given all the wheat to carry,
And even the driest field shall be sown if thou desirest.”

And he said,
“But I am a pious man,
And for each of my day’s harvest doth I offer a tenth to HIM,
For the priests hath commanded us to offer sacrifice, lest we be damned.”

And I said,
“If thou shouldst be pious,
Thou shouldst surely know that the GOVERNOR desireth nothing of vanity,
But the sacrifice and offering of thyself alone.”

But the ignorant husband turned himself from Me,
And shut the door,
Even to I, his King;
But verily evermore from his KING.

And on like this it went,
From house to house didst I wander,
And nary a pious man there wast,
Nor one of seven-measures or more.

Then, on the second day I went again,
To find a just Stone for HIS Temple.
And I came upon the house of a priest,
For surely he a follower of his FATHER.

And he greeted me as a priest doth greet,
And let me into his home,
And we sat upon a table,
To feast and drink.

But unto the table set he hard bread,
And poured from a brass pitcher but water,
And I couldst eat not the bread, nor drink the drink,
Though how I hungered, and how I thirsted.

And I said,
“Priest, wilt thou show Me a verse from the Book?
For I hath come this day seeking council,
And need HIS words.”

And the priest obliged,
And brought out his Book,
And moved his finger to a verse,
And read therein:


And I asked the priest for the meaning of the verse,
And he said unto me,
“Put thyne trust wholly in the FATHER,
And look without unto HIM for thy salvation.”

And I stood up from sitting,
Knowing that he knew and yet understood not,
To measure the man,
And he was nine-measures high.

Now I was lost, and Mine mouth was dry,
For no husband of any house offered Me wine;
So on the third day, I went to the synagogue,
To pray unto the LAW-MAKER, and to ask for HIS help.

And, lo! Within the synagogue found I fifteen Boys,
And They alone, praying to Their FATHER,
And it was in the evening,
And weret They to remain there throughout the Night.

And one-by-one They greeted Me.
When They saw that I was thirsty, They gave Me wine;
And when They saw that I was hungry, They gave Me bread.
I took my rod upon Them to measure,

And each weret exactly seven-measures.
Thereupon I fell to my knees,
And cried out to the FATHER,
For I didst find Those whom I sought.

And I was about to take Them to Mine Castle, wherein They weret to meet HIM,
But a Light came down from Above,
And pierced the room,
And bathed Ourselves with it.

And an Angel shown Himself amidst the Light:
Wearing a white robe,
With a golden sword in His right hand,
And an emerald crown of seven Stars atop His head.

And He said,
“Children of the synagogue,
Thy FATHER hath sent Me, Thy patron, to Thee,
To bring good tidings;

That Thou shouldst be declared HIS Prophets,
And Ye shall prophesy likewise;
For the children of Thy land art lost in the Darkness,
And hath need of Thee.”
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Prophecy I:

When the Angel stood amidst the synagogue,
Amongst the noble Children,
One amongst them stood,
And approached the Angel.

And I, the Boy, said,
‘Glorious emissary of the GREAT-ONE,
Tell me of the things to come,
For I wish to know;

And because HE hath chosen Us,
And because We hath given unto HIM what HE hath given unto Us,
I shouldst like to help man:
All they who live in the darkness of the wild.’

Thereupon the Angel said,
‘Arise, Son of the FATHER,
And come hither,
For I shall tell thee of the things which must come to pass.’

And I arose,
And He took from Mine hands the bread and the wine,
And He blessed them;
That the wine wouldst be made even sweeter, and the bread even made with honey.

And I ate the bread and drank the wine,
And I instantly became warm,
And Mine eyes opened,
And I acquired understanding.

And He said,
‘It shall be,
That in the latter times,
The peoples shall be in distress but be not aware of it.

And there shall be no words concerning HIM,
Nor I, nor the chosen Children;
And when the few amongst them speak of HIM,
They shall know nothing of HIM nor HIS teachings.

The priests of that time shall be false-priests,
And speak false-words,
To congregations of peoples led astray;
For they shall misinterpret the Books,

And know nothing of the symbols and the secret teachings.
Yea I saith unto Thee,
That the false-teachers will not know that they art led astray:
It shall be as sheep thinking themselves like rams.

And woe!
Even the Name of the KING shall be cursed,
And HIS name shall be forgotten entirely;
Even innumerable unbelievers.

And the few and fewer men who remain pious,
Shall tell themselves they art pious and followers of Light,
Wherein they shall conduct themselves impiously,
And know naught of True-Light.

For ill men who proclaim themselves wise,
Shall scorn the Earth and Its corporeal nature therewith,
But know not that HE created the Earth out of Love, and Benevolence,
But they shall know naught the nature of Benevolence;

And they shall speak false-words of Love,
And corrupt Its name:
For shall a man Love a thief,
Surely they shall think the man to Love thievery;

And shall a man Love a murderer,
Shall they think the man to Love murder himself;
For Love shall no longer be honored for what it is,
But seen as approval and agreement alone.

In those days,
The Earth shall fall into the deepest depths;
Even deeper than the time of the Flood long ago,
When the Great-Descent began.’

And I heard,
And I thought about the Words,
But still didst not understand,
For the men of that time seemed strange.
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Prophecy II:

Thereupon I asked,
‘Speak further, O patron of the Children with Horns atop Their heads;
What shall be the state of persons in those days?
Shall they forget everything of their forefathers?’

And He continued, and said,
‘The peoples of those times,
Even of every tribe,
Shall be different from even the worst and misled men.

Men shall no longer be men,
And women shall no longer be women;
For in the likeness of the World at that time,
All shall be backwards.

Men shall try to keep themselves like the forefathers,
And keep their strength and Reason,
But shall be despised and reproached,
By savages of wickedness and false-truths.

Men shall be cast to the ground,
And women shall be placed in high positions;
When neither of them deserve it,
Nor accept the difference.

Even the worst of men, who art not true-men,
Shall be placed up high like nobles,
When they art the least deserving of it,
And know nothing of leadership.

Those who art Righteous and deserving of titles,
Shall be reproaches of the peoples,
And their crowns shall be cast into the dirt;
All the wisdom scorned as unreasonableness.

Yea, the World shall be moved about in every place,
And all shall become opposites of Truths.
A Reasonable man shall say:
“A tree is a tree, and beneath man.”;

While an ignorant man shall say:
“Trees art like man,
And ought hath rights like man.”
Great woe in those days!

Savages will be kings and hath their ways;
Their leaders shall raise them up,
And they shall dictate in accordance with evilness and destruction;
They shall burn buildings and condemn in the name of false-righteousness.

And they shall live like kings,
Every one and their lot;
Even the lowest and poorest shall be like the nobles of old,
But their hunger for more will be evermore insatiable.

Even still,
Men shall desire endless pleasures,
And endless material;
And they shall want everything;

Yet they shall call themselves a people of suffrage,
And speak against the rich and the powerful,
And think themselves venerable for wanting and giving;
When they art the most greedy beasts.

And they shall speak against false-injustices,
And preach false-words of false-tolerance and false-empathy;
And preach false-history and false-natures and false-truths;
Their tongues like tempting serpents in the night.

Yea, the powerful shall call themselves meek,
And the True-Meek shall be lost in the wilderness and weep.
The powerful shall call themselves tolerant and reasonable,
When they shall be neither tolerant nor reasonable to True-Men of True-Wisdom.’

And when I heard these things I wept,
But still I wanted more,
For the time wouldst be soon,
And men wouldst need know Truths.

Therefore I said,
‘Angel of the LORD Mine FATHER,
What shall be the iniquities in those days,
Shall man know no Reason?’

Thereupon He said,
‘Iniquity shall flourish,
And there shall be no land nor step free from it;
For a Hidden-Darkness shall flow in waves over the entire Earth.’

And there was given Me a scroll,
And on that scroll weret many visions,
And I looked in horror,
And saw.

And I saw sights of evil women,
Cutting their own children from their wombs,
And they spake false-words,
And called it freedom.

And I saw evil men,
Pervert the name of True-Freedom and True-Liberty,
And they used their True-Freedoms to enslave,
And the low peoples became slaves and even knew not of it.

And I saw good men and husbands,
And they, as it weret, called Evil and condemned like the criminal,
When they weret innocent and Reasonable;
And the lot of condemners weret the True-Evil ones.

And to the Angel I said,
‘Righteous One,
Shall they know not that the FATHER hath made nothing equal,
And that inequality is True-Freedom?’

And He said,
Look unto the page,
And it shall show Thee of wickedness.’

And I looked again,
And I saw many men in their True-Form,
Who stood up amidst the crowds,
And their eyes weret like sackcloth.

And those men spake evil words,
Words of chaos,
Words without Order;
Words of destruction.

And above the crowd weret two stone tablets,
And one said: Liberty;
And the other said: false-equality;
And the man whose eyes weret like sackcloth took up his sword and smote the first.

And I saw a fishermen who caught many fish,
And labored tirelessly;
And a great lot of his fish weret stolen from his hands by force,
And given to undeserving men.

And the majority praised majority-rule,
But when hardships didst come,
The innocent rich weret blamed, and the few weret blamed,
And the powerful snakes weret given more power.

And I saw men take inequality for evil,
And good inequality they couldst not seith;
For their eyes weret blackened with the riches of others;
Entitlement for the World to conform to their own.

And I saw evil men who raised up children like their parents;
And the children weret equal to their parents,
And the parent wouldst obey the child,
And the affairs of the family was the affairs of the false-leaders.

And I saw many children hate their father,
And many children hate their mother;
For the old of that time shall be ridiculed,
And the ignorant youth lifted up like false-teachers.

And I saw the father being unfaithful,
And the mother being unfaithful;
And fornication was encouraged,
And perversion of the innocent was encouraged.

And I saw marriage destroyed,
And women no longer weret the opposites of men;
And their uniting of opposites was no more,
And uniting was no more.

And I saw no more morality;
That objectiveness was slain in the name of subjectiveness.
And I saw no more values;
That every one wanted the World for their own values.
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Prophecy III:

When I had seen the sights of man in those days,
There was given me a second scroll,
Bound tighter than the first;
And I looked and I saw.

And I saw a very GREAT-BEAST,
And He looked like the KING,
And HE had Seven Heads,
And Seven Crowns and One Crown atop the Seven.

And the Second Head of the BEAST,
Had the name “Belil” written upon its Crown.
And the BEAST was like that of a very GREAT-DRAGON,
And HIS mouth filled with Fire.

And this BEAST ate the dead as they died,
And HE blew Fire upon the wicked,
And cast them unto the Earth, to the land of Naikh;
Or swallowed up the Righteous for Liberation.

And I saw the Fifth Head of the BEAST, like unto a woman,
Wearing a Diadem,
And the Head was the color of the BEAST,
And Light emitted from Its Eyes.

And I saw, as it weret,
The BEAST give birth to Two Dragons;
And the First had red scales,
And the Second had yellow scales.

And I saw the Red Dragon give birth to an Eagle next;
And the Yellow Dragon beget a Sea-Serpent;
And they weret born in a Great-Sea,
And an Olive Tree stood amongst the Water.

And I saw, after a time,
That the BEAST cast HIS Children down unto the Earth,
And the Water moved violently,
And the Olive Tree was shaken, and Olives fell with Them therewith.

After this I saw the Dragons,
Once friends in the days of Aklaed,
And great Enemies in the Sysrkha War of the West,
Make another War: this time in silence.

And the destined land of El fell into turmoil in those days,
And the Eagle screeched when Its feathers weret torn from it;
For on behalf of Its Father, the Red Dragon,
A Second, equal but verily lesser, Dragon was given reign of El.

And I saw the worst of sights;
Of men in suffering,
But evermore of the Children,
Undeserving of their neighbors’ wickedness.

And I saw a Black Phoenix in Heaven,
Weeping from a large Cloud;
And He was not pleased with the ill men,
And a great famine in El wouldst come by His Hands therewith.

And I saw Men with trowels,
Give nourishment to the Red Dragon of the West;
And They came from Ahed’s blood,
Very long ago in the days of Aklaed.

And the righteous Men of the blood of Ahed,
Gave power unto the secret Men of the Belfes;
And the Kings of the Belfes slew Their own children:
And they weret without relief from the savage foreigners.

And I saw next,
The Yellow Dragon inherit the Kingship,
Of the land of the Reds,
And the Dragon with trowels gave the Yellow Dragon power.

And the Red Dragon of the West,
Wouldst rule the land of El,
But seemingly relinquish Its own power for a time:
That Its own children mayest tear Him apart.

And I saw a great mystery:
That the Red Dragon didst evil deeds,
And let evil reign over all,
But was the most Righteous of all Dragons.

And I saw the Gods of Above,
And They watched the happenings,
And wept,
And couldst not interfere to save the Little Horns.

And there was, as it weret,
The Boars from the East,
And They made a transmigration to the West;
To the Red and to the Black lands of the South.

And I saw next, the City of Seven Hills,
And many Men of Sysrkha,
And They overthrew the Men of Shavtalus;
And the Sigaes became like slaves at that time.

And the Men of Sysrkha,
Once great Enemies of the Andites,
Made a false-alliance;
And They went to war with the Sigaes and the Isis-Elikes.

And the City of Seven Hills was torn from within,
And it burned with much Fire,
And it became, as it weret, filled with Earthquakes;
And these all shook the land of El within.
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And I continued to look upon the scroll,
And I saw the Savvikes first raised up,
Even like Gods over all man;
And the Monyocorms raised up after this.

And I saw a Snake disguised as a Man,
Be given power in Neab;
And He spake on behalf of the Great-Eagle from Above,
Who is King in the Winter.

And the Snake attempted to save the seers,
Any of the few who remained;
And He had the number Six upon His forehead:
For He allied with the trowlers of the Island of Neab.

And the Snake went to war with the Yellow Dragon,
And the beasts on Their behalf,
And the beasts spake fouly against Him;
Yea like dogs in the Night.

And I saw the Snake-Man,
And He was given power only for a short time,
And He caused madness in the opposition:
All they on the side of Naab.

Through a great betrayal,
The Snake of Adeirus wrongly lost His crown;
And the Winds increased over the Island;
And much rain didst come with Them.

The peoples and wicked men didst celebrate,
And many made merry:
For their Evil had been killed,
And the Dragon of Peidany rejoiced.

Then Seven Rivers from Above,
Flowed down over the land of Neab and Naab,
From a Great Fountain,
Beside Seven Mountains.

Thereupon I saw the West,
And It was successfully destroyed from within;
And the dark Boars and Wolves journeyed quickly,
To give a dark Man with small eyes power.

And the dark Man with small eyes,
Took a She-Wolf for a Wife,
And They ruled and spake to dark men:
Men who hath no place in the KING’s Court.

And the Man appeared for a time,
And He was small and without power;
But the Men of Sysrkha made an alliance,
And He wouldst overtake all opposition in a night.

Thereupon the Man had a large Horn upon His head,
And that Horn wouldst grow mighty,
Like a Ram,
And His Horn was not exalted.

And I saw the dark Man quickly conquer the Island,
And take the City of Seven Hills for His own;
And His peoples thought greatly of Him,
But verily they weret not the ones who gave Him power.

And I saw Him converse with the Dark Ones, yea the Secret-Enslavers,
And They created the Water-Of-Destruction,
And the ignorant drank the Water-Of-Destruction,
And many wouldst die.

And fornication increased even more,
And sacred blood was suppressed even more,
And evil men weret raised up even more,
And the ground of Neab shook even more.

And I saw all debts,
Ever increasing in number,
Until the gold became like wood,
And all gems became like useless wood.

And I saw the Man with small eyes rule for a short time,
Until the Yellow Beast and Wolves became bored with Him and killed Him;
And another Beast put into His place,
Far more wicked than even the wicked.

And on behalf of a Sea-Serpent,
And a disguised Sea-Serpent,
The Beast caused the final war:
A very great war to end all wars.

And I saw in those days,
The old Empire secretly be established once more,
On a great Island,
Beside a great Ocean.

And I saw an innocent One:
A Great Little Horn lost in the wilderness,
Overcome by the beasts and darkness;
Woe to His innocent Brothers and Sisters.

And the Olives that fell from the Great Tree,
Weret Children,
And They grew without parents;
For Their PARENTS weret Unseen in the Night.

And I saw in those terrible days,
The lakes of the land of the Phoenix patron,
Filled with beautiful violet blood,
Of pure Unicorns.

And They cried out to the FATHER,
And HE repented,
But didst not answer,
For the time was not yet at hand.

And I saw the Sea-Serpent,
With the help of the Beast,
With the help of the BEAST,
Kill and drink the holy blood of the Children with anointed Horns.

And the City of Seven Hills burned with much Fire,
At the hands of the Wolves and the Beast;
And none weret free of Their swords,
Not even a step.

And I saw the innocent and pure Ones:
The Little Horns,
Hide Themselves beneath rocks,
Frightened and filled with grief of the state of man.

And I saw desolation,
And many fish died in the lakes of El,
And many couldst not even swim,
For the lakes weret like blood.

And I beheld a very just sight,
And there was, as it weret, a Cloud,
And it passovered the Earth,
And It was good.

And I saw, as it weret, the Sun become blackened;
And the Moon become blackened;
And Stars come down from the Sea to Below,
But They weret not stars.

And Lo!
I saw a Great Little Horn go to war on behalf of the Children,
And He fought valiantly and venerably,
And struck His Sword against the Head of the Beast on Seven Hills.

And He fought greatly,
For He was exalted,
And the LORD was on His side;
But was slain temporarily.

And I saw an even greater Little Horn come from Forty-Eight,
Arise from the dead Horn of the First,
And He took up a golden Sword from Heaven,
And destroyed the Beast and stole His Crown.

And I saw the First Horn be resurrected,
And the holy Ones resurrected;
And the land of El,
Became the Land of the Isis-Elikes.

And that Tribe inherited the Earth,
And the Little Horn inherited the Earth.
And I saw the Red Dragon come out from Its lair,
And crush Itself beneath a rock.

And the FATHER came out from a Secret Cloud,
And there was another SUN,
And all the Children of Light and eternal Life couldst speak unto HIM freely;
For the old Kingdom of Aklaed hath been restored in Adeirus.

End Of Transmission.
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Have no fear... the Children of Light will save the day.
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