Symbols as patterns of Energy

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Symbols as patterns of Energy

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The energies evoked by working with alchemical processes can be powerful and disruptive forces in the psyche, and a direct inner encounter with these transformative energies is not to be had instantaneously. Only through long and repeated interior work do we come to directly experience these energies in their primal and most fundamental form.

The initial encounters are usually ephemeral and overlain with emotional currents. Only if we have the patience of alchemists tirelessly repeating interior experiments, brooding over our inner flask, will we attain even a glimpse of the goal of alchemical transmutation. I believe it is therefore important that we understand the nature of the alchemical vessel so that we have some indication of how to use this in our inner work.

Just as it’s easier for the glassblower to be working with liquid glass in a way that’s malleable, than it is to try to make something new out of something that’s already formed, it’s like that, as well, in our life. As you’re connecting to the malleable refined energies, the alchemy of the dimensions will take care of the part of what it becomes.

In the sequence of glassblowing, the glass initially is in a liquid state. Before that, it wasn’t in a liquid state; it had to be heated. I'm not saying that you couldn’t use a bowl and heat it and melt it down. Yet when you go into the part of creating, when you go into the glass studio, in that moment of the creation you’re tapping into the liquid glass. Then you shape it and you reheat it, and there’s a whole process to shaping it into form. Then, once you have your form, it’s natural for the glass to cool. It’s natural for it to move from the dimension of liquid into something that is cold. It’s hard, you can touch it, it’s usable, it’s accessible, it exists in our life. The infinite intelligence that resides within the liquid glass, enabling it to then become the object of the glass - all of that is within it.

We should come to see that symbols are actually patterns of energy. In an exoteric sense this is so, for any symbol held in our consciousness is manifested as an electro-chemical plexus in the neuron net in our brain. However, esoterically on the deepest level, a symbol is the pattern of etheric energy underlying its various different forms. When we meditate on a symbol we will find it shape-shifting and manifesting its different appearances, and through this can come to grasp that the true nature of the symbol is its energy pattern.
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