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Sip insanity decipher the throws of vanity, make a man out of thee
To know where the hare blurred the lines between here and there and venture where many considered sane would not dare to care

Drive yourself crazy, stagnation will leave you hazy, better to be on fire than stuck in a loop spinning like mud on a tire.
To know and grow beyond those rigid woes, that all is for show and All is your boat to row.
We’ve faced the maze, swam the moat, grazed the gates, walked the halls, I am from the roots to the branches most tall.

Strolled through dire tolls, victims and abusers on this wheel we go, not now clueless nor fruitless we put our foot in the revolving door of hubris, not to take, but to give a break, calm in the eye for all to see from heaven to hell, from skies to our demise.

To see through the seas of our constructed lies and an elaborate labyrinth of the bee hive. We stole none but took a leap and dive into the abyss and sun and found out what it means and what we’ll see to be One.

Through twisted metal and muddled minds we saw and heard the glimmer of the divine, calling us all the same through time, and all of we gave our chimes to live free.

Molded shackles, ruins in the flesh, ego put to test, from lead to gold only the philosophers know the worst to best. Completely awake and at rest, this mountain and plateau is where I cheered and wept.

Rippled mind, always on time, rung my bell, made my chime, sung my hell, found heavens light, facing rotting smells, time would tell, and fine we are found, not food, no bounds, intact and fully sound

Recognized by the divine eyes that structure the structure all through our time, we were found to be right on rhyme, unchained but still maimed, know that time will come where we will all save and be saved. Stay true to see that day and it’s moon, as sure as an Owl’s who and Crow’s bruise, collect your clues on the rabbit trail of fiction to truth
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