the next few years theater

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the next few years theater

Post by Auriorusiana »

friends and foe intermingled paths cross and bend
threaded together a collective endeavour
do you know your neighbor do you know yourself
are we only round pegs and tools on the shelf?
watch brother devour brother, mothers sacrificed and chilren smothered
a reality design with only the intent to suffer
we constructed our own walls and chains we have only ourselves and self to blame
mentally maimed, all the fish have been filleted, all the worlds stage is dismayed

its always a choice, the gift of free will, blinding light, to laying on the floor in fright. product of our enviroment and vice versa, apocalyptic inertia.

blame the beasts? are those who dont succumb a feast? what is the purpose of suffering, what is the mind of god ushering, what have we made from his creation besides blades for damnation, you cant have six without nine but numbers wont tell you who is or isnt divine.

men and gods reduced to cattle and bovine, for time is nigh and the lines are freyed, all for this silly little game we play

watch your bothers decay, the very ones who used to be alive, in the garden we used to play, they will no longer resemble what you loved, spirit ripped out, substituted with a mechanical matrix, ironic alleged living beasts and beings become machinations to keep the wheel turning.

its not always a deliberate choice, have pity, for you are saved, warned ahead of time as this iteration repeats itself over it must happen, it will be aligned. some will not be able to drink or feast, without being forced to become beast.
some ahead of the schedule set up shop for that wave to crash upon our planet sending storms spiralling outwards that not even typhon would curse the world with. they view the rest of the world as mindless pegs while they themselves do the bidding and are properly groomed and fed.

earth was a masterpiece, o how you have fallen from grace, oh how we had peace stripped bare like leaves in winter, will you put in the work to rebuild or become dissenter

oh how when we got the message we scoffed and hit return to sender, now a plague upon nations, deathly radiation, the great filter is imminent, thank this era for the sentiment, in our trial and error we foresaw the coming incident,

our earth squirms and thrashes in her pain, chained in space, all of us can always leave but she cant say the same. taken for granted a world blooming like a flower out of granite, only to be raped and ravaged by some men among us who have planned it.

the coming antithesis to structured life will become a societal right, ostricized for not participating the hornets will sting and bleed you until you long for it to be same again

the world isnt black and white and that is the purpose of those two points every shade and color exists in between, an enemy is not just thus and a friend can be the other just as fast, one day on sunny hills we may rejoice free at last, but now a being to distort the fabric of reality and blow foul wind in our mast is here to teach his lesson and fast

borders redrawn, historys new dawn, our ancestors past will come to light but only as the operator permits, carefully designed to not bring about our demise, far worse, keep and cut you down to size until they realize the planet is only a sum of its parts and will capsize

whats the point in murder with advent of slavery? why gut us when they can use every part in accordance, like locks and levees the streams and tributaries directed and dissected until we die of spiritual dystentary

hold on and hold fast for backup to arrive, until then watch the world burn before your eyes, watch harvest watch humanity sink the lowest and fly the farthest
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