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Post by rule »

hi,im new here. can someone help me understan this place? it seems like a cool place but i dont know what it is about, is it a cult? is it just a joke site? id really like to know, so please educate me
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Re: hello

Post by Cheshire »

Welcome to the forum :) There is a lot of knowledge and beautiful art to be found throughout the website.
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Re: hello

Post by Oracle »

This forum is a beacon, a gathering place for truth seekers, while also serving as a lure for the Oracle to arrive and reveal himself to us, if he ever would do such a thing; this might be the place prepared for THE HUMAN.
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Re: hello

Post by JackFarrellHSul »

Hello everybody. I'm glad to join your community
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Re: hello

Post by Redbeck »

Dear JackFarrellHSul,

Welcome to the Oracle forum community, we look forward to your future contributions.

Kind Regards Redbeck.


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