The trip I'm on

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The trip I'm on

Post by catmother »

A series of events occurred in my life that brought me here. A series of psychedelic trips, which correlated in miraculous ways, and deepened my thirst for understanding.

It all began with me and my friend Sara, sitting at a park. tripping on acid, we sat and looked at the stars, and talked about Yin and Yang. After a while, we decided to walk back to my house. We walked down an alley, and then we see them. Two Rabbits. One White, with a black circle on its belly. One Black, with a white stripe down it's back. They sat there, as if they had been expecting us. We approached them, and they were unfazed. The cats in the neighborhood crept out from their yards to watch us. The alley in which we walked was poorly lit, mind you. I had been taking photographs with my polaroid the whole evening, so I whipped out my camera to capture these rabbits on film. I took one photo that developed, which I tucked into my pocket. Greedily, I tried to capture another, and found my camera didn't work, despite having film. Sara looked at me and said, "They don't want to be photographed."
Eventually, they ran off, and we continued our journey home. Once we arrived home, I took the photo out of my pocket to see how it came out. The photo itself lacked any rabbits. In their place, were beams of light.

Months later, I'm visiting my friend Natalie. She lived with a strange group of people at that time. People who were involved in some kind of cult. The men that she lived with would always talk about things that I didn't understand. Mind control and frequencies. We decided to take some mushrooms and hang out at the park by her house. I found myself yet again, sitting with a friend, and explaining Yin and Yang. We got up and began to walk, when we both see it at the same time. A black and white cat, staring directly at us. The cat walked across the road and looked back at us, as if to follow it. Naturally, we did. Strangely enough, it led us to Natalie's house. Even more strangely, her roommate was there with a book in his hand. Alice in Wonderland.

Weeks go by, and I found myself sitting and thinking of what it all meant. The Rabbits, the cats, the book. I decided to look further into the symbolism behind these characters, and the book itself. In that particular moment, I was reading about The Garden that Alice finds herself in, and how it can be interpreted as symbolism for The Garden of Eden. As I'm reading this, Natalie calls me on the phone. She says to me, "Me and the gang are tripping tonight, and we're going to some kind of garden." At that point, I didn't even know what to think. I told Natalie about what I had just been reading, and we agreed that it was important that I be there. I got my camera and headed out, unsure of what to expect. Once I got to our band rehearsal space, Natalie asked if we could take a picture together. We take the picture, and Natalie writes beneath it, "In the Beginning..." I didn't realize until later that these were the first words of Genesis.

The night continues, and I decide to put on Meddle by Pink Floyd. We're rolling. Everything is going along, until one moment, where we all found ourselves sitting in a circle. Echoes plays in the background. I observed my friends banter back and forth, repeating the same words again and again. Laughing hysterically. I thought to myself, "Everyone here is mad." In that moment, I began to see the walls and the floor turn into numbers, like binary code. Natalie turns to me and says, "Let's go to the garden."

We walk along a canal for a while, until I saw what looked like my apartments in the distance. Turns out, this garden was hidden away, not very far from where I used to live. As we approached the garden, I felt myself in complete awe. In front of me was a garden, surrounded by a massive prison gate, and funnily enough it had a banner on the gate that read, "Community Garden."

After these experiences, I dove deeper into the rabbit hole. Trying to make sense of it all. In the process of doing so, I had found this exact website. The day that I did, I remember how strange it was to see people talking about the same things I had seen and things I had come to understand in consequence. That same day, Natalie and I tripped. We were at a hot tub with our friends, playing music and laughing. All was well, until something changed in my perception. The pool turned into complete darkness, then everything else, except my friends. Revolution #9 by The Beatles played in the background, refreshing my memory of the many 9's that I had seen earlier that day.
I went inside, trying to recompose myself. I sat down on a couch, and heard sounds, like trumpets in my ears.

The next day, I looked into Revolution #9. Charles Manson interpreted it as a parallel to the biblical chapter Revelation 9. When I looked up Revelation 9, it said, "The fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth. The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss-" The trumpet sounds, the pool of abyss, the number 9.

This is only a fraction of the strange trip I've been on. There has been even more weird shit as of recently. It hasn't stopped. In fact, it has only become more intense and more apparent. I don't even have to trip to see these things anymore. It follows me every day, and I guess the whole point in writing this is hoping that this will make sense to someone, so I don't feel as crazy.
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Re: The trip I'm on

Post by Oracle »

It doesn't last forever, but if it does then you've had your big break into schizophrenia!

Meditate on your experiences and cognition during these experiences. Begin to meta-anylyze. Then you will come to understand these thought patterns and experiences from a new perspective.

That star is a star of prophecy. It's coming soon! I've been speaking of these prophecies incessantly. The sixth seal is the one I anticipate the most.
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Re: The trip I'm on

Post by Auriorusiana »

If there’s an earthquake, how do you plan to go about gospel without Internet? Are we all to just cling to our neighbors like ants and maintain welfare? If I prepared for exodus would I just be trying to win a war before it started?
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