My love for a Christian woman

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My love for a Christian woman

Post by raikohu »

all my life I spent in asceticism, loneliness and research.
and once I saw her. I thought it was destiny because you seemed spiritually strong and went to church.
I can't sleep now. You're like that beautiful image of everything perfect that I created in my head. But I will always be an ordinary, melancholic and crazy fool for you. I know it. But I want you to know the truth.

I know you don't like talking about philosophical topics.
You also don't like to think much. And also long to miss.
I know all this, my dear girl.
You don't need to talk about how you feel. I know everything about you. Including what you say.
You are Gretchen and I am Faust. There is no need to do things just because inactivity will bury our love.

But something I can't understand. You say that all this is impossible and it does not happen. Aren't there good people who don't go to church? are there not strong spiritual people who have nothing to hope for and who have resigned themselves to burn in hell? If sadness and melancholy are much better than joy for me, am I crazy?

Please, my lady. Get away from rhetoric. Get away from positive emotions. Stop communicating and being in company only for fear of being alone. Take your head out of the sand like a cowardly ostrich hiding from reality. The truth does not depend on whether we want something good or not.

You say that love is impossible between us because I am the antichrist. But I did not say a word about it. You just didn't understand me at all. I also kept quiet about the fact that true love should not depend on prejudices and religion. It's divine, isn't it?

I love you, I can't do without you. No matter what you do wrong, I still love you very much. Even if you always tell me something bad, I will always be with you, my dear. I like being with you and I am ready to believe lies for you.

But now everything makes no sense. If i should do something wrong, as you immediately hang a bad label on me. You don't believe my words. But what else do I have left but words?

And I'm not telling you many things that can immediately kill your love for me.
I don't know how to explain everything. I just don't know and I'm scared because of it

So we have no better choice than to keep our images in our dreams. You decided to fall out of love with me. I understand you, but let me continue to be with you at least in my imagination. You don't trust me at all, but I don't care. I don't need rescue. I just want to always go for truth and beauty. One day I will save you, my lady. Even if I have to fight demons and abraxas. I promise. But you may not know about it.
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