boredom as anticipation and elimination of anu unprepared to 9

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boredom as anticipation and elimination of anu unprepared to 9

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most individuals are by no means strong in nature, they are the pitiful will of insignificant subjects, who constantly return to the same thing and therefore avoid sadness and boredom.

Boredom = 2-6-9-5-4-6-4

=> => => Boredom = Light / = GOD / = ME / = OUR / = REAL / = REALITY = 9 = FANTASTIC!!!

being bored is the path to EnliGhtenMenT

Boredom as a prediction and the path to enlightenment = 9. Boring. I'm so bored. Boring at school. Boring at work. Boring at home. Boring with friends. I'm bored with cats. Boring with nature. Boring with computer form 1x1. I'm bored to tears. To death Boring. BOREADEAD.

It turns out that man himself is destined to live in inhuman conditions, that earthly HELL is good for man. Moreover, the happiness of continuous victory, the happiness of triumphant fulfillment of desires, the happiness of complete imitation is also suffering. This is mental death, this is a kind of continuous moral heartburn. Therefore, life is tragic, although in its isolated manifestations can acquire the character of comedy.
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