What is the Perfect Father? Perhaps He IS IT

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What is the Perfect Father? Perhaps He IS IT

Post by MitchCrow »

The Father is a perfect creator, right? But what is a perfect creator? What does the perfect creator do?

Create something perfect of course. But what would be the perfect creation? How would IT come into existence? IT would need tools to make IT, correct? Tools that are stable, and won’t break under the heaviest of use. After all the perfect creation is a taxing thing to both create and hold forever, right?

Perhaps the tools to make IT were already existent. But can you use imperfect tools to make something perfect? Nay I say, and I know IT too. It seems that ONLY perfect tools can build a perfect creation, correct me if I'm wrong. But if so- does that mean the perfect tools were the perfect creation since the very beginning?

What is the Father?

He is perfect, and he has the perfect tools and with them he made the perfect creation.

But if three things are perfect, then what would be the difference between them?

The Great Father is the creator of the perfect creation- but is he above perfection itself? Can you give any explanation to why he would be? I would doubt anyone could.

Something perfect that is more than perfect sounds impossible. Wouldn't you agree?
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