Major Update - 15th September 2011

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Major Update - 15th September 2011

Post by Rob » 15 Sep 2011 21:29

Hi Everyone,

just a quick note to let you know the forum's been updated today - I've done some pretty major recoding to hopefully rid us of the ever-annoying spambots once and for all.

That's meant that I've had to restore the forum to a pre-red and black template, then recolour it by hand. If you notice anything unusual such as images out of place or text the wrong colour, please send me a message via the online form at and I'll sort it out... Although I've had a good look round, it's always possible to miss things, so the loan of your eyes for a minute or two would be much appreciated.

Let's hope we're finally rid of the spambots, although I daresay we won't be completely - whenever technology is produced to stop spam, more tech eventually arrives to counteract it. It's an ongoing battle.
Rob Bell, Site Admin

Rob Oh Tech No Wizard

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