Site Colour Update

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Site Colour Update

Post by Rob »

Hi Everyone,

you'll notice a colour change on the site today, back to our original red style. If you notice anything out of place, please let me know by PM, and I'll sort it.

Rob Bell, Site Admin

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Site Colour Update

Post by Rozaliabah »

Just to let you, the new site is a mess on Safari. But it works fine on Firefox.

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Re: Site Colour Update

Post by Redbeck »

Dear Rozaliabah Tom.welcome to the Oracle Forum and thank you for the observation on browsers, there also seems to be a difference in presentation between other browsers. We are working on this issue with the phpBB Board software use support forum, but in the interim both Firefox and Google Chrome appear to work fine.

Kind Regards Redbeck

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Site Colour Update

Post by JamesPa »

this site seems to be constantly down....has anyone come across another site with his work on it????
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