NEW: Add Images To Your Posts

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NEW: Add Images To Your Posts

Post by Rob »

Hi Everybody,

I've updated the forum today, so you can start putting images in your posts. There are basically 2 different ways of doing this:

1. By uploading an attachment and pressing the 'place it inline' button to put the image within your post - it will appear in your post with [attachment] tags in front of and after the image address.
This is the easiest way to put up your own pictures from your hard drive. You upload images using the Upload Attachment tab below.

e.g Example 1 [ attachment=0 ] nuclearfamily.jpg [ / attachment ]

(please note: I have added extra spaces to the code examples so that the code is seen, not the image - don't add the extra spaces when you want to display your image or it won't work!)
2. By using the Img BBCode button - if you press the Img button above you will see 2 tags, Image , appear in your post. All you need to do then is to insert the address of the image in between those tags.
This is the easiest way to add images you've found online. Usually, you can just right click on the image you want and click 'Copy Image Location' from the menu - then go to your post on here and paste the copied address in between the Img tabs

e.g. Example 2 [ img ] http: // ... e_logo.gif [ / img ]


Any problems, reply to this message and I'll take a look.

Rob 8)

p.s. Please use common-sense when putting up images - don't put images up that will knowingly upset or offend other members, and no naughty pics - or else!
Rob Bell, Site Admin

Rob Oh Tech No Wizard
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