The Path of Spirituality

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The Path of Spirituality

Post by Dracavis »

The path of spirituality is a dangerous path, it can lead men to their destruction.
However it can also lead to great revelations, further pursuit of knowledge and truth.
The work of John Dee, can be seen as a man searching for knowledge and his thirst for the ultimate knowledge leading to his eventual downfall.
His entrance into the occult led to a hunger and thirst for knowledge.
This hunger led to interesting discoveries full of truths and lies, yet it destroyed him and his colleague.

Spirituality leads to great hope and desire to learn more about reality and it's secrets.
Yet Spirituality can also blind men into false beliefs and the followings of mad men.
Spirituality alone maybe harmless, yet when coupled with the power and control of religion it can be demonic.
The occult can lead to many great revelations and yet it can make us blind to our own reality.
The occult is the true philosophers stone, true and false philosophies and ideas behind every door.
So is the path to truth a trinity of mind, body and spirit in balance or is it something else?

Questioning reality is good for the mind, yet it can also be poisonous.
Do we take a bite of the apple and learn the truth or does that bite poison us in our endeavors?
Do we take great leaps of faith or return to safety?
Is it better to not know of good and evil or does knowing make us stronger?

The path of spirituality can be a context for understanding ourselves and reality, but how much is true and false is up to us to decide.

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Re: The Path of Spirituality

Post by Lannix »

You must make the right choices......... ... be&t=1m37s
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Re: The Path of Spirituality

Post by tibieriusblackthorne »

A wise man once said, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." Knowing truth is always a matter of life and death.
Spirituality is not just about the occult in my opinion. It is as multifaceted as the Eye of an insect, but seems as simple as a drop of water on a leaf.

I have realized that ever since I was born, I have followed a spiritual path, one of many to take, whether I meant to or not. I have seen many beautiful and terrifying things, have learned many uplifting and shocking truths about the world and about myself. Looking back on all those adventures, I do not regret the price I have paid to know these truths.The rewards including that of becoming a whole feeling person, To feel the peace of knowing that being the happy, loving, and compassionate person I am is who I am, to know that I did the right thing all these years by never backing down when others sought to change me for being me. To know that I can be anything I want to be. To learn and understand whatever I want to. Yes. It was worth the price.

That aside, I agree with what you say. The Path of Spirituality can be a double-edged sword. Knowing which questions to ask and which paths to take make the difference between ascension and destruction.
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