Years since at these waypoints

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Years since at these waypoints

Post by Auriorusiana »

We all wander here time and time again here and there. This forum standing monolith to be received by all ramblers and travellers.

A year ago i was getting wasted in a hotel room here finding new music reading the droves of distilled consciousness here existentially travelling my own reality spheres and browsing each of our own.

I'm glad the library goers with the most fruit aren't as dramatic as what has stained the halls and shelves here. Yet it all seems crucial and important even being blatantly frivolous and superfluous such is life.

Ive lived several lifetimes in my short quantity of years yet the double meaning of several being both a measurable number and ambiguous adjective for many stands testimony to the perspective of time

In the very least this website stands to do what it naturally is since its inception and that is to inspire and spur the promethean gears of cognition. Ive seen many of my peers here ups and downs. Even if they may have gotten off tracked and skewed i cannot argue against the original scaffolding and intention is not itself good
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Re: Years since at these waypoints

Post by ReconditeDeity »

I've yet to find a way to get myself off track or skewed enough to never find my way back. Doesn't stop me from continually attempting it though.
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Re: Years since at these waypoints

Post by Joshua4Riley »

If you have an accomplished it yet Den your goals are something else
You must give
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