Is this the world's oldest toy car?

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Is this the world's oldest toy car?

Post by hope » 19 Oct 2017 00:12

Is this the oldest toy car? 5,000-year-old earthenware chariot is found among a treasure trove of relics
in a child's grave in Turkey, archaeologists believe it may be the world's oldest 'toy car'.

The little chair on wheels, made from earthenware, was found during an excavation of the ancient city
of Sogmatar, in the south-east of the country.
Sogmatar is believed to have been the home of Moses when he had run away from the Pharaoh.

Digs in the city have uncovered a number of tombs, including the child's grave the mini-chariot was found,
which have provided a fascinating insight into how ancient civilisations loved.
In total, 45 tombs have been opened, including three that have remained untouched since the Roman era.

A 4,000-year-old baby's rattle dug up in the city of Kultepe in central Anatolian province of Keyseri in 2014
was at that time hailed as the world's oldest toy.


Sogmatar Excavation Head and Sanliufa Museum Manager Celal Uludag said that Sogmatar was one of the most
important excavations in the area.
He added: 'The excavation in this area continues with the permission of the ministry. In the necropolis part,
in a tomb room, we found a toy carriage which belongs to the Bronze Age and believed to have been made for
the children of kings or the leaders'.

"This finding is very important for is as it shows the aesthetic and cultural understanding of the period".
The item will be exhibited in the biggest museum complex of Turkey, the Sanliufa Archaeology Museum.
We believe that we are going to find even more of important things in the excavation.

By Paddy Dinham for DailyMail on line 17th Oct,2017

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