Grey People

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Grey People

Post by Nazheek » 15 Jan 2020 01:10

I see grey people,
working in a grey building,
worshipping under a grey steeple,
speaking without thinking.

I see colorless art
made by grey machines.
I see families split apart
and loveless flings.

Working for green stationery,
and yet to blind to see
that the cost of their labor
is their soul not set free.

Wasting their time
in the dream-like fog,
feeling like freedom is crime.

I see the death of lives not yet lived,
slaves to misfortune and chance.
I see people from their freedom are ripped,
like a ballerina forbidden to dance.

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Re: Grey People

Post by Helios » 20 Mar 2020 08:03

Mass hysteria, Bone deep delirium
Men and Women trapped with minds in their posterior
Everyday we grow wearier
And everyday some of us see clearer
He with traits of Ouranos down to his love for Gaia? He with balanced traits of Helios, Apollo, and Dionysus?
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