Why so cryptic?

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Why so cryptic?

Post by Mudcrab »

If he wanted to tell us something, why not put it in a way we could understand it better?

Unless by trying to figure it out for ourselves we become truly able to understand it, I guess.
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Re: Why so cryptic?

Post by Auriorusiana »

Good point! Perhaps The Point?.

So the first page of this site is an abrahamic message, smoke mirrors shoots and letters yadda yadda, the divine coding of the cosmos which has simple foundations, as packajos will say the foundation was designed in image of the capstone which is the image of the Whole, or Hole? Holy!

So if I just told you it was peace would you really be satisfied? Does that even sound correct? I mean our general idea of peace is a day off lounging but how abt we were always meant to have peace in creation or art? Perhaps true peace is found in this spiral of rabbit hole that may never end lest you go insane die or find the Truth.

Much like an athlete finds peace in his sport, we find fun in this architecture, we are at peace when we are building and sharing ideas and designs, then may we all go our separate ways and fuck off in silence for the next time we all mean and dump our alchemized Gold and new found Lead to either continue the cycle until eternity is found and time dissolves or something maybe we just imprison ourselves further.

The moment you let ideas rule your concepts of peace, rather than just noticing when you are in it, insanity takes root, and many enjoy doing that/harvesting another’s until they become drunk and overdose on the Pandora’s box they liked to play with, trust me, this ego knows a thing or two
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